Monday, April 2, 2012


Hey lovelies!

Okay, I couldn't resist playing with my new 88 shadow I put together this little EOTD! I'm a bit too tired to blog about Salon Melbourne today as I have lots of chores to do, but I will leave you with a quick EOTD and NOTD post. With the EOTD, I'm actually using two different shades of green but it's not really being picked up by the camera. Also tried white on my lower lash line, it sort of became pale green, mixing with the shadow. I think I took it too far this time (right into the inner corner)...will stop before I get to that point next time I try the white liner trick. For some reason I've always found pale gold/pink liner more manageable than white!


With the NOTD, I'm wearing Milani Purple Gleam, with Minx accent nails as trialled at Salon Melbourne. I love how glittery and matte Purple Gleam is, but it's a nightmare to work with. The brush is kind of thick and ..goopy, and it's hard to paint precisely with it. The formula is also a bit strange, it's quite a hard glitter so it dries to a chunky, matte finish. I applied topcoat and it looked gorgeous for a little while, and then the polish sort of swallowed the top coat and became matte again in minutes. It's a very pretty polish though, it reminds me a bit of a Christmas ornament. You get flashes of purple and black glitter through it, which is quite unique, I've received quite a few compliments wearing this! I've been wearing it for four days now and it's been wearing really well; no chipping but I have noticed a tiny bit of wear at the ends.

That's all for now, folks!

Much love,

Quick update: I tried this with the Poshe topcoat on top and it looked even more stunning! I had a bit of a hard time capturing a photo that truly did this justice but here is one attempt. I took it just before I took the manicure off, so please excuse the wearing!


  1. Ohhhh your eyes look amazing as usual! I love the purple nail.

  2. I love both your nails and the green eye colours are amazing. Thank you for sharing X

  3. Thank you, ladies, it's even more stunning with a shiny topcoat on top!

  4. The snakeskin still looks really good! I peeled my minx off last night. All you need is a hot shower and it peels right off!


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