Friday, September 18, 2015

August 2015 (Birthday Box) Lust Have It Review!

Hi lovelies!

In case you've been avidly following my blog and are wondering where the July LHI review went...I'm afraid I ran out of time to write it before the birthday box showed up. *shamefaced look* (read why here). The August box marks LHI's birthday, so it's extra special! Here's what I received in my August box:

Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow in Medium (full sized)

Reed Orange and Poppy Seed Scrub (full sized)

Mellow Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow in Olive (fill sized)

Mellow Cosmetics Mineral Auto Twist Liner in Navy (full sized)

Ulta3 Volume & Length Mascara (full sized)

All in all, with five full sized products in this month's box/bag, I think it's great value, and has a fun selection of products too! Let's take a look at some photos.

August 2015 Lust Have It Box.
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August 2015 Lust Have It Box (click for details).
Red Carpet Kolour Body Glow in Medium and Reed Orange and Poppy Seed Scrub.
Reed Orange and Poppy Seed Scrub.
Mellow Cosmetics mineral auto twist liner in Navy, baked eyeshadow in Olive and Ulta3 volume & length mascara.
Mellow Cosmetics mineral auto twist liner in Navy, baked eyeshadow in Olive and Ulta3 volume & length mascara.
Mellow Cosmetics mineral auto twist liner in Navy.
Swatches: Mellow Cosmetics mineral auto twist liner in Navy and baked eyeshadow in Olive.
With three full sized makeup items in this box, it probably wasn't necessary to say that I was definitely a fan of the birthday box!

Mellow Cosmetics is a brand that I hadn't heard of before (and by the way, am I the only one who kept reading Mellow as Yellow?!), so I was keen to get swatching. I haven't used the shadow on my eyes yet, but it swatched incredibly smoothly on my arm and had a slight duochrome tint to it, with a noticeable green-gold shift. There were three other options available this month in Plum, Peach and Opium. I didn't read the box before I put my grabby paws on the liner, so I was initially surprised to see it swatch navy, as the all-black packaging made me think it was a black liner! There is also a black option which some subscribers may have received, though I'm happy to have received the navy. It applied quite smoothly, and I always like a retractable pencil as it eliminates the need for a sharpener. All in all, I'm really pleased with both Mellow Cosmetics products.

I haven't used the Reed scrub yet, but the scent is something I would choose for myself, so I'm keen to try it! I'm not usually a fan of tanning products, but I'm actually quite curious about the Red Carpet Kolour lotion, so I might give this a go instead of passing it off onto friends like I normally do. Last but not least, the Ulta3 mascara. I don't think I've ever tried any of the Ulta3 mascaras before, so it will be good to see what this is like!

What did you think of the birthday box, lovelies? Do you agree that it is great value, and has some fun products? If you received it, what shades did you get in the Mellow Cosmetics products?

Much love,

Note: This product was kindly provided for my consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Looks like a great birthday box with lots of full size products :) x

    Lily not Louise

  2. It's a pretty decent box! Sadly, I just reviewed that mascara and it's not great on me.

  3. That's a great box. You got some beautiful colours. I always seem to get the ugly colours in my beauty boxes hahahaha

  4. The Reed scrub sounds gorgeous, I'd love to try that! The eyeshadow is such a pretty shade, too :)

    Jess xo

  5. OOh the baked eyeshadow is just divine x

  6. The Reed Orange and Poppy Seed Scrub sounds interesting!

  7. This look fab! The baked shadow is so pretty and looks fab this time of the year x

    Pink Frenzy

  8. I absolutely love it!, I definitely need to try this.

    Shay x


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