Sunday, August 18, 2013

Antipodean Beauties - Glitter.

Hello lovelies,

Happy Sunday (Bah, Monday is a few short hours away)! I'm sharing my first post today for Antipodean Beauties! In case you aren't familiar with it, Antipodean Beauties was created by Omega from Fashion Adjacent, with the idea of bringing together all participating Australian and New Zealand bloggers in a weekly challenge. The theme changes every week so participants are free to join in whenever they can. I won't be giving up on Aqeela's weekly makeup challenge, I'll just participate in both when time (and energy) permits!

This week's theme is glitter, so here is what I came up with.

It was a bit challenging as I don't really have many glitter products (aside from nail polishes, but I wanted to come up with a makeup look to really challenge myself to step outside the box), but then I remembered an untouched 'lol' Starry Night eye palette I had in my makeup drawer. 'lol' stands for 'lots of love' and is a budget brand carried by Kmart.

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I had a bit of trouble with this because the 'lol' palette has a cream formula and basically caused major creasing every time I blinked! The palette also didn't have as much glitter in it as I'd have liked; the look was a bit more sparkly in real life but the flash washed it out somewhat.

Would I buy another 'lol' palette? Probably not; to be honest, I wasn't overly impressed with the quality. Doing this one look used up most of the pans from the three shades I chose (second and third shades - silver and black from the top row, and the first shade - white glitter from the bottom row).
Image taken from the 'lol' website.

Products used:

Models Prefer Infinite Colour Shadow Pencil in Air of Mystery (base)
Sephora Jumbo Liner 12 hour waterproof pencil in Beige on lower waterline
lol Palette in Starry Night (dark silver all over lid, black glitter in outer crease and white in inner eye and outer eye corner)
Essence single shadow in Greyhound on brow bone
Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner
Black eyeshadow for brows and lower lash line
Benefit They're Real mascara

What did you think of my efforts? Are you a big glitter fan? If so, what's your favourite brand of glitter to use on your lids?

Don't forget to check out the other talented participants in this week's challenge!

Much love,


  1. I really like this look on you. I don't own any glittery eyeshadows as I don't think it would suit me so I would struggle with this challenge. I love how you get so many photos of your eyes for your posts. I am lucky to get one good one out of 20 so I admire your skill. X

    1. Thank you, Kate! You never know, you might be surprised!

      Haha, I like to give it full representation! I often take lots and just choose the best five or six. :)

  2. Love this look Coco! I love how the glitter is not over the top.

  3. LOVE IT - clever girl.

    1. Aw, you are such a darling, thank you so much, Trish! xx

  4. Love this look! I also don't own many glitter makeup products but I would like to grab a few!
    Love your little double wing, you're very talented xx

    1. Thank you so much! I think a little glitter never goes astray. It's good to have a couple of products in your collection for these sorts of things. ;)

  5. Oh I love this!! It's amazing! I'm envious of both your skills and your ability to get such good close up shots :P its a shame the palette wasn't very good because the colours look nice.

    1. Hi Sarah, thank you! It's a bit of a struggle with the photos but practice helps! I use flash on my camera because it's the only way to get a bit of colour showing on the photos.

      I know, so disappointing when it showed such promise!

  6. I really want to join this group hahaha! I love this though, but I can see exactly what you mean about the creasing! (Don't worry, I didn't really notice until you pointed it out!) Still, your eye makeup looks amazing! xx


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