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Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer (with SPF15) Review!

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I've never tried a Dermalogica primer before, which is why I was quite curious when the new Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer with SPF15 landed on my desk. I don't have a lot of redness in my skin but I do like a product that can help even my skintone, so I was curious to see if this helped in any way. It's always a bonus when there's a bonus sunscreen factor included, as it's one product I can skip if I'm in a rush!

Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer with SPF15.

Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer with SPF15

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First up, let's talk packaging. The primer is packaged in a slimline squeeze tube with standard Dermalogica colours of white and grey. You simply unscrew the cap, and squeeze a tiny bit out. You get 22 ml with each tube, but a little goes quite a long way with this product so it should last a fair while. The amount I've squeezed out in my swatch photo below is probably adequate for one application. This primer contains natural botanical extracts to create a green tint to neutralise redness.

Dermalogica Redness Relief Primer with SPF15

The texture of the primer is quite smooth and silky, due to the silicones in the product which are meant to create a smooth surface. I happen to love primers with silicone, but if you're not into that, then this probably isn't the product for you. This primer made my skin look and feel smoother, which is exactly what I need in a primer. As I mentioned, I don't have a lot of redness in my skintone, but I did feel that it made my skin look a bit more even toned.

I gave a friend a sample to try for me as she's quite fair skinned and has issues with redness, and she was quite happy with the performance of this product. She said that it minimised the redness in her skin and gave her a far more even makeup application, which lasted for 6-8 hours. She loved the way her makeup sat better on her skin with this primer, and also liked the fact that there was SPF included, though she mentioned that she would've preferred if the factor had been higher.

This primer is quite new to the Australian market and retails for $70, which is a little on the pricier side but to be expected from a luxe skincare brand. You can also pick it up here for $56, which is quite a good saving. There's also the new Hydrablur primer which I'm really keen on trying, it sounds like it could be a better match for my particular skin type!

There you have it, lovelies! Are you keen on trying this product? If you're looking for more tips on primer application, do check out this post I wrote a while ago. Have you tried any Dermalogica primers before?

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Note: This product was kindly provided for editorial consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. Ooh I haven't used this brand in years, I used to love it. Great to hear about this, red buster and always needs. I will look out for this. x

  2. It does sound pricey for how much you get but it sounds like it works pretty well and like you say, it should last a while if you don't need to use very much :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  3. I have this on a list of products I really want to try x

  4. It sounds like it really works and I like it has SPF in it x

    Öku Möku


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