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Welcome to The Made Up Maiden!

My name is Nalini (aka The Made Up Maiden), and I was born in Malaysia. I moved to Melbourne about twelve years ago to pursue my engineering degree and loved it so much, I stayed on after graduating! Now I like to call both countries home and often fly back and forth between them.

I like to call my style casual-chic, and I adore all things makeup! I don't think makeup should be about rules; I think it should be occasion appropriate, but above all, I think it should be FUN. Bright makeup can be classy, if done well and paired with the right outfits/accessories. I have trouble resisting a great fragrance (it can totally lift your mood) and I also have a slight addiction to nail polish, so you might see some nail polish looks/nail art pop up here from time to time.

I started this blog as a chance to express my creativity, share my most loved products and to challenge myself to try new things. Do join me on my journey, I'd love your company.

I love interacting with my readers and always enjoy making new friends, so feel free to drop me a line (you can contact me through these avenues), even if it's just to say hi!

Thanks for reading!

Much love,

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