Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Channelling Maleficient - Disney Villain Inspired Look.

Hi lovelies!

It's Wednesday again, which not only means that the weekend is a short two days away, but also that it's time for another installment of the weekly makeup tag (hosted by the gorgeous Aqeela, click here to visit her blog). This week's tag was Disney, which I decided to interpret by channelling Maleficient, the wicked fairy godmother from the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale. If (like me), your fairy tale days are a wee bit further back than you'd care to remember and you need a refresher, you can read all about Maleficient here, and this is what she looks like.

Now, I realise that this probably isn't what comes to mind when you think Disney (let's face it, most people are likely to go with the Disney princesses)...fair enough, but I thought Maleficient was such an interesting look to pull off! She's sometimes portrayed with green skin, but I decided to do with a more modern, 'ugly-pretty' version of her!

Products used:

Black shadow to form the arched, angular brows
Models Prefer purple eyeshadow pencil as a base, applied over the lid up to the brows
Models Prefer black eyeshadow pencil on the waterline/lower lashline
Miscellaneous Venomous Cosmetics eyeshadow samples over the mobile eyelid
Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner
Maybelline Falsies waterproof mascara with ModelCo fibrelash mascara on top

Colorrevolution Creme Caramel mineral powder foundation
Sleek blush by 3 palette

Shisheido lipstick sample
Vani-T lipstick in Screen Siren

I hope you enjoyed my Disney inspired look! Don't forget to visit Aqeela's blog to see what the other ladies have come up with. Maleficient is such an interesting character, don't you think? Who was your favourite Disney villain?

Much love,


  1. So awesome that you didn't go with the generic disney princess look :) I am loving that lipstick!

  2. You look so good! What an amazing look:) Xx

  3. This is pretty bad ass :) reminds me of a super hero actually! I like Cruella de Vil the most out of the Villians <3

    1. Why, thank you, if that isn't the nicest compliment I don't know what is! :)

      I love her too, haha, she had so much attitude!

  4. That's just fantastic! I think you should try a Cleopatra eye next - you'd totally rock it girl :) xo

  5. The eye and lip are perfect! It looks gorgeous lovely!

    I think Cruella is my favourite villian. I just wanted to save the puppies from her!

    1. Thank you so much!

      Haha, I love how much attitude she had...I'm always reminded of a cartoon version of Meryl Streep's character in the Devil Wears Prada. Somehow, I could almost see her chasing down puppies to turn their skin into a coat. :P

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!! You did a fabulous job! The detail in the eyes is just amazing!

  7. This looks awesome. I love Disney and my favourite villain would have to be Ursula probably because the little mermaid is my fav Disney movie :)

    1. Thank you, aw, Ursula used to scare me so much when I was younger! :)

  8. Wow, you did a fantastic job!

    Maleficent was always my favourite Disney villain, closely followed by The Queen of Hearts.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh yes, the Queen of Hearts was another good villain. :)


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