Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 2013, and what I've been up to....

Hi lovelies!

Happy 2013! I hope the new year is off to a great start for everyone! Before I go any further, I just wanted to say a big thank you for your lovely messages of support, via comments on my last post, email, Facebook and Twitter! It's so lovely to get a nice message from someone when you've been feeling a bit sick, and it really put a smile on my face to know I was missed! I even received a gorgeous little 'Get Well Soon' bouquet of flowers from my bestie, complete with some gorgeous flowers, cute little soft toys and an adorable smiley face balloon! I'm so blessed to have such caring people in my life, thank you all so very much!

Adorable flower bouquet complete with balloon and soft toys!  

I'm feeling much better now (although still not quite 100%) and I promise to reply to all the emails/comments soon! I'm sorry for the delay but I've been having some tech problems with my iPad so it's been a bit difficult. It's also been hard to stalk visit my favourite blogs/websites as often as I'd like, so I'm in withdrawal! I have been lurking around a bit but I promise to be more active once I'm back in Melbourne (in early February)! I can't tell you how much I'm missing my laptop!

It's amazing how feeling a bit under the weather can really make you feel quite crummy overall..I actually went a whole week with naked nails! That's the longest I've ever gone (yes, I'm guilty of not really giving my nails a breather in between paint jobs). I had a very quiet Christmas and New Year, which is a bit disappointing as it's usually my favourite time of year, but it was lovely to be surrounded by my family! I did, however, do my nails up for Christmas. I'll be publishing that post tomorrow so do drop by to have a look!

Although New Year's Eve was spent at my aunt's place, I made the effort to get dressed up, put on some purple smokey eyes (a review of the Isadora palette I used will be on the to-do list), and put on a party dress! It made me feel so much better and more myself just to put on a pretty frock, some makeup, and a pair of heels!

Made the effort to frock up for New Years Eve, and
it made me feel so much better! Strapless bubble dress
purchased from Asos.

I also spent a whopping six hours yesterday getting my passport renewed. It's rather a long story but involved getting lost trying to find the new immigration office and watching a few dramas at the immigration office, but all ends well and I finally have my new passport in hand! I don't know why getting a new passport photo is always so difficult, but I do think that the instant photographs seldom flatter anyone (although having my hair frizz into a lion's mane thanks to the humidity also doesn't help...).

I only have two weeks left of my 'holiday', so I'm now running around and getting all the things I needed to do done (like shopping - can you believe I have barely bought any new beauty products?!). I did, however, manage to buy one of the new matte lipsticks from Bobbi Brown, which I've been coveting ever since they were released a couple of months ago, and I'm completely in love with it! I also bought a nude lip pencil because I somehow managed to leave Melbourne without packing any lip pencils!

They are so smooth and comfortable to wear, and they wear beautifully, leaving a lovely stain behind! It's honestly the best matte lipstick I have ever tried, and I have actually gotten my mum and cousin to buy a couple of these too! I will do a full review soon, complete with swatches.

I also managed to get my hands on six pairs of new shoes, practically all bought within an hour. It was on my first outing out of home after the surgery so I think I went a bit crazy (I'm going to blame being housebound for 3 weeks as my excuse). Two of them were practical shoes though, so really, it's more like buying four new pairs! :D

Is anyone interested in seeing photos of the heels? Well, to be honest, I'm probably going to share photos even if you aren't, because I am quite proud of my haul!

What have you all been up to lately, lovelies? I have missed you all!

Much love,

PS - A big thank you to all who have entered my International Christmas/New Year's Giveaway (and hello to all my new followers)! I have extended the closing date, as I had to postpone my trip back to Melbourne thanks to recovering from surgery, so it's not too late to enter if you haven't already! Remember, you can tweet once a day for extra chances (click here to enter)!


  1. It's so good to hear that you are feeling better. Just take your time:) Glad to hear that you had a nice NYE and Christmas with your family.

    Love the look of the Bobbi Brown haul, I did a little BB hauling myself over the holidays x

    1. Thank you, Ingy darling, I had a nice time although it was really quiet! How was yours?

      Love Bobbi Brown products, I'd buy the whole range if I could afford it!


  2. I'd love to see your new shoes! Glad to see you're getting better :)xoxo

    1. I will post a photo soon, Vita! Thank you so much!


  3. It's great to hear you are feeling better! I need to try some Bobbi Brown.

    1. Thanks, Tara! You must, they have amazing products and such great quality too!



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