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Product Review: Bomb Cosmetics Cranberry & Lime Shower Scrub, Chocolate Orange Tin Candle and Giveaway!

Hello lovelies,

Now, I'm not someone who readily gives in to peer pressure (quite the opposite, actually, I like to be contrary whenever I can), but I have to admit I succumbed in a major way a few weeks ago! It all began when I was browsing on one of my favourite beauty websites, Beautyheaven, a few weeks ago and came across a rather rapturous thread dealing with Bomb Cosmetics, a relatively new, British-made, luxury bath and beauty brand. There was also a really great special on offer, where any purchase over $50 got free shipping and a free box with six of their famous bath bombs/creamers. The enthusiasm on that thread really got to me, and next thing I knew, I was browsing on the Get Drenched website (the Australian stockists of Bomb Cosmetics).

I was overjoyed when I came across a list of shower-friendly products, as well as an extensive list of candles, and it wasn't long before I found myself clicking on the 'add to cart', and consequently, 'check out' buttons! Checking out was a simple and straightforward process; I simply used Paypal and two days later, a gorgeous and securely packed box arrived on my desk at work! It was with great excitement that I unwrapped it to find the following items, together with a little handwritten card from Paul, thanking me for my order.

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I shared my purchases on my Instagram and it got quite a lot of attention from my followers, so I felt I simply had to share my thoughts on the products! I purchased the Bomb Cosmetics Cranberry & Lime Shower Scrub, Chocolate Orange Tin Candle and Pocket Full of Rainbows Shower Soap. Due to the special, I received free shipping and a lovely little box full of six bath bombs/creamers. I've only used the shower scrub and candle thus far, so I'll be focusing on these items for the review.

Bomb Cosmetics Cranberry & Lime Shower Scrub - 340ml ($21.95)

Cranberry & Lime Shower Scrub (pictured with the Pocket Full of Rainbows Shower Soap on the right).

This product is a lightly grained, oil-based shower scrub with lemongrass and clary sage essential oils. It's also got sweet almond oil and black pepper, as well as lime essential oils. The instructions on the tub are to mix the product well before using, to ensure that the oils are distributed evenly through the salt scrub. You then scoop up a handful of the scrub and rub it over your skin before rinsing off.

Bomb Cosmetics Cranberry & Lime Shower Scrub.

I found it easy enough to mix the scrub with a finger, and to scoop out as much product as I needed. The scent is absolutely delicious, akin to drinking a margarita (but rubbing it over your skin instead); refreshing, zesty and stimulating all at the same time! I'm someone who loves strongly scented products, so this was right up my alley. I love walking into my bathroom after having used the scrub as the delicious lime and lemongrass scent just lingers in the air!

The first time I used the scrub, I applied it after cleansing, then rinsed and dried off. I found that my skin was left feeling very smooth and moisturised afterwards, with an almost tacky feeling from excess oils left from the scrub (you know that feeling you get after going for an oil massage?). This isn't a bad thing by any means, but I'm not a big fan of using oil on my skin, so I decided to switch things up by using the scrub before cleansing, which worked a treat! The gorgeous scent tends to linger on my skin even after cleansing, and my skin still feels supple and smooth enough afterwards that I can skip moisturiser, but without leaving any oily residue left behind. As a bonus, even my towels smell delicious days after I've used them to dry off from using the scrub!

A quick word of warning though, it is an oil scrub so do exercise caution when using it on your feet as it can be a wee bit slippery!

Bomb Cosmetics Chocolate Orange Tin Candle - 45 hour burn time ($18.95)

Bomb Cosmetics Chocolate Orange Tin Candle.

As the people closest to me know, there is nothing I love more than dark chocolate and orange, which is why I had to buy this candle as soon as I saw it on the list!

The website describes this as "A sweet, tasty fragrance blending accords of milky cacao with juicy citrus top notes of clementine, blood orange and satsuma over a vanilla base. Contains orange and mandarin essential oils."

