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My Fashion Box - Launch Box March 2013

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my review of the first ever My Fashion Box!

Her Fashion Box March 2013 -  Launch Box

You may be familiar with some of the beauty boxes I've been subscribed to for a while now (like Bellabox/Lust Have It), but My Fashion Box (MFB) is a little different, as it actually contains fashion items as well as beauty products. I was quite intrigued by the concept for two reasons; I always like the sound of a mystery box full of products delivered straight to your door, and also, I feel like I'd love to accessorize more!

Now, you may have seen some bloggers touting this box prior to the launch date...I've been in contact with HFB through one of the owners, Kath Purkis (previously of Le Black Book fame), since last year, while it was still in its planning stages, but I didn't want to blog about it without having some idea of the contents. Here are some facts about HFB, it was initially supposed to cost $50 a month, which I thought was quite expensive, but that has since been lowered to $40 a month (which in my opinion, is still a bit dear for a monthly box). I actually purchased the first box for $25, as they were running a special promotion. There are three choices of boxes offered by HFB; Trendy, Classic and Feminine. While all three choices sound good to me, I went with classic as a safe first bet.

The boxes were paid for last month, and officially sent out this week. Some lucky souls received it yesterday, and there are a number of reviews already floating around, which I will share at the end of the post.

It all arrived packaged in a pretty, hot pink box, which then opens up to reveal a classy black box, filled with simple, elegant black tissue paper.

The Classic Her Fashion Box.

The Classic Her Fashion Box.

Here is what I received in my box:

Redken Diamond Oil samples - shampoo (50ml), conditioner (30 ml) and wash-out treatment (30 ml)
Master Makeup By Dean Nixon eye blending brush (full size)
Circa Home lilac and orchid soap (full size)
Maybelline color sensational gloss in Glisten Up Pink (full size)
Gold ponytail holder
Gold and black statement necklace (packaged in a pretty black velvet pouch)
Moxie collection tampon/sanitary pad selection

Contents of the box.

Top: Redken samples.
Bottom: Maybelline gloss and
Circa Home soap.

Moxie Samples and Master Makeup blending brush.

Gold statement necklace and gold ponytail holder.

There was also a Her Fashion magazine, published by Her Fashion Box, with details on the contents of each of the boxes, and special tips on how to wear the accessories and use the makeup/cosmetic items. Last but not least, was a little booklet from Master Makeup by Dean Nixon, with details on the brushes in their range.

Her Fashion Magazine and Master Makeup
Brush Booklet.

Her Fashion Magazine.

Page detailing the different necklaces in each box.

The different brushes available in the range.

Ways to style the classic necklace.

Ways to wear the different ponytail holders.

Blending brush details.

Now, what are my impressions of the box, you ask?

Well, truth be told, I'm of slightly mixed minds about it. On the one hand, I'm very pleased with the items that I received in my box...Redken is one of my favourite haircare brands, and this range is so new it hasn't even been released in Australia yet. I also love the generous sample sizes as I feel it's quite important to use something a few times before deciding if it works for you. I'm also pleased with the eye blending brush (perfect for more EOTDs). Although I know that others received different brushes in their boxes, it's probably the brush I would've chosen if I had a choice. Also happy with the soap as it smells gorgeous and the lipgloss is another new product that I'm happy to try.

The accessories are lovely, the statement necklace is definitely something I can see myself wearing, and I do love the styling tips provided in the magazine, it really fits in with my personal style. The gold ponytail holder is a little gift of appreciation from HFB to its first subscribers, which I think is a lovely touch (I've also been wanting one for ages so it's a definite tick from me)! Moxie are one of my favourite brands so the samples will definitely not go astray!

The downside to this box? The price. I would be happy to pay $50 for a quarterly box, but $40 a month just seems very steep to me, and for that price, I'd rather go out and select items that I know would definitely suit me, rather than take a risk on mystery products that I know would not (tanning products, anyone? I'm looking at you, Lust Have It)! This box is fantastic value for $25, but I'm just not certain I would've paid $40 for it and been satisfied. I should add that I'm currently only subscribed to this, the first box. I need to go through my never-ending stash of samples from previous beauty boxes and once I've culled those down a bit, I'll decide if I want to continue with my HFB subscription! If I really like next month's box, I just might cave!

