Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 2015 Lust Have It Review!

Hi lovelies!

It seemed like it was only a couple of weeks ago that the May Lust Have It arrived, so I was quite surprised when the June LHI arrived late last week! This box looked pretty good, with a good mix of skincare, haircare and makeup. Here's what I received this month:

Teeez Trend Cosmetics lipstick in Classy Caramel (full sized)

NAK Thermal Shield (full sized)

Chapstick Hydration Lock lip balm (full sized)

The Cosmetic Kitchen Peppermint Foot Mask & Wake Up Body Scrub (one each - deluxe samples)

June 2015 Lust Have It Box.
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June 2015 Lust Have It Box.
The Cosmetic Kitchen Peppermint Foot Mask & Wake Up Body Scrub.
Teeez Trend Cosmetics lipstick in Classy Caramel.
NAK Thermal Shield.
Chapstick Hydration Lock lip balm.
So what did I think of this month's box? 

I loved it! I was so excited to see the Teeez Trend lipstick in there, as I have a couple of the lipsticks already and love them dearly. We were given a choice of three colours so I actually participated in the survey this month and picked Classy Caramel, the colour is gorgeous! I just realised I forgot to take a swatch photo so I will take one tomorrow and update this blog post accordingly.
The body scrub and peppermint mask samples from The Cosmetic Kitchen are also really adorable, and I'm keen to try it, though I will have to wait on the foot mask for a while as I don't have a foot spa/tub. I had to laugh at the little blurb on the packaging which says 'with rage and love', it's just too cute!

I'm a self-confessed lipbalm addict so I was also thrilled to see the new Hydration Lock lip balm from Chapstick. One side is meant to increase hydration while the second side is meant to lock it in. I quite like it so far, it's doing quite a good job at moisturising my lips. You can definitely feel this balm on your lips as it seems to 'sit' on top of your lips, but it's very comfortable. I've taken to wearing it under my lipstick for a hit of additional moisture in winter. This does have a slightly citrussy scent to me, but I'm a big fan of those types of scents so I'm quite happy with it.

Chapstick Hydration Lock lip balm.
Last but not least, the NAK thermal shield product. I'm guilty of using styling products a bit too much, so I'm always happy to see something like this. I can't wait to try it out after I finish the GHD thermal spray I'm currently using! 

Overall, this box has great value to it, as you can see from the contents card, but it also has a great mix of products to suit the current climate.

What did you think of this box? Did you receive some different goodies?

Much love,

Note: This product was kindly provided for my consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Other than Chapstick, ive never heard of any of the other products. Would love to see how the lipstick looks x

  2. I got one of those Teeez lipsticks in my box once and I LOVE it, such amazing packaging as well. Stands out well in my collection. :)

  3. This is actually not a bad box at all. I'm really off LHI after I gave them so much support and they just screwed me around! They even offered to send me a box for free and nothing arrived, so I just gave up on them! A shame... hopefully they've fixed up their customer service a bit since then! xx

    1. Oh boo...it's bad when a good relationship falls apart. :(

      I hope they have too. There was a really bad patch there at one point.

  4. I thought they did a great job on this box too! Now, if they'd just bring all the other boxes back...

  5. ive not heard of this before and i quite like the look of all of the products!

  6. I signed up for subscription box as well, hopefully its as good as this one :) The lipstick colour looks gorgeous x

    Pink Frenzy

    1. Can't wait to see what you got, Laura! I'm off to stalk your blog!

  7. The box looks pretty decent, though I haven't heard of them before.


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