Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Gory Blood Splattered Nails!

Hi lovelies!

Here are a few photos of the Blood Splattered nails I'm wearing for Halloween! I used stamping for these, using my Bundle Monster plate in BM416, over white polish. I mixed in a little black Konad polish with the red Konad polish for added definition.

I purposely stamped as messily as possible, and left them looking bloody in my Halloween Zombie Doll post, but I've cleaned them up in the photos below.

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Halloween Zombie Doll Makeup Look and How-To!

Hi lovelies,

Happy Halloween! If you are a long time reader, you'll know how much I love Halloween! There's a lot of fun to be hard getting into the spirit of it. I also adore watching the little kids get all dressed up for Trick or Treating.

Unfortunately, I don't have much of my makeup stash with me here in Malaysia, so I was really restricted with what I could come up with. As a result, I tried getting creative with some simple makeup (heavy contouring, pink and black eyeshadow and a liquid liner). Big thanks to my friend Kris for helping me name this look, which she coined 'Zombie Doll'!

Before I go any further, I will apologise for the terrible quality of the photos...The lighting in my bedroom here is terribly yellow in photos, and I also didn't have my camera with me so I had to make do with using the camera on my iPhone. I was kicking myself for not waiting to do this look in the daytime, but somehow, inspiration only strikes at night for me! I managed to take close up photos of my nails in daylight, so they turned out much better than the makeup photos I took last night. Check out my Halloween nails post here.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sephora October 2014 Beauty Haul!

Hi lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, you might have seen my sneak peek of a Sephora box that arrived on Monday! A good friend of mine made a trip over there and was kind enough to offer to post a box of goodies to me in Malaysia if I wanted anything, and naturally, I had to take her up on it! It was the same time that a selected bunch of popular products went on sale (think Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette and Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette), so it was really fortuitous timing! There was a bit of interest in what I had purchased, so here is my haul post, as promised. This haul was made over a couple of orders so I got quite a few samples and freebies too! There are also a couple of mini rollerball perfumes I purchased which aren't in the photos; my friend is looking after these for me as they couldn't be posted over regular mail. Be warned, this is going to be really photo heavy!

First up, here's the full photo with everything I ordered...

Sephora October 2014 Haul
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Monday, October 27, 2014

A little update!

Hi lovelies,

I just wanted to give you a little update as to where I've been for the past three weeks, I apologise for not having posted much but it's been rather an eventful time!

As you might know, I'm currently in Malaysia spending time with my immediate family, and helping my dad out with his company. It's been really great being at home with my parents and extended family (cousins/aunts/uncles) as I've been away for 12 years! I have to admit, it's quite a different lifestyle from my life in Melbourne; I've pretty much lost touch with most of my old friends here what with being away for so long, and many of my close friends who previously lived here have also moved abroad. Isn't it funny how making new friends becomes a lot harder as you get older? I'm also not as familiar with the roads and such, so in some ways, it's almost like being in a new place all over again!

Also, my grandmother passed away two weeks ago, so there was quite a bit to do in terms of the wake and the funeral. I was asked to write and give the eulogy on behalf of the family, as I'm her eldest grandchild! It was actually quite nice writing it as it brought back a lot of memories from my younger days. She was pretty elderly (86 years old), and had been suffering from Alzheimers, so the entire family is glad that she isn't suffering any longer.

Last week was the Hindu festival of Deepavali/Diwali, which is the Festival of Lights. We didn't celebrate fully due to my grandmother's passing, but the entire family got together for it, which was lovely as I haven't been home for it in years. My cousins/nephews flew in from Melbourne and my aunt was visiting from Switzerland, so it was wonderful spending the day together! I also had the chance to put on an ethnic outfit and wear some Indian accessories, including a henna tattoo (which I had done at a street festival), so I'll share some photos below!

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Monday, October 6, 2014

In Essence Balance and Harmony Gift Set!

Hi lovelies!

Hello from Malaysia! I'm currently in Malaysia for a couple of months spending time with family, but I wanted to share my thoughts on a couple of products that were getting a lot of use with me in Melbourne just before I left! Now, regular readers and Instagram followers will know that I love gorgeous home decor products like scented candles, but I wanted to try something different and get into the regular use of essential oils.

As a result, let me introduce you to the Balance and Harmony Gift Set* from In Essence!

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