Sunday, November 6, 2011

NOTD - Jelly Sandwich!

Hello lovelies,

As promised, today I have some swatches to show you, using my new Nyx Glitter Girl polishes...or two of them, at least. I actually tried a whole other look yesterday using Dorothy, only to have my nails smudge terribly when I got in the shower an hour later!

I was terribly disappointed and pretty annoyed as it totally messed up my plans, but oh well...what can you do aside from move on?

So today I got over my disappointment by making a jelly sandwich manicure! Basically I layered Superfunk and Deep Space from the Nyx Glitter Girls range to get this look.

Superfunk is a pretty, violet-coloured glitter suspended in clear polish. The glitter particles vary from small round ones to reasonably large hexagonal particles. As you can see, it looks much better as a topcoat over a base colour.

Nyx Glitter Girls Superfunk

Nyx Glitter Girls Superfunk

Deep Space, on the other hand, is a dark brown jelly polish with tiny microglitter particles. Honestly, I struggled a bit with this one as it goes on really sheer and you probably need three to four coats to get an opaque covering. This is what Deep Space looks like with two coats, applied over a layer of Revlon multi-care base coat. For some reason, my index finger came out a lot more opaque than the others!

Nyx Glitter Girls Deep Space

Nyx Glitter Girls Deep Space

Basically, I added two layers of Super Funk on top of the two layers of Deep Space, and finished with two additional thin layers of Deep Space. Yep, six layers all up, but surprisingly, it dried much better than my failed experiment yesterday! This gave me quite an opaque finish with little glints of violet flashes when the light catches it. I finished it all off with a layer of OPI top coat.

Here's what it looks like finished.

Hope you liked that! I'm quite liking the pretty violet flashes every time I move my fingers...I can't wait to experiment more with these polishes. All in all, I think they apply quite beautifully and dry quite quickly! They're also really great value; at $4 a polish including was a great way to indulge my love for glitter polishes!

Much love,

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  1. Six layers? You are dedicated! The end result is worth it though, it's s surprisingly pretty and very unusual look, you really do have an eye for these things!


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