Sunday, July 8, 2012

EOTD - Leopard eyes!

Hi lovelies!

Yes, you did read that right...this is going to be a post on LEOPARD print eyes.

Why, you ask? Well, a little while ago, I was browsing the website for ColorOn Professional eyes...I've been aware of the brand for a while now and have always been tempted to buy a set...I've just never gotten around to it! In case you're unfamiliar with them, they specialise in 'rub on' eyeshadow looks (for want of a better way to describe it). Essentially, you get a set of different looks in each pack, and each look comes on a soft applicator that you put on your eyelids and gently rub on. You don't need brushes or anything except for the applicator, and possibly some translucent powder to 'set' the shadows with. Have a look at the photo below which probably explains things a bit better than I just have...what is that they say about a photo being worth a thousand words?

(Taken from the ColorOnPro website)

One of the packs was based on different animal print looks and it got me thinking 'I wonder how hard it is to create a leopard print look'? So I decided to give it a go...I kept it relatively low/conservative, but I had a lot of fun creating it and it was so easy, I might try it again and do more rosettes/go full animal print just to see what it looks like!

So here's what I used to create this look, Urban Decay Half Baked (from the Naked Palette #1) over the base, my Majorca Majolica liquid eyeliner in RD605 (black/red), and Yaby Copper Penny for the rosettes...finished off with a winged liner using the same Majorca Majolica liner for a winged effect and Max Factor false lash effect waterproof mascara.

On to photos...please excuse my brows, I have a waxing appointment scheduled for later today. :P


I hope you enjoyed that, was just for a bit of fun! :)

Much love,


  1. Well this looks pretty darn amazing, I must say. I love leopard print accents, but have never thought of themed eye makeup, it's something really different!
    Mel x

  2. Coco this is stunning! Were they hard to use? I have been dying to try these out for a while and now that you have shown us how amazing they can look, well I think I will just have to try this out! Fabulous. :D

  3. This is gorgeous!! A very 'eye-catching' design that looks amazing on you :)

  4. Wow! This is fantastic, you've done an amazing job with the it:)

  5. You did fantastic! This looks better than the ColorOnPro version. Well done X

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