Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 2013 Lust Have It Review.

Hello lovelies,

I hope you're all well and have had a great Anzac Day. It's been a little overwhelming for me as I had a car accident last night, but fortunately no one was hurt. It was a bit stressful though and I nearly froze waiting on the road for 2 hours while things got sorted out! I won't go into too much detail but do send some positive vibes my way that things get sorted out smoothly with insurance tomorrow!

On to happier news, my April Lust Have It arrived yesterday, packaged in a pretty pale blue floral box. I was initially quite excited until I opened the box to be confronted with...a sandwich bag full of gauze!!! I was pretty confused, but more on that later.

Here's what I found inside:

Pink Tiger Duri Cosmetics nail tools - buffer (full sized) and lint-free gauze (!!!)

Gosh mono shadow #10 light brown (full sized)

Rachel K Mineral Colour Control CC Cream sachets - two of each in Original and Natural (samples)

Remedica Vanilla and Shea body butter (deluxe sample)

Awe Cosmeceuticals Amala Clearing serum (sample)

Goldwell Dualsenses Ultra Volume Conditioner (sample)

There were also some discount cards for purchasing Duri polishes and more Remedica products.

On to the photos:

April 2013 Lust Have It Box.

Click for more information on products/pricing.

Contents of the April 2013 LHI Box.
(complete with gauze front and centre) :P

Top: Pink Tiger buffer/gauze samples, Remedica
body butter, Awe clearing serum, Goldwell Conditioner.
Bottom: Gosh mono shadow in light brown and
Rachel K CC cream sachets.

Pink Tiger buffer/gauze samples & Remedica body butter.

L - R: Goldwell Conditioner. Awe clearing serum, Gosh mono shadow
in light brown and Rachel K CC cream sachets.

What did I think of this month's box? The gauze was a bit of a surprise, I felt like I was opening a first aid kit instead of a beauty box for a second! While I do think it's a slightly odd inclusion, I'm happy to give them a go and see if they really make a huge difference over my regular Swisspers cotton pads. I'm also happy to receive the buffer as they always come in handy (conincidentally, I just bought a new one from Priceline last week!), and the Awe serum will also be put to good use. I like the idea of the Rachel K CC creams but I do wish we'd received more than 2 small sachets, as they barely contain a couple of applications and sometimes you need more than a couple of tries before you can tell if a product will break you out.

The Remedica body butter smells amazing, so I'm looking forward to using it. I'm a big fan of scented products that add an indulgence to your routine. I actually have heaps of body lotions and butters building up but I'm resolving to be better about moisturising! I am also happy to have received the Goldwell conditioner as I like pampering my hair.

The biggest disappointment, to me, was the Gosh shadow. I love Gosh products and was really sad when the stockist I knew closed down, so I was really excited to see it in my LHI box. The disappointment, though, came from the choice of shade. While it's a pretty neutral that I can probably get good use out of, the makeup products in the last FIVE boxes I've received from LHI have all been pretty uninspiring in terms of colour choices. I understand it's 'luck of the draw' but what are the odds that all the makeup items in the last five boxes have been so uninspiring in terms of colour?! I wouldn't mind one or two, but five is pretty tough! I actually wrote customer service an email about it, so we will see what resolution we come to regarding the issue.

VERDICT? I liked this box, and would have been really excited about it had I received another shade in the Gosh shadow (it's really hard when you keep getting browns/red/neutrals while everyone else gets gorgeous purples, greens and pinks). I also think it was quite good value for money.

What did you think of this month's box? Were you happy with what you got? If you've reviewed it, leave me a link so I can come and check your box out!

Much love,

Edit: Lust Have It customer service sent me a replacement eyeshadow in a purple shade, which I received three weeks after this post was written.


  1. Not a bad box really but that gauze is a strange inclusion! Will be interesting to see how it goes :)


    1. It's not too shabby when it comes to removing glitter!

  2. Oh no about your car crash! Glad you're ok though :)
    It is a bit of a shame about the neutral colours... I guess they try to stick with neutral as that's something everyone can enjoy, but it does get super boring after a while :(
    Still haven't received mine yet! Hope it comes tomorrow!

    1. I know, the important thing is no one was hurt!

      Yep, but I have seen loads of colours around so it's just a bit disappointing to keep getting neutrals/browns every month!

  3. That looks interesting, but I guess at some point in time you might need some gause? Hehe the rest look good to try!

    1. Haha, the gauze isn't too bad when it comes to removing glitter polishes.

  4. Great post! I still haven't gotten my LHI box for this month yet, normally I get it earlier!! I'm interested to see how the gauze goes, I think i read somewhere that it is a lot cleaner than using regular cotton pads?

    1. Thank you! Well, mainly because they are lint free, but my Swisspers cotton pads are pretty decent at that too!

  5. Glad you're ok lovely!! I'm sending you happy thoughts and positive vibes and I'm sure everything will go smoothly for you tomorrow! I'd be annoyed with browns too, especially when you see that others got pretty colourful shades!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and I'm sure you'll get some awesome stuff next month!! xx

  6. It seems like an overall good box!

    Glad to hear you're safe and sound!

  7. Sorry to hear about your car accident :( They are never pleasant even if no one is hurt.
    The LHI box is soooo pretty!!! I'm still confused about the gauze... are those different from regular gauze?? And do you use it to remove makeup? I have plenty of gauze left over from my wisdom teeth surgery... O.O maybe I have found a use for them!

    1. Thank you, and well said! I think it was the shock more than anything.

      I think it's the same as 'normal' gauze? But I could be mistaken! It's best to use it to remove polish, I think it could feel a bit abrasive on the eyes.

