Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Friday and some fantastic news!

Hi lovelies!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter and a fantastic start to your long weekend?! I've had a great time so far, I had dinner/drinks with friends last night, came home and spent nearly all night reading the second book of the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire. I woke up this morning to find that I had won a Glosscars pack from BeautyHeaven!

For those of you who don't know, the Glosscars is an event where the best products for each category are nominated by BH and voted for by members, with the winners having the distinction of being awarded the title of best product in their category (think foundation, perfume, hair straightener, hair dryer etc). Product winners are based on reviews and secret votes, and the best reviews also win one of fifteen Glosscars packs containing ALL the winning products, so that's more than $1,000 in value! Understandably, BH members are equally excited about seeing the products that make the winners list (see the list here), as well as the chance to win an amazing Glosscars pack. Competition for the Glosscars pack is really tough as there are literally thousands of reviews written each Glosscars season, so it must be really difficult to select just fifteen winners!

Anyhow, I wasn't feeling very optimistic about winning a Glosscars pack as I haven't been having a very good run of luck lately, which is why I was stunned when I logged on this morning, found out the list of winners had been released, and saw my name on the list! I nearly fell out of my chair in shock! I actually couldn't believe it and I think I stared at it for a few minutes before it finally sank in.

Last year was a really tough one for me, and this year has been slightly better, so it's so uplifting to have something positive happen for a change. It gives me hope that there will be light at the end of the tunnel and things might be changing for the better! And I was also really touched by the congratulatory messages that I received from all my online friends, it was so sweet how they were all really happy and excited on my behalf. So thank you all for your support, my lovelies, you know who you are! What's even more exciting is the lovely Amy from Beauty in a Bottle also won a Glosscars pack! I was so excited when I saw it and flooded her with emails and messages telling her the good news! It's so exciting when you actually know the people who have won a fantastic prize!

Anyways, I then spent the rest of the day lying on the couch, reading the third book from the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay and eating some lovely chocolate my aunt from Switzerland sent me. I am completely in addicted to these chocolates, when I was in Geneva, I used to pop down to buy a bag every two or three days because they were just so good!

Can I just say that the Hunger Games books are simply brilliant, I enjoyed the movie immensely but the books are even more riveting! It's been a wonderful start to my Easter weekend, and better yet, there are still three days to go!

How have you been spending your Easter weekend, beauties?

Much love,


  1. you lucky girl :DD
    i just looked at the glosscars winning products list and omg.. YOU LUCKY GIRL lolol
    do review on the goodies once youve tried them
    happy easter :D

  2. Yumm.... I have been enjoying a chocolate binge over Easter :)

    Well done about the Glosscars, BH have some of the best competitions!

  3. Linny, I am, I can't deny it! I will indeed! And happy Easter to you too! xx

    Elunia, thanks a lot, I couldn't agree more!


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