Saturday, April 7, 2012

Salon Melbourne - Event Review.

Hi lovelies,

As promised, here is my Salon Melbourne review. It's going to be quite picture heavy!

There were some really fabulous things to see, try and buy. I actually wasn't expecting so many brands/exhibitors, because some of the exhibitors weren't listed on the website! It was a really pleasant surprise, though, and I did feel a bit like a kid in a candy shop, unsure of where to begin because everything looked so fantastic!

One of the first things Ms V and I saw was a stand operated by Crown Brushes, selling a whole array of palettes, including the 88 shimmer palette that I ended up buying. They had so many different palettes, it was pretty hard trying to decide on just one! Prices varied a bit but it was about $30 for one, or two for $50.

We also saw a display from Gorgeous Cosmetics. They had such great prices, I remember seeing brushes on sale for $10 each! I have always loved the make up by Gorgeous but had to restrain myself to only buying stuff that I actually needed/wanted very badly.

I was also very keen on trying on Minx nails, commonly worn by celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna, but they are usually salon exclusive and oh-so-expensive! They were being sold for $15 per set at the Minx display stand. The salesperson placed the Minx foil under a heat lamp until it 'wilted', indicating it was ready for application. You then apply the applique to the nail, smooth it down and then file off the ends. If you make a mistake, pop it back under the heat lamp and smooth it out again. If you're purchasing for home use, like I was, then you could use your hair dryer instead of a heat lamp.

Miss V getting her Minx trial done.

We stopped at the Zoya stand next. They had a lovely, well stocked display which was being continually restocked. I think we spent almost 30 minutes there. I'd always wanted to try Zoya polishes as they are 'the big three free' which means free of toluene, formaldehyde and dibuthyl phthalate (DBP), but unfortunately they are just so hard to find in Melbourne!

We also passed a Nyx stall, which I found quite intriguing. Nyx is brand from the US which is extremely affordable. Think lipsticks and eyeshadows that are like $3 each. I actually already have quite a few of things from the Nyx brand but I didn't purchase any from SM as they were far more affordable online.

There was actually a media lounge/bloggers lounge where you could update your blog live! What a lovely idea! It was also really nice having a wall against which you could take your photo, and having some comfy couches to rest your feet after walking around the huge exhibition hall!

Posing in front of the 'wall'. 
We also came across some lovely body painting. I always love body painting because it always looks like a costume until you get really close and realise it's all just paint, not fabric! The model was gorgeous and kindly let us photograph her.

She looks like a dryad from a fairytale!

We also spotted this lovely make up stand at Vani-T, and this is what made me decide I had to buy a lipstick because the packaging was so pretty! They even had these little brushes with diamanté collars, it was very pretty but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Cupcake lipstick stand at Vani-T.

There was also lots of lash exhibits, selling false lashes, offering lash extensions and products to condition or increase lash growth. Amongst them was Lash Republic, Minx lashes, and many, many more.

They also had some models walking around in rather fantastical outfits and shoes. I'm not really sure where they'd come from, but the hair and make up was amazing! Look at the model in white with her hair made into a dome, and the red skeins hanging from her hair do.

Well, there you go, lovelies! A brief snapshot of what walking around Salon Melbourne was like. I will be posting another post soon on a fashion show we saw at Salon Melbourne, which will be the last of my three Salon Melbourne related posts. For a peek at the items I picked up at Salon Melbourne, have a look here.

Much love,


  1. WOW!!!! That looks amazing. I wouldn't have been able to refrain myself like you. I would have spent tooooo much money hahahaha.

  2. I didn't do too well, I still spent too much! :P

  3. I'm so sad I missed this, and now I'll have to wait until next year haha!
    It looks like you had so much fun! xx

  4. 30 minutes?! Think it was probably closer to an hour at Zoya! I tried all my colours last night. Loving them!

  5. Sweetaholic, your wallet will thank you! But yes, a year will fly by and we can go next year! :)

    MissV, well, okay, maybe an hour was probably a better estimate. :P


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