Wednesday, July 4, 2012

June Haulage!

Hi lovelies!

I've been planning on showing you these for a while now but something or the other always got in the way, so I figured I'd just do them all at once. Here are the items I've picked up in the last 2-3 weeks, through various means. I've found some amazing new loves that I can't wait to share with you all!

So first up, here is my Sleek haul, with blush by 3 palette in Pumpkin, Coral Reef matte lipstick, Oh la la liner in Pumpkin (what can I say, I think I was on an orange rampage that day), and a free gloss they threw in with the order. I have used the Sleek blushes quite a few times now and I think my favourite is the one on the left, but I do like the orange shade on the right too. It's surprisingly versatile! I've been meaning to do an EOTD with the orange liner soon, so keep your eyes open, I just haven't had much time lately to play with my more funky colours.

And here's my magazine freebie haul! Mirenesse Lip Bomb glosses #4 and #10, and the ModelCo Peach Bellini set, containing a black fibrelash mascara, lipgloss in Striptease, and Peach blush. Woman's Day was doing a promotion a week or two ago with a free Mirenesse Lip Bomb gloss, so I tried one for fun, fell competely in love with it and had to go out and buy a nude shade to wear every day. These glosses are valued at $40 each! Honestly, I am in love with these so please expect a review shortly while I rave on about how fantastic they are. The ModelCo set was offered by InStyle magazine and I believe this is still on offer, so do dash out and get one if you fancy it! I do think the blush isn't as high quality as I'd have expected from ModelCo products, but it's still quite decent, and you can't complain much when you get all three plus the magazine for $12.

Now, two weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to visit the Estee Lauder corporate store with two friends. In case you don't know, it's a wonderful store that offers discount cosmetics/fragrances, but the catch is, it's invite only! Access is only through corporate events held at the store or by guest passes from people fortunate enough to hold season passes! Specials vary from day to day, but when I was there, they had $10 MAC single shadows, lipglasses and $15 Bobbi Brown and Clinique foundations, for instance. I did want to take a photo while I was in the store but I asked permission and they said no, so I had to abide by that. Below, Pure DKNY perfume (one of my favourites, and I picked it up for $20!!), MAC eyeshadows (I will have to get back to you with names, they cost $10 each) and two sets I picked up (wrapped in ribbons, also $10 each). The MAC set is an eyeshadow and lipglass, while the Clinique one is the bottom lash mascara and an eyeshadow single in white.

I also picked up two Models Prefer shadow pencils. These are exclusive to Priceline and they work like a dream. They have great pigmentation and last forever once it sets. I kid you not, I actually applied it in the morning and it was still perfect by the time I took it off, 18 hours later, with no creasing! Not bad at all for a pencil that costs $9! I have these in Black Diamon (black, with a bit of shimmer through it) and What  a Poser! (purple)...they are perfect for a smokey eye! They come in six shades, I believe, so there is a colour that's perfect for everyone. I'll be reviewing these separately soon.

Next up, we have a very familiar looking bag...

Yep, it's a mini Sephora haul! I was fortunate enough to have a friend of mine visit the US, so she kindly agreed to pick up some goodies for me (thank you so much, you know who you are!). Below, we have the Buxom lip tarnish (it's quite new out) and two Buxom Big and Healthy lipsticks (which are like a lipstick/pencil/lip plumper in one). I love the Big and Healthy lipsticks and for some reason, it's hellishly hard to find anywhere except for Sephora! I couldn't even find the shades I wanted on eBay! I also got two perfumes from Kat Von D (Sinner, full sized, one of my favourite scents) and the new Poetica rollerball. I also picked up the Michael Kors dual ended rollerball/lipgloss set. I would've actually preferred just a single rollerball, but we take what we can get.

Here's a quick look at the three lip colours. The tarnish is the one on the bottom.

And a look at the Poetica rollerball...I do love these Kat Von D cosmetics, they are simply gorgeous. In real life, that graduates from a transparent, pale golden colour at the bottom, to a deep purple at the top. It's stunning, and I absolutely adore ALL her scents! I think it's quite rare that you find a brand where you actually like all the scents.

And here's the Michael Kors gloss/perfume rollerball set.

Just for fun, I thought I'd throw in a photo of all three Kat Von D rollerballs I own...aren't they simply gorgeous? I do love a perfume that not only smells good, but is packaged beautifully! These are so artistic, it makes me happy just pulling them out to dab some on my wrists!

Have you hauled any goodies lately, lovelies? Is there anything in particular you want to see reviewed from here? I've actually decided not to use the lipsticks or the mascara yet as I have way too many products open that I need to get through for the moment!

That's all from me for now, folks. I have made a pact with myself to get to bed earlier this week, so I've been struggling to get to bed on time. I'll be back very soon (I promise) with a couple of reviews, EOTD and NOTD posts!

Much love,


  1. Wow great haul! I'm jealous of everything... definitely adding some of those things to my wishlist... particularly those Models Prefer liners! :)

  2. What a great haul! I am in love with your sleek palette, the colours are making me swoon and I want to go on that island holiday now!

    Enjoy your new goodies X

  3. And you say I'm bad Coco!!! These are amazing and I definitely will be doing up a US order in the next week as there are a few Items I need! Love it all and enjoy. :P


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