Monday, April 30, 2012

NOTD - Essence Blue Addicted

Hi lovelies,

I wanted to share the NOTD that I'm wearing now, which is Blue Addicted from Essence Cosmetics. In case you aren't already aware, Essence do fantastic, great quality cosmetics for an amazingly low price. I actually have quite a few of their products but their nail polishes really deserve a special mention. They're well pigmented, apply smoothly without streaks (even the pastels!) and don't chip/wear very easily. They also have a really great range, and they're priced at about $2.55 each! What a score! Essence is available at selected Priceline pharmacies and Target stores.

Blue Addicted is a dark blue jelly that works best layered over a dark polish (in this case I used Revlon Lunar, which is an opaque black polish). It's got lots of little square blue microglitter, and lots of large hexagonal blue and green glitter. Overall, it's simply stunning. You can actually wear it on it's own but you'll probably need at least 3 coats for decent opacity! In this instance, I'm wearing one coat of Revlon Lunar over Poshe basecoat, over which I applied two layers of Essence Blue Addict, and one layer of Poshe topcoat.

I did my nails last night and thought it was pretty, but gosh, looking at it in natural daylight just blew me away! It's even better in daylight, which I didn't expect! Here are some photos, I really struggled with these as the camera just didn't do this polish justice!

Artificial lighting.

In direct sunlight.

Natural daylight.

In sunlight.

In direct sunlight.
Close up of the glitter.

Somehow, this polish really reminds me of say, lapis lazuli or semi precious stones. I did a quick Google search to show you what I mean, and below are a couple of images I found.

Do you see what I mean?

Much love,


  1. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!!

  2. I most certainly do! This is an amazing polish and I like that the glitters are big. Bargain polishes are always great:) I have recently bought some sparkly top coats from Hello Darling and when they arrive I will have so much fun mixing it up X

  3. So pretty!!! I don't have too many of their nailpolishes - the stands are always bare :(

  4. Wow so pretty!! I don't think my priceline sell those. Will have to suss them out!!

  5. Thank you, ladies!

    Ingrid, can't wait to see your stash!

  6. Just saw this post again... Phenomenal!


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