Isn't this candle gorgeous? Even the colour of the wax reminded me of chocolate! The scent was readily available as soon as I lifted the lid, and I couldn't wait to get home and light it up. The description is perfect; the warm chocolate scent is easily discernible, and the candle is sweet, yet rich, at the same time. The mandarin/orange scent prevents it from being sickly, and adds a lovely depth to the scent. If you like subtle throws, which are discernible but not overpowering, this candle is definitely for you! It's the kind of candle that you catch the scent off every now and then while you're in the same room, but is especially noticeable when you walk back into the room after having left it for a little while.

I loved my experience with Bomb Cosmetics so much that I placed a second order last week! I've already used most of the items I ordered, so I will review them in a separate post to follow shortly. I must say that the excellent customer service offered by Get Drenched is another reason that keeps me frequenting their website, it's wonderful to get quick replies to any questions posed, not to mention the lovely touch of a handwritten card in your parcel!

And now to get to the part you've all been waiting for...the GIVEAWAY! Paul has kindly provided me with FOUR Bomb Cosmetics gift boxes to give away to you, my lovely readers! Each gift box has a selection of six bath melts, as shown in the photo below.

(Image provided by Get Drenched)

To enter, all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter prompts below. Please note, this is only open NATIONALLY (sorry, international readers, but I will have another wonderful giveaway for you shortly)!

Please note, it is MANDATORY to follow me by GFC or Bloglovin' (be sure to tell me which you are following me with, if not both), and to post a comment below (please include your GFC/Bloglovin' name with your blog comment). You can tweet once a day for extra entries!

Please remember to do everything as stated, as I would hate to disqualify anyone! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Much love,

Please note: The Get Drenched owners are away at a trade show until the 9th of August, so any orders placed in this interim will only be shipped after then. Don't let that stop you, lovelies, I promise you won't regret it!


  1. Oh Lordy...EVERYTHING...LOL
    The Chocolate Orange Candle sounds very enticing...Im thinking that would be the thing I would go for fisrt.

    GFC Fawn M

  2. Hi Coco , I am looking forward to trying out the Piña Colada shower butter... I just adore anything with Coconut in it and anything that reminds me of a yummy cocktail is a good thing! I am following you via Bloglovin (Claire Floyd)
    Thanks hun for a great review xx I can't wait to try their products

  3. OHMYGAWD! I've been dying to try ever since I saw on your instagram! (I've noticed the thread on BH too and thought it sounded nice... now I KNOW it's nice!)
    I really want to try that scrub... it sounds like it smells AMAZING! Must buy... darn this spending ban!

  4. The cranberry and lime scrub sounds amazing!!! I love shower products that smell good enough to eat!

  5. Bomb Cosmetics is one of my fave bath/body brands! The body polishes and scrubs are amazing x

  6. Loving bomb cosmetics and pleased to have played a small role in getting you into the product as well!

    Also not sure why it signed me in as David on the bloglovin entry! It just seemed to automatically do that? Unless it's fb related? That's my partner not me! I don't have fb myself. hmmm strange I keep trying to log out, I see it is a fb thing but it won't let me.

  7. Wow! Looks amazing. I've heard so many good things about Bomb cosmetics, and the lime scrub looks so cool!

    So does the candle, I don't like eating choc-orange, but the scent is heavenly and the design is so cute!

    I would love to try the bath bombs as baths are my favourite way to relax xxxx

  8. I've wanted to try their butter bar for ages.... one day soon :)

  9. That chocolate candle looks amazing. I love the little hearts in it, it would have come in real handy on Monday night when I had no power lol

  10. Thanks for yet another amazing giveaway Made Up Maiden. Id love to try some Bomb Cosmetics! Ive never experienced anything from BC and Ive read so many amazinf reviews on their products. Plus they all look so beautiful and good enough to eat.
    Im following you on GFC and Bloglovin Hun
    GFC- Lady Sapphire
    Bloglovin- Lady Sapphire Blog

  11. I am totally addicted to Bombs Flowergirl shampoo and all of the Bath mallows and creamers.
    Blogloving Karen Mcdermott
    Gfc sassylily10

  12. I saw the thread too but have been resisting the urge to look at the website (so I dont go order crazy) till later in the month...but the orange candle pic you posted is temptation overload so I want to try that asap and a bath creamer because they just look so pretty.
    GFC jessj

  13. I need that scrub. I've been looking for the perfect one for a while now, and that looks it. I have to get myself onto beauty heaven!

