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Glossybox January Review!

Hello lovelies!

Here is my January Glossybox review. Yep, it finally arrived on the 25th of January via express post, almost 8 business days after Glossybox first sent it out on the 16th of January. For some reason, the boxes sat in Sydney the entire time, and the tracking just didn't work. I didn't even receive my shipping notification and had to email Glossybox to inquire after it.

There was quite a bit of confusion about the postage issue, as some subscribers received it within a day or two of it being sent out, while others only received it this week. There was even some drama about a beauty blogger getting sent a free box to review, and she received it before most of the paying subscribers did, which led to some disgruntlement.

Anyway, without further ado, let's get on with the unveiling. The theme of this box was Australia Day, and here is what I received in my box:

Australia Day temporary tattoos

Sheer Cover lip gloss in Pink Praline

Sheer Cover nourishing moisturiser with SPF15 (face)

Nivea rich nourishing moisturiser (body)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri fast dry nail color in Petal Pusher

Estee Lauder advanced night repair synchronised recovery complex serum

And there were a couple of $25 discount vouchers for The Iconic, an online boutique, plus a Sally Hansen brochure outlining their products.

Box contents.
The Australia Day stickers.

L - R: Nivea moisturiser, SH nail polish, EL serum,
Sheer Cover lipgloss, and Sheer Cover moisturiser.
SC moisturiser covered in black dust. :(

SC lipgloss swatch, notice how sheer it is?

So what did I think of the box, you wonder? Basically, I'm a bit disappointed with Glossybox as this is their third box, and you'd think they'd have sorted out their shipping issues by now. Instead, there was a whole fuss about how Australia Post had messed up and hence, left the boxes sitting in Sydney for nigh on a week. Not that I'm blaming Glossybox for this but I've never heard of such a thing happening before, it would be quite convenient to just cast the blame on Australia Post but when you think about how none of the other boxes (like Ilovethisbox, Bellabox and LustHaveIt) have these issues, you have to wonder why it's just Glossybox that constantly has trouble with shipping and subscribers receiving their parcels on time. This is the third time in as many months that I've had issues with my Glossybox, so it's getting a little wearying. Having said that, their customer service seems to have improved greatly and I had much quicker (and more helpful) responses to my emails this month. Having great customer service really does help immensely.

One last thing that bummed me out about this month's box. I know several other bloggers had received a blue Mirenesse tightliner in their boxes, and from a Facebook post that Glossybox posted on their wall, I was led to believe every subscriber would receive one in their box. Instead, I got the Estee Lauder serum and the pastel coloured SH nail polish. Apparently all subscribers above 25 years old received the EL serum, as that was the target audience specified by EL, but I think that the selection should have been based on profile choices and not just on age, as I really wasn't very thrilled to receive this product. Fortunately, Glossybox customer service kindly agreed to exchange the unopened EL product for the Mirenesse liner, provided I paid shipping costs. I was quite happy to agree as I would definitely have gotten more use out of the Mirenesse liner than the EL serum. I mailed it out on Wednesday the 27th of January, so let's see how long it takes Glossybox to send me a replacement liner.

One last thing, the dust that I found in the first Glossybox was back, but fortunately, as the products were individually wrapped, I wasn't too concerned about it getting into the products. Did anyone else have this problem?

Verdict: Mixed feelings. I wasn't especially chuffed to receive this box. I love nail polish but a pastel nude colour doesn't really do much for me, I'll probably get some use out of it though. I'm probably going to chuck out the advertising brochures and discount vouchers, so the only things I might get some use out of are the moisturisers and the lip gloss, which is really very sheer. I'm much happier with the GB customer service than I was, so I'm going to give the much hyped about February 'limited edition' Valentine Day box a go, before I decide if I want to cancel my subscription or not.

What did you receive in your box, if you subscribed, and are you happy with it?

Much love,


Update (01.02.12) : I received my replacement Mirenesse tightliner today and I'm so happy with it! It's such a gorgeous eyeliner, look out for a blog post about it soon! It only took 2 days to get to me in Melbourne from Sydney, I wonder why the boxes have so much trouble?! So happy with Glossybox for sending it so quickly! :)


  1. I saw another blogger complaining about the black stuff. It actually got into their lipgloss :(

  2. I also missed out on the Mirenesse liner which was a bit disappointing and I had black dust all through mine too!

  3. I got the same as you seen as I'm older... The lip gloss is very sheer and sticky, I dislike that product. I would never pay $20 for a lip gloss like that but at least I got to trial the brand 'sheer cover'. I always wondered what their products are like. The EL product I'm not interested in, I actually already had one of those samples I haven't used. The nail polish is a drab colour which I might use oneday. The nivea lotion is a cheap product that I wouldn't buy anyway. The sheer cover moisturiser is something I didn't mind getting but I tried it out and don't really like it. I felt greasy midday. The tatoos I ended up using with with my bf. Bit of fun I guess. I only just got my glossybox a few days ago after waiting ages for it. It was at the syd post office since the 17th of Jan. I would have liked to get the blue eyeliner as well. I am awaiting the valentines box and if that's shoddy I'll cancel my sub.

  4. My boxes haven't been filled with weird is that! I got the Mirenesse liner, and while I think the EL is a pretty good sample (better than a potted gloss!) now that I've tried the liner, I know the younger Glossyboxers won. It's ace :) Great round up, you've made me think, so thanks. Here's hoping the Valentines Day box rocks, I'll be overseas for it so will open it late :(

  5. I love that EL serum actually, it is great for an overnight recovery;) I wore the Mirenesse liner on Australia Day and loved it. It stayed on all day and I felt true blue xx

  6. Beauty in a bottle, I was wondering if it was just me! I'm glad these products were all individually wrapped, so it didn't get into the actual product like with my first Nov box.

    Michelle, have you tried contacting them? Maybe they'll let you swap something for the liner? For me, that's the best thing in the box!

    Blackmagic, at least we got to try something new and satisfy our curiosity! I agree with you on the polish colour, it's not really rocking my boat. I think a lot of subscribers are waiting for the February box!

    Emmabovary, glad you enjoyed it! Oh, it will be hard to be overseas but maybe you can find some spoilers online, hehe. That's what I did while I was away in Dec!

    Ingrid, I wouldn't have minded trying it but am already using a different serum, so when it comes down to a choice I would rather have had the liner, particularly after your fantastic review of it! :)

  7. No black dust for me. I got the eyeliner in my box, not the serum, and I'm in my late 30's. So they didn't send the serum to everyone over 25?!?

  8. Kitties, lucky you! How odd that you didn't get the serum...I'm 29, and they sent it to me, I was under the impression that everyone over 25 was SUPPOSED to get it! I would suggest emailing them to ask about it!

    I'm not very happy with the selection of who gets what. It doesn't seem like they're following our profiles. :(


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