HFB currently retails for $40 a month, and you can purchase 3,6 or 9 month subscriptions. You can learn more about HFB by checking out their Facebook page and sign up on their website. The beauty of a month-to-month subscription is you can chop and change between boxes, subscribing to each type of the boxes in turn!

What do you think of this box, lovelies? Are you signed up, and if so, did you like what you got? If you aren't, would this sway you into signing up?

Much love,

P.S. You can check out these lovely bloggers, who have also shared their thoughts on the boxes they received. If you've blogged about this box too, feel free to link up in the comments so I can visit your blog too!
Jen from The Shopping Queen with her Feminine box.
Sarah from More Than Adored with her Trendy box.
Amy from Bottled Beauty also with a Classic box.
Lisa from The Beaute Buzz with a Feminine box.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I always find it interesting to find out what's in the box. My favourite box so far based on the reviews is the Feminine box simply because of the necklace.

    the ladida

  2. How funny, I just uploaded my post:) I absolutely loved my box and I am happy to pay more when the quality of items (and size of products) are higher. A 3 month subscription ends up being $33 per box which is good value (if they keep up the good work) =)

    I got the feminine box and adore the necklace + hair tie.

    The classic necklace will look so good on you beautiful X

  3. I so agree, the price is a bit steep. I would pay for it if it was $20-25 as the items are lovely.

  4. Thsnks for the mention :) I'm thinking Ill wait another 2 boxes and see if the value drops or not.. I loved this month though!


  5. Thanks for the link sweet :) I'm actually surprised you picked the classic...I would have thought you would pick the "trendy" since you're a trendsetter :D

    I also thought if I paid $40 would I still be as happy....and yes I would be. Can't wait to see what's in the next box.

    PS The blending brush looks sooooooooo good, I'm thinking of ordering one.

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the box. I would have chosen the Classic box aswell but I would probably not wear the necklace and my hair is not long enough yet to wear the hair tie.

    I love the beauty items but I don't think that I would be happy paying $40 a month for a box. I have realised that I am pretty fussy when it comes to accessories etc (and am probably a bit older than their demographic)so will probably stick to beauty only boxes.

  7. I got mine today and was impressed, but yes the price is definitely a factor.
    I haven't unsubscribed yet, but I'm considering it. I'm going to see what next month is like and go from there!
    Good review though hun! I was in talks with them for a while as well but true, didn't want to blog in case it ended up a bust (also don't like blogging about things I haven't actually tried and tested myself!)

  8. I love the necklace and the pony holder! But personally I thought those two were the only fashion items, while the others were more beauty related~

    The concept of a mystery box full of fashion goodies is really cool, but seeing the contents of the boxes I probably wouldn't pay $40 for it. Plus, I like going shopping and picking out my own stuff :)

  9. Love the two accessories and the beauty products! I wouldn't get this box, $40 is too expensive for my pocket. Great post!

  10. I received the feminine box, I am hoping that this being the first box things will only get bigger and better.

    Jac x0x

  11. I was interested in subscribing because it was a fashion box, never subscribed to a box before but I'm not sure I like the look of this one :S Not nearly enough fashion accessories and I have short hair so things like a ponytail holder won't be of much use to me. Oh well, less money spent I guess!

  12. If it had actually had the makeup brush set in, instead of just telling you about them it would have been brilliant, although you do probably have enough makeup brushes. (Does ANYONE have enough makeup brushes????)

    It sounds too hit and miss to me when it isn't exactly cheap. Only you know if you think it's worth a few more goes. Haven't I helped a lot? LIKE NO, not at all.

    Enjoyed the blog though.
    With love,

  13. Just because your launch box is more expensive, does not mean that it is of higher quality ,) nice post!


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