  14. I predict that you will get more entries for this competition than any other you have had. I love Bomb Cosmetics.

  15. Also I'm following you on gfc and bloglovin.

  16. I have never heard of these, that scrub looks yummy :) Just looking at the website and Wow.. I wanna try the shampoo bars! they're so pertty!

  17. Look amazing, I'm a sucker for candles and bath products. Nothing better for a relaxing sunday arvo.
    GFC Madi678

  18. I can't even deal with the cuteness of these this brand! The scrub and candle legit look edible... lol

  19. I'm also one of the beautyheaven members caught up in the enthusiasm of the forum thread and caved into peer pressure placing a 'few' orders with Get Drenched for Bomb Cosmetics in the last month!

    So glad I did - their products are so lovely and indulgent - we all deserve to be spoilt more often than we allow ourselves!

    GFC karen lee

  20. I've been silently stalking the forum topic! I've been tempted into purchasing some items quite a few times now from hearing all the rave reviews!

    If I had to choose one thing to try, it would be the Raspberry Leaf Tea Candle because it sounds like it smells amazing and it's in the cutest little teacup!

    GFC - TriedandTested Blogger
    Bloglovin - triedandtestedblog

  21. Their soap bars look super cute! They're all adorable.

    I'm following you by GFC, Jessi Thorpe :)

    P.S. I'm now browsing the get drenched website and pretty sure it is going to be no good for my spending ban!!

  22. Everything looks and sounds amazing! But I would love to fill my bedroom with their candles or scrubs! :)

  23. I hadn't heard of Bomb Cosmetics - heading over to Get Drenched to check it out now! Husband is away this weekend, may have to treat myself :)
    Bloglovin - rebeccavaughanmua

  24. Gee wiz, I keep going to this website, and find it IMPOSSIBLE to decide what to buy because everything sounds so scrumptious. BUT, my cart currently contains Passion Fruit Sundae Tin Candle (I have such a passion for passionfruit!) & Pink Marmalade Body Scrub - couldn't think of a more glorious way to start the day :-)

  25. Ooh these look so lush babe love your blogs always :)

  26. had to delete my previous post because of an embarrassing typo haha
    gorgeous products from BC and agree that their customer service is super duper excellent. nice of Paul to organize a generous giveaway.

  27. The Cranberry & Lime Shower Scrub sounds divine! I'd love to try that because I have a huge weakness for scrubs, especially lovely, fragranced ones!
    Logged into Rafflecopter as Dianne Childs :)

  28. A handwritten note??? That's service! Wonderful that they are taking so much care to ensure their customers' happiness! And that scrub looks divine (good point about the oily feet too, no one like slipping over in the shower!)

  29. Great giveaway! I love Bomb Cosmetics and Get Drenched.. I've made 3 orders already from Paul & Liz in the last month. I love their personalised note included in the package :)

    That scrub looks divine and the Candle sounds so yummy! I love choc orange...even my dog is named Jaffa

  30. Can already imagine how those bath products smells like. SUper yummyyy!! Cant wait for your international giveaway!!
    Lots of love from Malaysia! :D

  31. Um... I want to try EVERYTHING! I can't resist nice smelling stuff! The Cranberry Lime scrub looks particularly delish.

  32. Found the website earlier today and oh my goodness this brand seems like my heaven! Especially interested in those beautiful candles :)
    Following with Bloglovin and GFC: Aislin M for both :)

  33. Checked this brand out after reading this review - oh my gosh this place seems like my heaven! Particularly keen on the candles for me :)
    Following on Bloglovin and GFC: Aislin M

  34. Oooh how exciting to see my name there - thanks a MILLION Nalini & Bomb Cosmetics! Heaps of congrats to the other lucky ladies too :-)


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