Thursday, October 20, 2011

Harlotte Haul!

Hello lovelies,

I'm rather excited today as my Harlotte haul has arrived!

Let me share one of my favourite make up brands with you...Anyone who knows me knows that I am a great fan of the smokey eye and nude lip, and some months ago I discovered an amazing Australian brand specialising guessed it, smokey eyes and soft, nude lips!

The only downside is that the company is based in Sydney, with no stockists near me in Melbourne, so while they do have an amazing website/online store, it's rather difficult picking out the shades that will suit your colouring (however, if you're based in Sydney, you're all set, you lucky thing!).

Anyhow, I sent Michelle, the director and owner of Harlotte Cosmetics, an email a few months ago asking her for colour recommendations, and I then bought three lipsticks and a lippie pot from her. The lipstick colours I got were Flasher, Birthday Suit and Striptease, and I also have a lippie pot in Exposed. How cute are the names of the products?!

(L-R: Flasher, Striptease, Birthday Suit and Exposed)

The lippie pots are sheer versions of the lipsticks, so if you want strong colour I'd suggest getting the lipsticks, but if you want more of a gloss, then I'd recommend the lippie pots (which by the way, are absolutely adorable). The lipsticks/lippie pots are extremely moisturising and do not feel drying at all, which is very important to me. I also got a smudge eye pencil which is one of my favourite eye pencils because it's a dream to blend/smudge.

Recently, I was lucky enough to win a free foundation from Harlotte, which I was really excited to try as it had just launched. I then asked Michelle if it would be possible to purchase a couple of extra things to be shipped out at the same time, and when she agreed, I put in an order for a smudge pot in Carpet Burn (deep green), and a pair of half lashes (Too Sweet). I should add I'm completely hopeless at lash application, although I love them, so I figured I'd get a pair of half lashes and practice on them, as they seem easier to apply than full lashes.

Anyways, my haul arrived today, and Michelle was kind enough to throw in a couple of freebies in the form of some latex foundation wedges and another pair of falsies (Drama Queen).

The complete haul

Afterglow foundation in H4

False lashes

Carpet Burn smudge pot

Seriously, how cute are these names?!

Obviously, I couldn't wait to get stuck into my new make up, so I came home and began experimenting immediately! I used Michelle's smokey eye how-to video as inspiration, so do let me know what you think.

In this look, I am wearing Harlotte's new After Glow foundation in H4, Carpet Burn smudge pot, black smudge eye pencil, Too Sweet half lashes, and Flasher lipstick. The foundation spreads really well, and is really thick in consistency, so you only need a little bit each time. I used my fingers but I will definitely be using a sponge or a foundation brush next time I use it. It really is extremely luminous so if you like luminous foundations I highly recommend it! I am totally in love with the smudge pot, it was super easy to use and you could build on the colour to get anything from a bit of definition to a really dark smokey eye. I'm definitely going to be purchasing more colours soon, not to mention one of the highlighters!

Excuse the terrible photo quality, the lighting in my flat is horrendous! I'm taking photos with my iPhone for now because they're still coming out better than when I take them with my camera.

Well, that's it for now, let me know what you think!



  1. Great blog MM ;)
    I love the Carpet Burn smudge pot. It's a lovely colour! And those half false lashes look good on you too.

  2. Thank you, dearie! Still need to practice more with the lash application but the smudge pot is definitely fantastic! You should check out the video I posted above!!

    More things to obsess about, oh no!! ;)


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