Saturday, June 22, 2013

NOTD - Wish Butterfly Effect Inspired Nail Art.

Hello lovelies!

Happy Saturday! We made it to the weekend, woohoo!

Have you heard of Wish before? Wish is a gorgeous clothing brand by a very talented Australian designer, Annette Cannock. I love their designs as they are very classy and stylish, featuring attractive prints, lovely fabrics and the hottest shades! I was recently approached by Wish and challenged to create a nail art look inspired by one of the designs from the latest collections, Butterfly Effect. Naturally, I was thrilled to participate, and set about trying to choose one favoured design out of the many stunning ones available (no easy task, I assure you)!

After much deliberation, I settled on the design below for two reasons; firstly, I've been massively into black and gold combinations lately as it's a very chic pairing that complements my skintone, and secondly, it's a design that would fit in beautifully with the Great Gatsby theme, something that is very 'in' right now!

(Image captured from the Wish Catalogue)

Here's what I came up with. I did this look with the help of striping tape. The nail art on my middle finger and pinky finger are inspired by the gorgeous dress, while the nail art on my index finger and middle finger are inspired by the model's shoes. I included it because I think the perfect dress should always be complemented with fantastic shoes (and strappy heels are always a great match in my book).

I hope you enjoyed that, lovelies! Don't forget to check out the Wish page, there are some truly beautiful clothes on offer!

Much love,


  1. Very classy Nalini! Loving it :)

  2. Lovely colour :) I posted a notd yesterday, I tried something kind of different if you'd want to take a look!



    1. Hi Alexa, I'd love to take a look! Do you have a link? It says that you haven't shared your profile publicly yet.

  3. Looks amazing Nalini! You are so creative!!

  4. You are absolutely amazing! The detail and accuracy is mind blowing. Plus, I wish I had your lovely long nails :-)

  5. Sure have heard of Wish! :)
    Love that dress and those nails.

  6. I love your interpretation of this dress! So beautiful!

  7. Love how you translated the outfit into a nail design! It's such a glam and classy look <3

    1. Thank you so much! It's a really lovely design though, simple and sweet. :)

  8. Hi Nalini! Once again, you have nailed it (no pun intended lol!) with this nail art! Ilove it! All the best in the comp for this one xxx

    P.S. have a great weekend! :)


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