Monday, April 30, 2012

NOTD - Essence Blue Addicted

Hi lovelies,

I wanted to share the NOTD that I'm wearing now, which is Blue Addicted from Essence Cosmetics. In case you aren't already aware, Essence do fantastic, great quality cosmetics for an amazingly low price. I actually have quite a few of their products but their nail polishes really deserve a special mention. They're well pigmented, apply smoothly without streaks (even the pastels!) and don't chip/wear very easily. They also have a really great range, and they're priced at about $2.55 each! What a score! Essence is available at selected Priceline pharmacies and Target stores.

Blue Addicted is a dark blue jelly that works best layered over a dark polish (in this case I used Revlon Lunar, which is an opaque black polish). It's got lots of little square blue microglitter, and lots of large hexagonal blue and green glitter. Overall, it's simply stunning. You can actually wear it on it's own but you'll probably need at least 3 coats for decent opacity! In this instance, I'm wearing one coat of Revlon Lunar over Poshe basecoat, over which I applied two layers of Essence Blue Addict, and one layer of Poshe topcoat.

I did my nails last night and thought it was pretty, but gosh, looking at it in natural daylight just blew me away! It's even better in daylight, which I didn't expect! Here are some photos, I really struggled with these as the camera just didn't do this polish justice!

Artificial lighting.

In direct sunlight.

Natural daylight.

In sunlight.

In direct sunlight.
Close up of the glitter.

Somehow, this polish really reminds me of say, lapis lazuli or semi precious stones. I did a quick Google search to show you what I mean, and below are a couple of images I found.

Do you see what I mean?

Much love,

April Lust Have It Review!

Hey lovelies!

So here's my review of the April Lust Have It box!

You might be wondering why it's a bit later than normal...well, I did get a dispatch notification on the 14th of April, but the box didn't show up until two days ago! Apparently Australia Post 'misplaced' a whole stack of boxes, which was all very odd as some people didn't get theirs while their neighbours did! However, all's well ends well and the boxes have (mostly) got to their recipients. In other news, Lust Have It recently took over Glossybox, and all Glossybox subscribers were transferred to LHI...I really hope this doesn't mean the postage problem is going to become a norm (as that's what constantly happened to my Glossyboxes while I was subscribed to them).

Anyway, on to my box and what I received...LHI have started sending their samples in a bright blue beauty bag. In some ways, this is probably more sustainable, as I can see people reusing the bags. But on the other hand, there's probably a limit to how many bags you can collect, and I don't think plastic is as biodegradable as cardboard, so this could've been a worse step (environmentally wise).

Regardless, here's what I received in my bag this month:

iNuovi Glitteratti (full sized) - I got this in white, it wouldn't have been my pick but I presume it will go well with most shades.

EmerginC trio (samples-Kombucha Cleanser, Phytocell Detox Mask and Phytocell Moisturiser)

DeLorenzo sea salt styling spray (full sized)

True Solutions All Day Tinted Moisturising Cream with SPF30 (deluxe sample)

Spa Fresh Blends Romantic Discovery bath salts (deluxe sample)

On to the photographs:

The new packaging.

Click for product details and pricing.

The new blue bag.

A few of the samples inside.

L - R: EmerginC samples, True tinted moisturiser, iNuovi glitter,
SpaFresh bath salts, and DeLorenzo sea salt styling spray.

Well, this box was pretty interesting, the EmerginC samples look quite adorable but I don't think there'll be enough for more than 1-2 applications, which in my experience isn't really long enough to see how your skin is going to react to it. I'm quite keen to try the tinted moisturiser as I'm looking for a new one, but I'm a bit curious as to how the one shade is going to fit all skin tones. It does seem to blend in quite well as I've tried it on my hand, but I'm going to try wearing it tomorrow to work and see how I go.

I'm a bit blasé about the glitter, I might've been more excited to receive another colour but the white is a bit unexciting. I might try wearing it on my nails as I don't want to risk wearing it on my eyelids and having it fall into my eyes, but I might give it a try at some point, possibly after I purchase a glitter primer. I won't be able to use the bath salts as I don't have a bathtub, but I might save it for the next time I go away!

The sea salt spray I have mixed feelings about. I've always wanted to try one but I do have the keratin treatment in my hair at the moment and products containing sodium and sulfates are a big no-no, so it looks like I might have to wait to try this one. Also, I do think it's a slightly odd choice given that we'll be going into winter soon! This seems like it would've perfect for inclusion in one of the spring or summer months! Still, it will come in handy for updos, so I just have to wait a couple of months before I try it.

Verdict? I liked this box but it lacked the wow factor of the March box. I was also a bit disappointed it took so long to arrive, so that might account for my slight lack of enthusiasm, but let's hope that future boxes will be on time!

