Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November I Love This Box Review!

Hello lovelies,

I'm back again, but this will be a quickie post as I'm really tired and battling a bad headache to boot.

So, it was like Christmas coming early today as I received both my Bellabox and my I Love This Box (ILTB)
today! In case you haven't already checked it out, my Bellabox review can be found here.

Now, this is the first ever ILTB sent out here in Australia, and man, does it live up to the hype! I'll be completely honest, I had a few doubts as the company did not disclose where they were based, which brands were specifically associated with them or any other information, but as they seemed really great with customer feedback (answering questions through Facebook and email), and as payment was taken through Paypal, I decided to go ahead with it and boy, was I rewarded!

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy the box was when I picked it up...Naturally, I couldn't wait to tear into it, so let's have a look at some photos before we look at the contents. The box arrived in a gorgeous lilac coloured outer box, which you then peel back to reveal the off-white ILTB inside. The first thing that struck me as I opened the box was a gorgeous scent that wafted out as soon as I lifted the lid. I'm not sure if it was due to scented padding paper or merely the box contents, but trust me when I say it just added to the experience.

On to the contents, which are:

Caudalie Paris: Set of 3 facial care samples (moisturiser, anti-wrinkle ultra mourishing cream, and anti-wrinkle ultra serum).

Certified organic by nature, Nvey Eco's Taupe Eyeshadow: a really pretty, shimmery brown (this should look beautiful applied wet and blended with some other neutral shadows I own).

Essie French Affair's Spring 2011 Nail Polish Collection: Topless and Barefoot.

Keratinology by Sunsilk Salon Perfection Hair Collection: Detoxifying Shampoo and Conditioner.

POD - Liquid Tan Gradual Tanning Face Serum

Verdict? Loved it, I think this box was excellent value for money and cannot get past the amazing scent! I can't say I'm a fan of the POD serum and will possibly pass this on to someone else (or do a giveaway here at some point), but otherwise, I quite loved this box! Can't wait to see what they come up with for December!

Much love,


  1. these boxes look like pretty good value... they're $15 each am I right? I'm thinking of trying one out.. which one is the best do you think? is there one with more makeup or nail polish?

  2. Yep, they are $15 value, and honestly, this one smells gorgeous! Not sure why but I can't stop opening it and taking a deep breath lol.

    I'm going to wait for glossy to arrive and then do a post to compare. I wish they did make up only, or nail polish only...I'm getting a bit tired of all the skincare samples!

    So far, I'm leaning towards ILTB (especially for some of the foreign brands they're associated with) and Bellabox, at least for this month. Glossy has some great brands too so I'm waiting to see what the first box looks like before commenting further!

  3. I have signed up for next month's box since this one just looked fantastic.

    Have you tried the shampoo and conditioner yet? I am interested to see if it compares to more expensive brands xx

  4. I haven't tried it yet, Ingrid! I have the keratin treatment in my hair so I can't use products containing sulphates and sodium, which unfortunately these have. But I am dying to try it! :)

    I think the Dec LHI box will be amazing. :)


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