Friday, March 27, 2015

Sleek Makeup Blush by 3 Palettes in Sugar and Flame Review & Swatches.

Hi lovelies,

I've got a quick and easy review today for you, and that's on two Blush by 3 palettes called Sugar and Flame from Sleek Makeup. I already own a couple of other shade collections in these blush palettes, together with several blush singles, but I left them all in Melbourne. I picked up these two additions to my collection a few months ago when Luxola had a sale and I really like both, though I'll admit to having a preference for Sugar.

Sleek Blush By 3 palettes in Flame (left) and Sugar (right).
Sleek Blush By 3 palettes in Flame (left) and Sugar (right).

Both palettes are warm toned, with each palette containing 3 matte/shimmer shades in complementary colours (hence the Blush by 3 name).Each trio is housed in a sturdy, slim and compact plastic case which shuts securely and fits neatly into the palm of your hand. Each compact also has a large mirror built into the lid, which I seldom use but still love to see included! The only (slight) complaint I have on the packaging is that it's a little difficult to determine which palette you've picked up without flipping it over to see the name on the bottom.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks in Nude, 1995, Fire Engine, Berry Smoothie and Rodeo Drive Review & Swatches.

Hi lovelies!

Oh wow, how time flies! I can't believe it's been six weeks since I last blogged. I'm not sure how time got away from me, but it's been partly because I was housesitting while my parents were away and then I caught a really bad bout of the flu...above all, it's just a little difficult blogging regularly when you're away from your usual set-up. Anyhow, I do feel terrible about it and I promise to do better!

Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks.

I have some beautiful lipsticks to show you today from Gerard Cosmetics. If you aren't familiar with Gerard Cosmetics, they're a popular American brand that's receiving a lot of airplay with beauty bloggers/Youtubers of late. The 1995 lipstick is probably the most popular shade in the range, as it was a collaboration between world-famous makeup artist/Youtube guru Jaclyn Hill, and the CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard. 1995 is meant to resemble the neutral brick brown lips that the supermodels wore guessed it, 1995!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2014 Birthday Haul Part 2 - Sephora US.

Hi lovelies,

Here is the long overdue second haul post I promised (you can see parts 1 and 3 here and here). Before I continue, I’m just going to apologise for the fact that some of the items are permanently out of stock. That’s the problem with blogging about limited edition items, you need to do it ASAP or it’s gone, and I always feel awful blogging about things which are no longer available to purchase.

Everything in this haul was purchased from Sephora, with the exception of that single MAC lipstick. Here’s the photo of everything I picked up in this haul. Be warned, this is going to be very photo heavy!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Pink Shimmer Review + Swatches.

Hi lovelies,

I have a quick little review of a pretty highlighting powder from Makeup Academy (MUA) to show you today. If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I'm a huge MUA fan; I've liked almost everything I've bought from them thus far (more MUA reviews here). They have quite a few sales from time to time, so I like to wait for the specials with free or low shipping to buy. I picked up this highlighter in October when I realised I only brought one highlighter with me to Malaysia.

This highlighter is available in both gold and pink, but I chose pink to try because the Sleek MakeUP highlighter I brought with me was gold. That's a decision I've come to regret, as I wish I'd picked up both shades now!

MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Pink Shimmer.
It comes packaged in a clear compact which clicks shut quite securely. The compact isn't the most luxe in design. but it's functional and sturdy which is all that matters, really. The highlighter itself is beautiful, with a gorgeous embossed pattern slightly reminiscent of oceanic waves, as you can see from the photo below.

MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Pink Shimmer.
When I ran my finger across the compact to swatch it, I was surprised at how rough and gritty it felt, but it actually swatches very smoothly on skin, appearing as a cool-toned silvery pink. This powder applies beautifully, giving skin a subtle, luminous radiance when applied with a fluffy brush, though you can also build it up if you want that shimmery look the magazines always seem to have. I use my Real Techniques blusher brush to apply this highlighter, I think it's too bulky to be used for blush but perfect for highlighter.

I love how pigmented this Pink Shimmer shade is, the swatch below is with just one swipe over the pan. It's also great for highlighting the brow bone, and can even be used as an eyeshadow when applied with a damp brush.

MUA Makeup Academy Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Pink Shimmer Swatch (daylight).

Do you like the look of this highlighter, lovelies? A part of me is massively in love just because of how pretty it looks in the palette! This palette is available for £3 from the MUA website, quite a bargain!

Much love,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

14 Simple Nail Polish Hacks You Need To Know.

Hello lovelies!

In keeping with my post here, I've decided to get back into the habit of doing more editorials here on The Made Up Maiden. I'd almost forgotten how much fun they are! One thing I get asked for by a lot of readers on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and in real life are tips on how I manage to get my manicures and nail art done, so here are some handy tips that I hope you'll find as useful as I do!

More photos of this manicure here.

1) Finding the lid of your favourite polish jammed shut? Hold it under hot water or immerse it in a bowl of hot water to help loosen the lid.

2) This photo from Nailed-It perfectly demonstrates the technique I use when painting my nails. If you follow it well, you'll never have a problem with painting your nails! Remember, practice makes perfect, so if you fail, try and try again!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Blue and red stamping fun with the Konad M98 plate.

Hi lovelies,

As you might be able to tell, I ran out of ideas with what to call this manicure. Any suggestions? If so, leave them in the comments, because I'd dearly love to hear it!

I used the double stamping technique for this mani where I stamped over a white polish base with the red Konad polish, and then stamped with the blue Konad polish over the top. I used the same plate design for both sets of stamping, which is the abstract geometric design pictured below. For some reason, it was smudging slightly as it came off the Konad plate, so it's not my neatest work, but let's consider this a work in progress since I've never used the double stamping method before!

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