Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blue skies and violet eyes

Hello lovelies!

I wanted to share my LOTD (look of the day) with you. I woke up to sunny blue skies today and it inspired me to try something different from my usual neutral look for work. I actually received a violet Matte Luxurious Kohl eyeliner from Revlon called 'Very Violet' in my January I Love This Box (a full post on the January box will be coming up shortly), and as I love coloured eyeliner, I couldn't wait to try it! I also used the Mirenesse lip gloss from my November Glossybox.

So here's what I ended up going with. It's actually quite subtle except when you're in full daylight.

A close up.

 What I used in this look was:

Face: Youngblood mineral foundation, Youngblood mineral radiance powder in 'Sundance', and Max Factor illuminating bronzer to contour.

Cheeks: Youngblood mineral blush in 'Blossom' and Youngblood lunar dust in 'Sunset' to illuminate.

Eyes: Bourjois Smokey eyes in purple (I used to middle shade), and Revlon Matte Luxurious Kohl eyeliner in 'Very Violet'.

Lips: Mirenesse Lip Gloss in 'Hello Kitten'.

And there you have it! I hope that's given you some ideas on how to wear a coloured eyeliner!

And here's a glimpse of me with my new Calvin Klein I look like a nerdy librarian?

How often do you wear a coloured liner and how do you prefer to wear it?

Much love,


  1. Ohhh i love your eyeliner technique!! Maybe you could do a post on it :) XO

  2. My goodness, gorgeous girl! The liner looks fab - please do a how-to!

    Purple is my favourite colour but I can't pull it off as makeup unfortunately so I have to settle for clothes. Once I was wearing purple bikini, havaiianas, sunnies and dress so a little bit of purple overkill...;) XXX

  3. Amy, coming right up, as soon as I work out the best method to describe it!

    Ingrid, you're too kind! I'm sure you can, you just have to experiment a bit to find something that works specifically for you!
    A little purple overkill never hurt anyone... ;)


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