Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Resolutions Tag.

Hi lovelies,

I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I've unfortunately caught a bad bout of the flu and so, had to extend my holiday to give myself time to recover! I was recently tagged by the lovely Mel from Melissa Bubbles to complete the Resolutions Tag, so here are my answers to the questions (I'm using my father's computer to type this and it's refusing to cooperate, so please excuse the crazy formatting in this post).

1. Name 3 things that you did this year that you are proud of. 
Travelled to Bali with friends (something I'd always wanted to do)
Open sea snorkelling in Bali (no mean feat when you're afraid of water and can't swim)
Ticked off a 6 year work anniversary.
2. Name 1 thing that you would have done differently.
Can't think of anything, really. I think I've made all my decisions based on all the information I had at the time, so I can't think of any way I could have done things differently.
3. What was your biggest highlight this year? 
Probably the Bali trip for my birthday.
4. What was your favorite beauty product this year? 
I picked up some Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balms (the Bright Collection) while in KL, and they're amazing! Pigmented enough to show a flush of natural colour on my lips, all while being incredible moisturising. I love them so much, I've picked up three different shades!
5. What was your least favorite beauty product this year?
I actually can't think of anything I truly disliked. I might have to come back to this.
6. Who do you want to thank for being amazing this year? 
Some of my girl friends/surrogate family who stuck by me through thick and thin, and gave me some much needed support (and laughter). You should know who you are. :) 
7. What Makeup/Beauty resolutions do you have for this year?
To shop my stash more, and cut down on impulse buys bought for retail therapy.
8. What are your fashion resolutions for this year? 
To have more fun with colour and to get back to wearing more dresses.
9. What are your personal resolutions for this year?
It's probably easier to just direct you to this post. 
10. Name one thing you want to check off your bucket list.
I don't really have a bucket list, per se, but I'd love to do more traveling this year.

There you go, lovelies, my (rather boring) answers to the Resolutions Tag! I'm not going to tag anyone as I often forget run out of time to do tags I've been tagged in, but if you'd love to play along, I'd love to read your answers! Feel free to leave answers in the comments, or leave a link if you've done the tag!

Much love,


  1. Aww thanks for doing this tag :) good answers! Not boring at all! Miss you xx

  2. Sounds like you have some gorgeous goals to achieve this year :)
    Loving the sounds of the Baby Lips!
    Hope you get better soon sweety xx

  3. Great post. I'm the same as you with number 7. Try to buy less and use up more :) I've been doing that lot over the last few months and it's nice to see less products littering my bathroom!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I'm terrible at empties so I will just hope to get more use out of things. :)

  4. Loved reading this! I still have to get this done for Mel as well, but was thinking of starting a Youtube channel and starting with this haha xx

  5. Yay, have just finally worked out how to get here. I get your emails but that's the extent of it.
    I loved reading the above and was worried when I heard you weren't well again. Hope you are on the mend now though. xx

    1. Hi Mandy! Welcome! :)

      I'm thrilled you subscribe, but to have you commenting is even more wonderful!

      I'm much better, thank you. xx

  6. I hope 2014 shapes up to be a wonderful year for you! I really enjoyed readin this tag, so I thought I'd share my brief answers here :)
    1. Resigned from a job I hated; got pregnant and attended my first MAJOR blogging conference (ProBlogger)
    2. Put a greater priority on renovating my house before I got pregnant.
    3. The ProBlogger conference / the family holiday on the Gold COast we took in conjunction with the conference.
    4. MAC's new Mineralize Moisture Foundation - it's totally a HG product for me.
    5. BYS Confetti for nails - they look amazing, but they make SUCH a mess!
    6. My husband, for being an amazing support throughout my months of hospitalisation earlier this year, and really stepping it up, working full time and caring for our daughter.
    7. Make more of an effort to wear and experiment with makeup on a day-to-day basis.
    8. Step outside of the comfort-zone of jeans and t-shirt on an everyday basis, and use accessories more to feel less frumpy.
    9. Introduce new monetisation streams to Makeup Utopia in an effort to make it a feasible full-time income.
    10. Probably won't happen in 2014, because life, but Travel to New York would have to be up there.

    1. Thank you so much, Sara, and I hope 2014 is an even better year than 2013 for you. :)

      I loved your answers, especially #1! I agree with you on glitter/confetti nails...removal is also a pain.

      It's funny how little things make such a huge impact on our day, isn't it? Like popping on a statement necklace or wearing a bright lipstick.

      Loved reading your answers, and well done on #9 in particular!


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