Friday, March 8, 2013

A peek into my week.

Hi lovelies!

Happy Friday! I'm so sorry, it's been a week since I've blogged last! And this following on the heels of my amazing record of blogging continually for three-four days. I feel like quite a bad blogger!

Let me justify it by giving you a peek into what I've been doing for the past 7 days. It's been crazily busy! Warning, this might be quite photo-heavy, please bear with me while I try to cram a week of blogging into a single post...


Finished work and headed to Myer where we'd scored two tickets to the Myer Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion show (we also managed to sneak in a quick glass of bubbly before the show). I fell in love with a YSL lippie and nearly impulse bought it, but luckily, I managed to control myself! The photos are a little blurry as they showcased 150 outfits in 30 minutes (!!!), so it was rather hard to get clear photos when the models were walking past so fast. I was especially keen to see Jennifer Hawkins and Kris Smith in person, as I think they are both incredibly perfect looking individuals!

Glasses of Blue Pyrenees bubbles at the Louis Roederer bar in Myer.

R and me exercising some creative skills with lighting.

Myer Mural Hall.

Jennifer Hawkins in that gorgeous Arthur Galan dress.

Blurry photo of Kris Smith.

Ladies, you're welcome.

The Myer autumn/winter finale.


Had brunch, then headed to Myer for the waxing mentioned earlier. I must say I was very happy to have shapely brows again; thank you, Benefit Brow Bar for giving me back my brows (if you're wondering what the experience is like, you can check out my first experience there by clicking here)! Then I popped over to Illamasqua to buy the new green lipgloss from the I'mPerfection collection (I'm in love, a review will be following shortly)! While I was there, I just had to try on the speckled eyeliner look from the I'mPerfection campaign. It's so pretty, I've added Scribe (the white liquid liner) to my must-have list! Finished the day with a delicious pizza and salad dinner, washed down with a refreshing glass of lemon granita.


The speckled liner look created with Abyss and Scribe.

Lemon Granita.

Prawn pizza and mozzarella/prosciutto salad.


Caught up with some gorgeous blogger girlfriends for lunch and cake, all in honour of Sarah (A Beautiful Story) who was visiting from Adelaide. It was a lot of fun spending time with Jenny (My Funny Valentine), Emma (Emma Bovary Beauty), Mel (The Beauty Dispensary), Amy (Things I love), Tine (Beautyholics Anonymous), Ling (The Best Beauty Blog), Norlin (Baubles, Bubbles and Bags) and Kerri (Beauty and Things), do swing by and show them some love (just click on the blog names to be taken to their blogs), as they have great blogs!

Moving around the table, L-R, Mel, Sarah, Kerri, me,
Ling, Emma, Norlin, Jenny, Tine and Amy.
(Photo courtesy of Jenny, posted to Emmas Facebook page)

Back row: Norlin, Emma and Ling.
Front row: me, Sarah and Kerri.
(Photo courtesy of Emma)


After work, dashed home to change, and then went out again to watch Les Miserables. Fantastic movie, it's just a beautiful story, with characters that you can really identify with (and let's face it, Hugh Jackman was in it, enough said). Also drove my boss's big 4WD Kluger around (it's got a manual transmission and is quite a 'macho' vehicle), I got quite a few interesting looks from fellow commuters!

4WD Toyota Hilux.


Caught up with Sarah again for dinner before she left, and we had some delicious tapas, followed by ice cream and coffee. It was a lovely, balmy night, so we had a lovely time chatting under the stars (I forgot to take photos but you can stalk her blog for some enticing photos of the tapas we ate).


Dropped by my cousin's place to visit with family for a little bit. He's just had a second baby a month ago (and his first is two years old), and both kids are absolutely darling! Im not getting clucky (it's lovely when you can hand them back to their parents when they start to cry), but it was wonderful cuddling them, they are such gorgeous children!

The two year old, S.

The 1 month old, A.


