Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Bellabox Review

Hey lovelies,

I received my January Bellabox today, and I was a little bit disappointed, to tell you the truth.

Honestly, I love Bellabox and they have an amazing customer service. But after offering such awesome goodies like the Savoir Faire lipstick in the October box, the OCC lip tar in the November box and the Savoir Faire concealer in the December box, I'm finding this box a bit of a let down as it's full of sachets and NO make up products at all! I know it's all a matter of personal choice/preference, but I think a good beauty sampler box should have some of everything in it, i.e. perfume/skincare/makeup/nail polish/hair care etc. Honestly, if a box that offered only perfume, make up and nail polish was offered, I'd sign up in a jiffy! The problem with trying new skincare products is you need to use it for a little while before you see real results, so a sachet really isn't going to cut it.

Anyway, let's see what the January Bellabox had to offer. I received a box with 8 different items (so to speak), listed as below:

Sparoma rejuvanate soy tea candle - lemon myrtle

Ecocentric lipcare lip balm - Italian red mandarin with rose (this was the only full-sized product in the box)

La Perla perfume sample - J'aime

Soleo Organics all natural sunscreen - 3 sachets (formulated for all skin types and ages, adults and children included)

Herbal Essentials - orange towelette

First aid beauty (FAB) - ultra repair cream for all over use

Pangea Organics sampler trio - facial scrub, facial cleanser and eye cream for all skin types
*facial scrub - egyptian geranium with adzuki bean and cranberry (for all skin types)
eye cream - turkish rose and white tea (for all skin types)
facial cleanser - egyptian calendula and blood orange (for normal to dry skin)

Qi green tea bag with ginkgo and detox green tea (one sample each).

Here are some photos, click on the last one to see the prices of each product:

All the samples in the January Bellabox.

SpaRoma soy candle and Ecocentric lip balm.

Orange towelette (?!) and the ultra repair cream.

Pangea skincare sachet trio and La Perla J'aime perfume sample.

Qi tea samples and Soleo natural sunscreen sachet samples.

January Bellabox explanation card.

Now, I understand about beauty being internal and external etc, but it's still a bit disappointing to receive a beauty sampler box without any make up in it. I'm also not a huge fan of sachets as they're quite cumbersome and don't really allow you to sample a product properly. I do like tea, but I can't say I'm overly thrilled to receive a sample in my beauty box...is there a possibility of vitamin supplements appearing next?!

Truthfully, the only products I'm actually interested in trying are the tea candle, the lip balm, eye cream and the perfume sample, although I will probably try all of them anyway.

Verdict: Not particularly satisfied, for the reasons listed above. I still think they are a great company though, and I understand how each box may not be to everyone's taste depending on personal preference, so I'll reserve judgement till I see what next month's box holds.

Much love,


  1. I agree it was a bit underwhelming. I can't wait for next months. Hopefully it will be back to make up :)

  2. Agreed, just please not an entire box full of red make up, lol.

  3. Oh I hated this months box - i'm tempted to quit based on it!
    Um, I don't have a blog, (or google account) so I have to be Anonymous!



  4. I was quite upset with this month, very tempted to cancel membership, but if I do that then sure enough next month they will have a really great box because they will recieve so much negative feedback about this months box! Hopefully glossybox is good this month because the December box was very dissappointing.



  5. I am so jealous that you got more sunscreen samples and that you got 3 of the Pangea samples which I wanted to try before I buy I got a full size hand cream in mine which I would have gladly swapped for the Pangea products ahhh well we cant all get what we want I guess

  6. Maddy, I know what you mean, it wasn't the best of their boxes, but perhaps we'll be getting a better one next month!

    Imogen,I have that fear too! But then again, I think this was the sort of box people either LOVED or HATED. So there were actually some people who were super keen on it. I'm a bit worried about Glossybox, I'm seriously contemplating dropping the subscription.

    Sharon, if only we could've traded...I wish they kept the boxes more standard. It doesn't seem fair that some people get perfume samples, others get full sized hand creams, some get the lip product (which I would've been keen to try) and others get skin care samples!

  7. I've been so tempted to join up with them but reading this makes me have second thoughts! It sounds like they're all over the place a little bit with what they've giving out!
    I hope they improved!?

    Jasmine x


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