Tuesday, January 17, 2012

December Bellabox Review

Hello lovelies,

I'd started my post on the December Bellabox but abandoned it halfway through when the January Bellabox landed on my desk. I figured I'd better finish this post once the excitement of receiving the new box died down, though.

So my December Bellabox arrived while I was away on holiday and I was really excited to get back to work and tear into it.

Here are the items that were in my box:

Savoir Faire concealer pack with finishing powder

Ozotic Elytra nail polish

Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Mask

Kosmea rose water spray

Eylure naturalite intense false lashes #140

Here are some photos to entertain you. Click on the last photo to see the pricing attached to each item on the Bellabox website.

L - R: Kosmea rose water spray, Savoir Faire concealer pack
containing duo concealers and finishing powder,
Ozotic nail polish, Elemis mask and Eylure false lashes.

Now, I was initially quite annoyed when I opened the box, because while I was really keen to try the SF concealer, it was in the wrong shade! I received 'light' even though I checked the tanned box in my beauty profile. I sent Bellabox an email and their customer service representative, Laura, got back to me very quickly, and offered to swap it over for the right shade seeing as I hadn't opened the concealer yet. I thought that was really nice of her, and as I'm in the same suburb, offered to drop by the office to make the change instead of mailing it to the BB office (I also picked up some more twistbands, but can you blame me? That's what you call efficient use of resources).

I'm so glad I made the swap because I'm completely in love with the SF concealer! It was totally worth the small inconvenience, because it's sooo creamy and goes on like a dream. I quite like the fact that it comes with a pot of finishing powder below, as it really helps set the concealer and prevent it from budging, but I do feel it would be better applied with a brush, although I have used my finger tips with it.

I'm also really in love with the nail polish and will be trying it out this weekend. I'll be sure to post photos once I do. I also love the false lashes, although I'm still getting the hang of applying them (I'm practicing using my half lashes from Harlotte, read about it here). I can't wait to give these Eylure ones a whirl once I've perfected my lash application techniques! And last but not least, I'm loving the rose water spray! I'm a huge fan of rose water spray and I have one pretty much everywhere (i.e. at home and on my desk at work) so a spare one will really come in handy! I also love that this one is quite small, so it'll be fantastic for popping into my handbag while I'm on the go this summer.

VERDICT: I absolutely loved this box! Namely because of the nail polish (what a gorgeous colour), the fantastic concealer (perfect for taking with you on the go, or leaving in your desk at work), the false lashes (how luxe are they?!) and the rose water spray! I'd say being excited about four out of five items are great odds and I'll still give the Elemis mask a try, so this box was a total winner for me!

What did you think of yours, if you got one?

Much love,


  1. It looks fab. Love the nailpolish and the mist - I am mist-addicted...:) xx

  2. I loved the box too. Except I got skincare samples instead of the mist...I'm so jealous. I love rose mists!

    It was definitely an amazing box. Hopefully the Feb box is just as good.

  3. Ingrid, so glad to hear you say that because I was starting to worry I had a problem! ;)

    Amy, aww, poor you, hun...if only we could all swap the contents of our boxes! I would've preferred the perfume samples you got in your Jan box!


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