Sunday, May 19, 2013

Adore Beauty Best of the Best Samplers.

Hello lovelies,

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! I was quite busy on Friday night and Saturday (attended a Benefit blog event yesterday, stay tuned for an upcoming post), so spent today catching up on my rest, doing boring household chores and doing some domestic goddess cooking (I tried making kale chips, they were yummy)! I'm already having the blues about work tomorrow though, Monday is my least favourite day of the week!

Now if you know me at all, you'll know that I love samples/travel sized beauty products because it's important to try things out and see how they work before investing in a full sized set (and also because it seems to take me ages to finish anything, which is why you never see any 'empties' posts on this blog). I saw an amazing deal being offered by Adore Beauty and thought I'd share it with my gorgeous readers!

Adore Beauty have come up with two great sampler packs retailing at $34.95 each, similar to the lovely packs that Sephora offers! There's a skincare and haircare pack, and a skincare and makeup pack. Both packs contain seven samples, thoughtfully packaged in an Adore Beauty travel bag, and you also get a voucher entitling you to 10% off any full sized product in the pack!

Adore Beauty Best of the Best Skincare and Haircare

The skincare and haircare pack contains:

Kevin Murphy Angel Wash 40ml
Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse 40ml
Lanolips Rose Balm intense for Very Dry hands 25ml
Terax crema conditioner 60ml
Smith’s Rosebud Balm (mixed)
Philosophy purity 30ml
Alpha-h Liquid Gold 5ml

Adore Beauty Best of the Best Skincare and Makeup

The skincare and makeup pack contains:

Bioderma crealine 20ml (most amazing makeup remover, ever)
Philosophy purity 30ml
Napoleon perdis Auto pilot pre-Foundation primer 15ml
St Tropez Skin illuminator 30ml
theBalm Hot Mama! 1g
Lanolips Rose Balm intense for Very Dry hands 25ml
Benefit They’re Real! mascara 3g

I must say I'm pretty tempted by the skincare and makeup pack! They would make great gift ideas too! What about you, are you tempted?

Shop the skincare and haircare pack here and the skincare and makeup pack here. I love that each order comes with a little chocolate bar, such a special touch. :)

Much love,


  1. Love sample packs! I'll have to give this one a go too! x

    1. I do too, such great value and a chance to try new products.

  2. HAHA I deleted the email from adore beauty about these sampler packs cause I didnt want to be tempted, but jeez hun you've tempted me even more. lol. Id love to try the makeup pack!

  3. I'm really tempted by these! But I really shouldn't. I like that you get to see what you get too!

    1. I know, I'm tossing up too! But yes, excellent that we get to see what's inside.

  4. Seems a great package xoxox ..

  5. I seem to more and more tempted by the skin and hair care sampler.... to buy or not to buy....

  6. I'm very tempted by the skincare and haircare products bag, i say that because i own all but 3 of the products from the skincare and makeup bag. great deal and love that they have a 10% coupon too, i wish they had one for fragrance!


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