What did you think of your box, if you received one?

Much love,

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hello lovelies,

I picked up a new Covergirl eyeshadow palette and couldn't resist having a bit of a play with the blue shadow in it, so this is what I came up with.

I used:

Middle shade from Mirenesse Bora Pearls all over the eye
Dark blue from the Covergirl palette in the crease and under the lower lash line
Silver in the inner corner from the 88 shimmer palette
White Max Factor liner (I think) on my lower waterline
Mirenesse tightliner in Sapphire Blue, and then I applied a blue shadow from the 88 shimmer palette over it for added impact.

Much love,

Lancome Haulage!

Hi lovelies,

I popped into Myer today to get my brows done and also to have a quick look at the Lancome Mothers Day packs and they had an interesting new GWP that just came out yesterday! I asked the sales assistant, and it's not the same one as the one that's supposed to come out in May (approximately mid-May), but it's pretty good.

You can buy any two full sized products, including the packs, and you qualify for the GWP! Apparently it's limited edition and there aren't that many to go around, so get your skates on and dash out quick! I got a pack containing a full sized Hypnose mascara, mini kohl pencil and a mini L'Absolu Rouge lippie in Rose Nu, and I also bought a Rouge in Love lipstick in Corail in Love to qualify for the GWP.

The GWP comes in a gorgeous white leatherette pouch and contains a mini BiFacil eye make up remover (if you haven't tried this, I suggest you do so ASAP as it's my HG eye make up remover), Renergie lift volumetry SPF15 anti-wrinkle cream, Genefique Yeux youth activating eye cream concentrate, mini Hypnose Drama mascara, mini L'Absolu Nu lippie in 201 and a pretty smokey eye shadow palette (containing Style Section, Drape, Ciel du Soir, and The New Black shadows). I'm sure you all want to see photos, so here they are:

Cream coloured pouch on top.
L-R: Mascara, lipstick, eye make up remover, eye cream,
eyeshadow palette, and moisturiser.

Close up, showing the open eyeshadow palette. Isn't the design gorgeous?

I also stopped by Priceline to pick up a few essentials like cotton squares, and I came across the Covergirl range, which is currently on sale for 30% off, so I decided to utilise the $10 off discount voucher that I got recently in my GWP beauty bag, and I got this palette free! It's currently on sale for $9 due to the 30% off sale!

My next post will be an EOTD using the blue shadow from the palette!

Much love,

NOTD - Zoya Karina and a bit of nail art

Hello lovelies,

Another quick NOTD to show you what I'm wearing right now. It's another of the Zoya polishes I picked up from Salon Melbourne, and this one is called Karina, it's a gorgeous, metallic scarlet polish. It's got such amazing depth of colour, I'm actually reminded of the paint job cars have just looking at it!

I also received some dotting dools I ordered off ebay, so I couldn't resist adding some nail art. I didn't do anything too major as I was heading to work the next day, just put on some black polish (Lunar by Revlon) and  some gold dots (Gold Coin by Revlon). I actually wanted to use my bronze polish for the dots but I couldn't find it anywhere! Grr, most frustrating, it's one of my favourite shades so I might need to buy another tomorrow, if I can find it.

Here we go with photos!

Artificial lighting.
Artificial lighting.

In direct sunlight.


I really like it, the tiny bit of nail art really jazzes up the polish!

Much love,

Thursday, April 26, 2012

NOTD - OPI Pedal Faster Suzi

Hi lovelies,

Just a quickie post to share some NOTD photos of OPI Pedal Faster Suzi, which I picked up at Salon Melbourne and was wearing a few days ago.

It's a gorgeous pale shell pink with tiny silver microglitter, perfect for wearing to work as it's really quite subtle. I must say it's definitely become one of my favourite subtle shades! Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos in natural daylight, but here's what I took in artificial light conditions.

It looks really pink with flash.

Much love,

April I Love This Box Review!

Hello lovelies!

Did everyone have a lovely Anzac Day? I really enjoyed my day off, it was quite productive as I managed to get quite a few things done!

I also received my April ILTB yesterday, so I thought I'd best do my review before time got away from me. The theme of this box was Easter surprise and focuses mainly on natural ingredients, so it contains a lot of organic and mineral products. They're also making it more sustainable by including dividers to turn your box into a container with little compartments!

Here's what I received in my April box!

Avado Sensitives certified organic gel exfoliant (full sized)

Chikii natural salon quality mineral cosmetics mineral blush in 'embrace' (sample)

Haf mineral make up mineral eyeshadow (sample, I received 'rainforest', a gorgeous shimmery green)

Maybelline color sensational lipstick (full sized, I received blushing brunette, a brown-pink)

Just D'lish 15 hour burn time soy wax candle (full sized, I received 'pina colada')

And also, a Priceline voucher for $5 off Avado products and two little chocolate eggs!

