Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kiss Me Deadly Swimwear and Lingerie Sale and GIVEAWAY!

Hi lovelies!

Just a quickie post today to share a bargain with you! UK Swimwear and Lingerie brand Kiss Me Deadly (isn't that a great name for a lingerie and swimwear store?) is launching their Australian website, and to celebrate, they're offering a fantastic sale (with free shipping, enter discount code MISSY), sale ends Wednesday, 29 August 2013.

The range is absolutely stunning, as you can see from the photos above (taken from their website - I quite like the sentiment in the second photo, don't you?), so I might be doing a bit of sneaky shopping myself, though I do find it a bit hard to buy lingerie without trying it on!

Check out the sale collection here, and if you do buy something, please pop back to let me know, I do love a good sticky beak!

Now, on to the part you've all been waiting for! Kiss Me Deadly have kindly given me a swimwear/lingerie set to giveaway on the blog (winner gets to select their prize)!

To win, all you have to do is leave me a comment below, telling me how/where you would choose to wear your new lingerie/swimwear if you won, and why! You MUST be following me via GFC or Bloglovin', so please leave me your relevant details with your entry (I will have to disqualify your entry if you fail to leave me your follower details). The most creative answer, as selected by me and my team of experts (read, friends), WINS! This giveaway ends next Saturday, 31st August 2013, and is only open to Australians. The winner will have 24 hours to respond to my email, or I will have to select another winner.

Good luck, lovelies!

This giveaway is now CLOSED.

The winner is Sarah K, congratulations!

Much love,

Note: Kiss Me Deadly are kindly providing me with a swimsuit of my choice, as part of the collaboration with this generous giveaway. Kiss Me Deadly will be responsible for sending out the prize to the winner, once the winner has been drawn. For more information, please refer to my disclosure policy.


  1. What cute designs! And the names for the styles too - very cute :) I'd opt for the swimwear because I cannot wait for summer. I've been doing some exercises to prep my body for summer and what better way to show off my new body than with new swimwear? :D

    GFC - Beauty Snippets

    My answer: I'd wear the Lace Print bikini, thinking I was in Santorini. But in reality, I'll be in my locality, local pools and beaches. Made it to be super flattering, it's sure to have the boys clamouring.

  2. Oh gosh I absolutely love this! I follow on both GFC and Bloglovin' both under Sweetaholic Beauty!

    My answer:
    I'd wear the Red Sirena set for mine and my boyfriend's 5 year anniversary (still a few months away, but good to be prepared!) I've gained a little bit of weight recently, so I'm on a mission to lose that weight and look sexy again - and maybe being chased by the big bad wolf would help shed some pounds ;) which is why I totally need the Red Sirena set! ;)

  3. I totally love sexy lingerie because wearing something sexy, will definitely make you more confident and will lift your self steam.
    My answer: I would wear Lydia Bra it on an hotel room with a beach view :-) I love to dream
    Follow on GFC and Bloglovin: Loris Ayoub

  4. Very very sexy lingerie. I think if i wore the lingerie above in front of partner his eyes would fall out of his head!!
    Id love to win a new swimsuit from Kiss Me Deadly. The last bikini i bought was all the way back when i was like after having 2 babies it really doesnt suit me anymore.
    If i won a new swinsuit I would wear it to the beach!!We live in the country and its rare for us to visit the beach. My 3 year old son has never seen the beach so I think we are overdue. Id love to show off some Kiss Me Deadly cossies while we are there.
    Im following you on GFC- Lady Sapphire
    Bloglovin- Lady Sapphire Blog
    And stalking you in real life!

  5. I'd wear that blue one to a Moulin Rouge cosplay party. And I swear that "cosplay" isn't code for a swinger's party :P

  6. I would wear it when I go to the US in November, for a swim in the hotel pool! Even though it's going to be winter there, I will brave the cold!

    Following you on gfc!

  7. Bloglovin: glossbandit
    I would get the Azure Delores Swimdress, and on a rainy Saturday night I would get an inflatable pool, palm tree and sunchair in my living room and have my own tropical cocktail party! Complete with a home made original cocktail named "kiss me deadly" in honour of my sexy swimdress designers!

  8. Ooh to bed with my hubby of course to show him I still got it :) Connor xxx

  9. Absolutely that vixen-like lingerie. Then I would make myself a milkshake and put it in the yard. The boys be clamoring!

    Bloglovin' - missredsage

  10. Bloglobin' - kitemonster

    I have epic plans/high hopes to make a bellydancing/firetwirling circus routine, and I would loooove to wear some of that lingerie as a part of my costume :)

    1. By 'bloglobin'' I meant 'bloglovin'', not some weird made-up blood-related disease.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Follow on GFC - The Science of Beauty (or something like that!) and on FB too.

    I would wear Red Sirena out in public. Yep, you read that correctly - out in public! Why? Well, ever since having kids I have become invisible. Strangers come up and talk to my kiddies and tell them how cute they are and have a laugh with them but it is like I am not there at all. Wearing Red Sirena will get me noticed. It will get me the attention I crave. If Miley has taught me anything it is that if you want attention you need to get out in public in your undies!

  13. If I won a new bikini I would wear it to the beach (obviously). A new bikini would be my excuse to get in the car with some friends on the weekend and make that near 2 hour trip to the beach.

    If I won and ended up picking lingerie, then I would wear that at home for the boyfriend just as a reminder that he is lucky to have me (well that’s what I tell him anyway) :p

    I follow you GFC (JessJ) and bloglovin (jess77).

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