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Elucent Anti-Ageing + Whitening Skincare Review (Version 1) - The Original!

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Two posts in a week! I'm on a roll! I can't believe we are two weeks out from Christmas, where's the year gone?!

I was recently offered the chance to try some skincare from Elucent, a skincare line owned by Ego Pharmaceuticals which also owns brands like QV and SunSense. I've never tried the brand before, so I was quite eager to see what it would be like. I was matched to my personal skincare concerns of uneven pigmentation and fine lines, and provided with the Anti-Ageing Gentle Cleanser* (with 2% AHAs [Alpha Hydroxy Acids], vitamins B3, E and C), Whitening Day Moisturiser* (with SPF30) and Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser* (with 8% AHAs). I've been trialling this range for about three weeks now, so here are my thoughts!

Anti-Ageing Gentle Cleanser (with 2% AHAs, Vitamins B3, E & C) $20.99

This cleanser is meant to purify and revitalise. It cleanses the skin while the AHAs and vitamins work to gently exfoliate the skin. It's packaged in a handy pump bottle which makes it really easy to dispense. This works just the same as any foaming cleanser would. I remove my makeup with my oil cleanser, then use this for double cleansing by applying 1-2 pumps into the palm of my hand and massaging it into my face before rinsing it off. While the box did warn of a possible tingling sensation, I did not personally experience anything of that sort. Overall, I really like this cleanser, it feels like it really cleans my skin without stripping it of moisture.

Whitening Day Moisturiser (with SPF30) $36.99

This moisturiser is meant to brighten and protect your skin. The Emblica Fruit extract, safflower seed oil and vitamins B3 and E are meant to moisturise the skin, while broad spectrum SPF30 helps protect the skin from premature ageing and pigmentation. Like the cleanser, it's packaged in a handy pump bottle. The cream itself is quite thick and does leave a sheen on my skin once applied. I did feel that it was quite heavy and sometimes had to wash off any residue left on my hands after applying, but it sat nicely enough on my face/neck and wore well under makeup. I wasn't overly fond of the texture in the beginning, but it has grown on me somewhat and I have to admit that my skin does look clearer and more even now than when I first began using it. Overall, I have grown to like this, especially after seeing results, and I also love that I can skip using sunscreen since it's already incorporated in my moisturiser.

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Anti-Ageing Night Moisturiser (with 8% AHAs, Vitamins B3, E and C) $36.99

This moisturiser is meant to regenerate and hydrate. The AHAs, Vitamins B3, E and C help to increase the texture of the skin, while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The directions I received were to slowly introduce lower levels of AHAs before moving on to higher levels, so I introduced this night cream into my routine after about 3 days of using the cleanser and day moisturiser. It's packaged in a screw top jar, which admittedly, the germaphobe in me isn't wildly keen on, but that's the only negative I observed. You simply scoop out a small amount and massage it in over your face and neck. I really loved this cream, and it's probably my favourite of all three products. Similar to the cleanser, the box warned of possible tingling, but again, I was completely unaffected. The texture isn't too heavy for my normal-combination skin, and I always wake up with supple, glowing skin after using this. Overall, I'm a huge fan and will definitely be repurchasing, because I feel that this moisturiser, working together with the other two products, has definitely given me clearer and more even-looking skin.

There you have it, lovelies, my thoughts on these three Elucent products. Have you tried anything from the brand before? Elucent is available exclusively from Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and the Ego Online Store.

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Note: This is a sponsored post and the products were provided for editorial consideration. However, this has not affected my opinion in any way, and all opinions are based on my personal experience with the products. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I have never come across this brand but the whitening moisturiser sounds great!

    Wendy |

  2. These sound so lovely! I haven't tried any the Elucent range, I didn't even realise they had AHA's in them, so now I am even more intrigued!

    Laura || xx

  3. They sound so nice, I’ve necer heard of it but sounds good

  4. I think Elucent is such an underrated brand. I've tried their whitening range in the past and absolutely loved it! My skin looked so good.

  5. These sound like great skincare products!

  6. I haven't tried Elucent before buy I'm liking the sound of the Whitening Day Moisturiser (specially as it has an added sunscreen). anything hat saves me a step in my skin care is a bonus


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