      I found the gauze decent at removing glitter polish.

  8. Hope you work things out with insurance! They can be a bit of a pain sometimes :P
    I know what you meant with the gauze btw, I was a bit surprised too! I tried it before, didn't really do much (but maybe because I was removing glitter polish) but I liked that it didn't stick to my nails like cotton pads do when you remove glitter! The buffer is good, and I'm so envious you got to try the CC cream! Hopefully its enough for you to gauge its quality! :)

    1. Thank you!

      I used mine on glitter polish but it worked quite well. I did find that it did 'stick' to nails somewhat, though!

  9. Good luck with the insurance. I've never been in a car accident but have been close and I know how scary that can be. I'm sure I'd react the same way. xxxxx lucky you are not hurt.

    I got the same as you except my eyeshadow is "Dark green". It looks dark grey and shimmery but is called dark green so I suppose it will be more green when it's swatched. I actually prefer the colour you got as I'm very pale and can never get away with that during the day unless I want to look gothic. Kinda annoying hey.
    The gauze is a bit silly. I have so many nail buffers it's not funny. Oh well I'll keep this one and give another one away. It's nice and big so can't be lost easily.
    My hair is really fine so this conditioner is perfect for me. I truly need more volume. It really does create volume and thickness, I've tried it twice already. It's not that slippery type of conditioner luckily. I hate those!
    The calming serum is really good. I get red skin and this helps. I would like to buy that full size. CC creams I'm excited to trial and the body butter is useful. I got rid of most of my bathroom items so I need a body butter. Hopefully it smells nice.

    Overall a really nice box :) Quite happy with the selection apart from the shadow and the nail products.

    1. Thank you, BM!

      Don't get me wrong, I like a good neutral but having five boxes of it is a bit annoying. :P

      I found the body butter quite thick and a bit hard to work with, shame as it smells gorgeous. I have yet to try the rest of the items but looking forward to experimenting!

  10. I'm so sorry that you got in an accident, but I'm glad you're okay! I would have been thrown by the gauze too haha!

  11. Oh no more neutrals hun :(
    Im loving the looks of the box and wish I had subscribed to get it :) it does look like good value for money. The gauze would have been surprising to see at first.

  12. I hope that you're ok (and your car too!!). Thinking of you. xoxoxox

    1. I am, thank you, Amy! Car needs a bit of attention so it's currently getting repaired!

  13. I posted my contents on BH but for some reason my account / email is not being recognised :(
    Then i notice the posts i made today have disappeared :(
    Luckily Vicky from BH was looking into it and assured me i hadn't been banned!! LOL

    So I had said on there as well I hope you are ok and starting to recover from the shock of an accident! Glad you aren't hurt! Hopefully the insurance will be decent about it and just pay it all out, without their carry on they tend to do!! xxxooo

    I received:
    Molton Brown body wash in patchouli and Saffron.(deluxe sample).. smells divine and quite strong.

    Aveda INvati exfoliating shampoo & Thickening conditioner (sample but not sachet size!) I have dry curly hair, but will give this a go to give my scalp a good clean, its supposed to clea your pores :)

    Gosh eyeshadow in dark green, last month i got the same eyeshadow but in aubergine or eggplant? colour, a deep purple. The dark green looks VERY dark to me lol

    Nude by Nature pawpaw ointment 75g full size, smells nice, but I might leave it unused for now, i have enough other creams for dry skin going, though i am tempted to try it on my cuticles lol

    Awe clearing serum, will google it as the card said calming serum. I have just started using serums and i am amazed at how wonderful they are! It's like i can feel them working as they sink into my skin :)

    Pink Tiger Duri cosmetics pedi paddle, I very much neglect my feet ( i have a feet phobia lol) so i might just make myself use this to try and get rid of the rough areas on my feet ....blerk haha

    My card said RachelK CC cream but i didn't receive those.

    I also just emailed LHI! to ask how i go about subscribing for the year, I don't want to receive another April box, i want my annual subscription to start from May :D
    Hope I don't regret it!! Though i figure at $13.30 a box, i would spend more than that on all sorts of silly things i choose that I don't end up using anyway! So at least this way I am likely to get several things that I love, like or can pass on :D LOL

    Sorry to hijack your blog with my essay! But seeing as i can't post on BH until they fix the problem i thought i better let you know all the details LOL

    Have an awesome weekend!
    Rika (Oonga on BH)

    1. Thanks for your comment, Rika, it's great to hear what you got in your box! Hijack away. :)

      I hope you end up getting the CC creams to try!

      Sounds like you're amassing quite a collection of the mono shadows, were you happy to receive another shade? The Molton Brown products are supposed to be amazing!

  14. I thought I liked the conditioner but after two days of using it I notice my hair is really dry and unruly. It's clumping together a bit too. I had to put it in a bun because it looks terrible. Well at least I gave it a shot! I love to try new things. I'll pass it on now I think. :) (My hair is damaged & dry so I'm sure there is nothing wrong with the conditioner, it's just not suited to my hair)

    1. How annoying when something starts out well and then goes downhill from there!

  15. I read your essay Oonga ;) Interesting about the exfoliating shampoo and conditioner. I'd love to try that. The calming serum feels really cooling on my skin. I used it 3 times and it's now finished. Darn I wish it was a bigger sample.

    1. It was quite a small sample, wasn't it? Hope you got a good enough feel of the product!

  16. Oh no thank goodness everyone is okay. Definitely sending good vibes your way while everything gets sorted. I enjoyed having a peek at what you got for your box :) xo


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