Friday, January 20, 2012

Fragrance tips - It's all scents, really.

Hello lovelies!

I'm a fragrance addict, and I love having many different fragrances on the go at the same time. I think I have about 20 bottles at the moment, ranging in value from reasonably affordable to really expensive.

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I thought I'd share the various little tips and tricks that I commonly use to help the scent last as long as possible.

1) I try to buy Eau de Parfums (EDP) as opposed to Eau de Toilettes (EDT), as EDPs last longer due to their compositions.

2) I layer different products with the same scent. Basically, I try to use the shower gel, moisturiser and perfume from the same fragrance where possible, as it increases the longevity of the scent. This also prevents the perfume from competing with the scent of your shower gel/moisturiser.

3) I try to apply perfume to moisturised skin, as it gives the perfume oils something to adhere to and thus, aids in helping the scent last longer.

4) I try to apply scent to my pulse points, which include wrists, breast bone, the hollow of the throat, behind the ears, hollow of the elbows and the back of your knees. You don't need to apply to all these points, but may pick and choose as you like!

5) I try not to rub my wrists together after spritzing some scent on, as it is said to break down the fragrance oils and therefore, has the opposite effect of preventing the scent from lasting.

6) Just before leaving home, I spritz a cloud of perfume into the air and walk through it. This leaves a light misting on my body and clothes. You can also spray some on a hairbrush and glide it gently through your hair. Never spray directly on your hair (unless it's specially formulated as hair scent), as the alcohol and oils in some perfumes may damage your hair.

7) Try to carry a small atomiser or roll-on with you for touching up with during the day, especially if you're going out after work. Personally, a spritz of my favourite scent never fails to pick me up and gives me a little boost to get me through the day!

8) Last but not least, always make sure your perfumes are kept in a cool, dry place. If it's left in direct sunlight, the perfume oils degrade, which changes the scent. There's no point going through all the steps above if your perfume has lost its scent!

Who would've thought spraying on perfume would seem like so much work?! For what it's worth, I don't usually follow each and every step, it's more something I do when I have a special occasion and really want my scent to last. For everyday wear, I'm happy to just carry an atomiser or roll-on in my handbag to freshen up as needed.

Much love,


  1. Thanks for the tip! I didn't know point 3. I always spray my perfume all over the place lol

  2. I too love a good fragrance and I am big on Chanel at the moment...: )

    I also have a travalo with fragrance on it that I use throughout the day if needed. X

  3. Kerker, my pleasure! I'm guilty of that too, when I'm running late, it's all about the 'spray-and-dash', lol.

    Ingrid, how wonderful is the Travalo?! I wonder how to clean it between different fragrances though! What's your favourite Chanel fragrance at the moment? Mine has to be 'chance eau fraiche'!

  4. I always spray on my neck so my daughter doesn't get a reaction if it is on my chest/neck area.

    I love the Travalo, except last time I flew I forgot to top it up and barely had any fragrance left :(

    1. Oh, yes, considerations do change when you become a mum, don't they?

      I know what you mean, it's so easy to forget..lucky there's a handy little window present for you to check how much is left!

  5. I too love the EDP over EDT, they last so much longer overall, but even with saying that there are some pretty good EDT out there that lasts ages, it just depends on individual perfumes composistions. :)

  6. Love 3 and 6, great tips
    Congrats on being shortlisted in the Beauty Heaven Blogstar Awards! :)

  7. Hi shared the above in Excellent article for beginners like me and definitely doubles up as good reminder for the seasoned perfume lovers and the yet to be. Thank you.


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