Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jeans for Genes Day - 2nd August 2013.

Hello lovelies!

I just wanted to share a quick post on Jeans for Genes Day, which is tomorrow! It's actually the 20th anniversary this year, which makes it a landmark event.

How CUTE is this bub?
(Taken from the Jeans for Genes website)

If you aren't aware of what Jeans for Genes Day is about, it's a national day where people wear their jeans to raise much-needed funds for research into birth defects, and diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and a range of genetic disorders. All money raised goes towards the Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) to help discover treatments and cures.

Some additional info:

  • 1 in 20 kids is born in Australia with a genetic disease or birth defect.
  • $2 will buy enough crucial enzymes to test the blood of one patient for aggressive types of cancers.
  • $5 buys a plastic '96-in-one' test tube to screen 96 potential epilepsy drugs at once.
  • $10 gives scientists 200 mini test tubes to help discover genes that cause blindness in children. CMRI scientists have already discovered 12 genes.
  • $1000 helps CMRI scientist test a new drug to treat cancer, epilepsy, or other neurological conditions.
I'll be participating by wearing my jeans tomorrow (a great idea to do it on a Friday when most workplaces accept a casual dress code) and making a small donation to the website. No donation is too small, as the image below shows, and all donations above $2 are tax-deductible, so have a think about donating to a good cause!

Click to enlarge.
(Taken from the Jeans for Genes website)

Look out for a photo of me wearing my jeans tomorrow on Instagram! If you'd like to participate, don't forget to use the Twitter/Instagram handle @JeansforGenesAU and hashtag #jeansforgenesau. You can also check out their Facebook page and website for more details.

Will you be donning your jeans tomorrow, lovelies?

Much love,


  1. Such a fantastic cause! Can't believe it's been around for 20 years, that's so fantastic! xx

  2. Lovely post, 1 in 20 children is so many! xx


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