That brings us to today! I'd had a rather stressful hour at work when I kept running my hands through my hair while struggling with some statistical calculations, and my hair ended up looking almost like I'd had a professional blow-wave! If only that happened more often...I later dashed over to my hairdresser to get a semi-permanent colour put in, as my hair was feeling a little dry from when I had bleach put in for the balayage look I did a few months ago (click here), and a semi-permanent colour actually conditions your hair. We ended up deciding on using INOA, which is an innovative permanent colour instead, so stay tuned for more photos and a brief review to follow soon.

Stress-head hair, green smokey eyes and neutral lipstick.

Phew, that took quite a bit of typing, I do hope I haven't put you to sleep yet!

I'm also taking part in a 30 day photograph challenge by Priceline Pharmacy on Instagram, you can follow my progress by stalking my Instagram account (click here).

I'll be putting up the weekly tag post in the next couple of days so stay tuned!

What have you been up to this week, lovelies, anything interesting? I must say I'm really happy that the weekend is almost upon us, and it's a long weekend here in Victoria to boot!

Much love,


  1. Phew - what a week that was! You made me tired just reading it :-) I was envious of your get together with Sarah - you all looked like you were having a ball. I hope that the weekend is not quite as busy so that you can relax and recuperate.

    1. It totally was, and the days since have been pretty busy too!

      I'd LOVE to meet you one day, Kate, we must work on a plan!


  2. BUSY WEEK!!!! Glad we could finally meet up again btw. Lots to eat, lots to chat about. Had fun! And thanks for saying that we have great blogs. xx

    1. I know, was so good!
      No thanks necessary, totally true. :)

  3. Your hair looks great and love that speckled liner look :) ! If only I had your steady hand!
    Lol, you really love that Blue Pyrenees don't you! :P

    1. Oops, no, the MUA put it on me! I can't wait to try my hand at it though. :)

      Sure do, haha. Actually, it was also really convenient since the bar was just on a lower floor.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful week. That speckled liner looks amazing!

    1. It certainly was, Tara!

      Thank you, I can't wait to give it a try myself!

  5. Far out your week has been full on! I LOVE that speckled eyeliner look - after checking my bank account I'm glad I only found out about those products now (when I'm safely away from an Illamasqua counter ROFL!)! ;)

    Again, was super dooper to catch up and hope to see you here in Adelaide some time soon.

    Thank you also for the link love! xxx

    1. It has been, Sarah, but good fun!

      It was awesome meeting up, hopefully you come to Melbs again soon and I can make it over there to meet you again, and Kate and Amy for the first time (to name a few)!

  6. What a busy bee you have been! Very exciting week too. The hair looks fantastic, I would like a natural blow dry like that :) I should try running my hands through my hair more often hehe...

  7. Fabulous blog, Special Girl. Great concept in my opinion. So pleased you saw the new bub and family. Taking time out for yourself is a great way to recover completely.

    DON'T forget you've been through a lot so don't expect to bounce back instantly.

    Looks like a wonderful week. I'll click on some of the links later. Off to watch Super 15 (Rugby Union.) Much love,

    1. Thank you so much, Trish, and your opinion certainly carries lots of weight!

      I have been a little tired this week, but then it's not often something like that happens!

      Hope you enjoyed the Rugby!


  8. Your eyebrows are looking really good! Looks like you had a really busy week :P

  9. OMG the glittery spotty eyeliner is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It's very pretty, they made it with Scribe and Abyss. :)

  10. Nothing fun this week.. I don't even quite remember it as it went so quick.

    1. It does move quickly, doesn't it? Can't imagine we are in March already.

  11. Busy week!!! I like that spotty eyeliner!

  12. Oh I do love fashion parades! It's been too long ...

    Have had a busy week too ... this time last week I was in NZ! And I have just returned from a girl's weekend on Stradbroke Island. What a life!

    1. I do too! Good fun! Although not always very wearable in real life.

      It sounds like you've been having a wonderful time, too!



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