On to the photos:

Chikii blush sample in 'embrace' and Haf shadow in 'rainforest'.

Maybelline lipstick in Blushing Brunette.

Blushing Brunette.

Swatches of the blush and eyeshadow.

We received three full sized products in this months box, which is great value! I've never tried Avado products, so I'm interested to see how this performs to my Dermalogica microfoliant. I'll probably wait a while before opening it as I have a few others open at the moment.

As many others found, the Chikii blush had leaked all over my box, resulting in pink powder pretty much everywhere! But I don't think the blame lies with ILTB for this, ultimately all they can do is use what the suppliers provide them with, and so it's not realistic to be upset at them. I do think that ILTB should make a mental note that this sort of packaging is really inconvenient, and perhaps stipulate that packaging should be in tiny little pots for future reference. Fortunately there was still ample product in my little sachet left for me to trial, so I'll depot it into some spare little pots I have for that purpose.

I don't really like mineral eyeshadows overly much as they tend to spill all over the place when used, but I'm happy to give this a go. I love the colour I received as greens are right up my alley. Look out for an EOTD coming soon! As you can see from the last photo, both the blush and the shadow appear quite sheer when just swatched on my hand, so I'm keen to see how it performs when layered over my UDPP or when worn wet. I also really love the colour of the Maybelline lipstick I got, although I do think I really lucked out here. This colour is gorgeous and suits me perfectly. I've already worn it twice since I received it! I do love the pigmentation but my only complaint is it tends to get a bit drying after wearing it for several hours. Easily remedied by putting a lipbalm underneath or on top, though!

Last but not least, I love candles, so it's lovely to receive a new brand of soy candle that I haven't tried before. I know several people received soaps instead of the candle, I think I'd have been happy with both options! My candle smells really lovely, I can't wait to burn it on the weekend while giving myself a little pamper session!

VERDICT? I loved this box! It's the only one of the beauty box brands that regularly does make up, which I think is fabulous as there are only so many skincare samples you can play with each month. I really think make up is more interesting! I loved that there were 3 make up items in this box, including a full sized lipstick (you can never have too many lip products in my book). ILTB also did a little easter egg hunt surprise, where ten lucky subscribers received a 'golden egg' and mystery goodies, and if they posted it to the ILTB Facebook wall, ILTB released some mystery deals for all their customers! I really think that adds an element of fun to the April box and also seems like a lovely way of showing appreciation for your customers, (although I wasn't fortunate enough to score a golden egg in my box, unfortunately). I will definitely be trying/using all of these products, so this box is a definite winner for me!

What did you think of this box? If you received one, what did you get in it? Were you lucky enough to score a 'golden egg'?
Much love,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Product Review - ModelCo Fibre Lash Brush On Lashes

Hi lovelies,

As some of you know, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my lashes. While I'm quite happy with the length, they're awfully stiff/resistant to curl, so I'm always after the next product that will give me amazing, luscious lashes! My lashes are actually so stubborn, I had to wait 1.5 hours the last time I got them professionally curled, while everyone else usually finishes in 45 minutes!

I'd been wanting to try the ModelCo fibre lash brush on lashes for over a year now, but with such a steep price tag (it retails for $48 for a pack containing the extension mascara and a tube of the fibres), it did seem like a rather pricy investment when I wasn't certain of what the results would be. So when I found out that ModelCo were offering a free, travel sized fibre lash mascara as a Cleo magazine GWP, I jumped at the chance to try this! I love travel sized products as they are so easy to carry around!

ModelCo Fibre Lash brush on false lashes
(taken from the ModelCo website)

I thought I'd do a step by step pictorial review/tutorial to show you all how to apply it, and also to demonstrate the results, so this post might be a bit picture heavy.

Step 1:
I started off with one coat of the extension mascara (or any mascara will do, I sometimes use a waterproof so it holds the curl after I curl my lashes) on my left eye. I left the right eye natural so you can see the difference.

Left eye with one coat of mascara, no product on the right eye.

This is one coat of the extension mascara.

Step 2:
You then brush on the fibres on top of the mascara you put in. The brush looks a bit like it's been dipped into cotton wool, which took me aback when I first laid eyes on it, but I've come to terms with it now. I do wish it applied with a bit less mess, this doesn't seem like the most even method of application to me.

The best method is to get as close to the lash bed as you can, but be certain not to get too close that you brush fibres onto your eye surface, as that might hurt. Try to wiggle the wand through the lashes, particularly at the tips. I have to say it's not the most attractive look, you do look a bit like a plucked chicken, so make sure you don't get distracted and walk out like this or you might be getting more than a few strange looks!

A layer of the fibres on top of the mascara from Step 1.

Step 3:
You then finish by applying a second coat of the extension mascara (or again, any mascara of your choice) over the fibres you applied in step 2. Wiggle the wand through the lashes, and rotate the wand as you go, so it's coats all the lashes and you're not left with the fibres showing through. If you have a mascara comb or a spoolie handy, it might be worth giving your lashes a bit of a brush through to remove any clumps and ensure an even application.

End result!

I added a photo showing both eyes so you could compare the end result. My lashes definitely look a bit longer and more defined.

Comparison of result to naked eye.

I finished off by applying Steps 1-3 on the right eye, and adding some liquid liner.


I tried to take a photo to show the added length after the Fibre lash application. It really does look quite natural.

This photo reminds me a bit of the cover of one of my
favourite books, Stephanie Meyer's 'The Host'!

Verdict? I really did like this, but I can't tag it with HG status.

I must say that I wish it didn't have a $48 price tag attached to it. I love the dual ended travel sized one I have. It's really convenient. It might have been a better option for ModelCo to sell just the fibres by themselves, instead of packaging it with the extension mascara. I also wonder if the fibres will have a tendency to clump together after it's been used for a while, but only time will tell.

This is the sort of look I usually do for a natural, barely wearing make up look.

I'm wearing the ModelCo fibre lash mascara, MAC Painterly, a tiny bit of Sleek blush in rose gold, and the Revlon lip butter in peach parfait, over my Youngblood mineral foundation.

I hope you liked that review/tutorial! You can purchase the ModelCo fibre lash mascara from their website, or from retailers like Myer and David Jones. If you're quick, I think Cleo will be doing the GWP for a while yet, so you can grab a travel one to try.

Much love,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Bellabox Review!

Hi lovelies,

I received my April Bellabox a few days ago, and so, here's my review of what was in it. This box is themed 'being fashion forward' and is in conjunction with the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW).

I received a total of three full sized products and three samples, as listed below:

Comvita Brightening range sachet trio - facial exfoliant, serum and moisturiser (samples)

Ulta 3 nail polish - Burnt Orange (full sized)

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation (sample)

pureDKNY Verbena perfume (sample)

OP Therapy body hydrator with emu oil (full sized)

Hollywood Feet (heel velvet heel cushions)

And the photos:

Click to see pricing and further information.

L-R: Pure DKNY Verbena sample, Ulta polish,
Body hydrator and Comvita sample trio.

Hollywood Feet velvet cushions and Benefit
Hello Flawless foundation sample.

Quite frankly, I'm a bit uncertain about what I think of this box. I wouldn't say the items were especially fashion forward, and so I'm really perplexed as to how these items fit in with the theme. I'd also have thought there should be at least one make up item in keeping with the theme!

Discussing each item individually...I wouldn't mind trying the Comvita samples as they sound quite interesting. I have always wondered, though, why the Comvita packaging is so almost looks medicinal! Being a nail polish addict, I'm always happy to have a new nail polish to add to my collection, and this colour looks like something I'd wear. I've also never used Ulta, ever, so I'm keen to see how this applies! The only problem, however, is I wouldn't classify this as a metallic nail polish as is listed on the card in the box. I'd say this is more of a creme finish than a metallic finish. Still, happy to try this so stay tuned for an NOTD with this polish.

Benefit's Hello Flawless oxygen wow foundation just hit the market a little while ago, so it's interesting to see how this performs. Truthfully, I'm not a fan of Benefit's foundations as it seems their colour range is quite limited, I have had difficulty in the past when trying to get colour matched. I received a sample in 'nutmeg', which is way too dark for me. Still, I know that Bellabox were only provided with 3 shades, so they did the best they could in colour matching to profiles. I do wish that companies would just provide subscribers with a little card allowing us to go into a store to get colour matched, it seems more appropriate and less wasteful that way! I might try using this as a contouring shade, or perhaps blend it with moisturiser, and apply it like a tinted moisturiser.

I liked the perfume sample, it's quite fresh, like most of the Pure DKNY range, and this has gone into my handbag. I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy this but it's nice to try new scents. I haven't tried the body hydrator yet but I plan to after my shower today. This comes in handy as I was just wishing for an unscented moisturiser a week ago! While I love scented body butters/moisturisers, it does sometimes clash with your perfume, so it's handy to have an unscented one.

Last but not least...the Hollywood feet product. These always come in handy as I often slip them into my heels, but I do think it's a slightly odd addition to a beauty box themed around fashion week! Still, it's listed as a bonus product, and it is very practical, so it's a great addition nevertheless.

VERDICT? I liked this box, but I wouldn't say there was anything in it that really knocked my socks off or blew me off my feet. As usual, great value for money, but nothing that's got me eagerly excited to try.

What did you think of this box? If you subscribed it, did you get the same items I did?

Much love,
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