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July 2013 Lust Have It Review and GIVEAWAY.

Hello lovelies!

Happy Hump Day! It's getting towards the end of the month which's time for the beauty box reviews! I received my July Lust Have It box today, read on to see what I received!

As per norm, this month's box arrived in a deep blue (or is that purple? either way, it's gorgeous) paisley box. The theme is Vibrant Beauty, with the idea being the products inside are meant to keep you looking vibrant on the inside and outside.

In my box, I received:

Nude by Nature natural tinted mineral moisturiser with sunscreen (full sized)

Knotties by Condition Culture Hair Ties (sample)

Coloursmash by Condition Culture Hair Shadow (sample)

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Volume Powder (full sized)

Swisse hand cream with Vitamin F & Pomegranate (deluxe sample)

Alexami hydrating primer (deluxe sample)

Health Essentials Active Gold eye patches (sample)

Maqui Berry Active health essentials antioxidant powder (sample)

There were also a couple of discount vouchers and information pamphlets.

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July 2013 Lust Have It Box.

Back to front: Happy Eyes eye patches, Schwarzkopf hair styling volume powder,
Colorsmash hair shadow, NBN tinted moisturiser, Swisse hand cream,
Alexami primer, Knotties hair ties and Maqui Berry sample.

Colorsmash hair shadow in Gold Rush.

What did I think of this month's box? I really liked it! Though I liked the June box, I am a bit more excited about this month's box. They are all things that I'm curious about and would like to try, with the possible exception of the hand cream (bit overloaded on hand cream but hey, what's another?).

I love tinted moisturisers and BB creams so I'm happy to give this NBN one a go. I also love the look of the Knotties hair ties, my hair has been pretty snarly lately so anything that promises not to pull more hair out is fantastic. They remind me of the Twistbands I got in a previous Bellabox. The card says that you can also wear the Knotties as a bracelet by looping it over your wrist.

I'm also really excited to try the hair shadow! I've been wanting to try one of these for a while so stay's a bronze-gold shade which should (hopefully) show up well in my dark hair. I'd also like to try the Volume powder for when I don't have time to wash my hair and it gets a bit flat at the roots. Really excited to try the Alexami primer as I'm always on the lookout for new primers, while the Maqui berry powder reminds me of something like Metamucil, I'm not sure how much good a sachet would do but I'm willing to try it out!

Verdict? Really liked this box and will be happy to play with the items as they are brands I'd never have thought to try. I've already put the primer next to my dressing table so I can try it out tomorrow morning!

Now, on to the part I'm sure you've all been hanging out for...the GIVEAWAY!

Lust Have It have kindly sponsored ten gorgeous, mystery boxes for me to give out to my dear readers! All you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter prompts below. Please note, this is only open NATIONALLY (sorry, international readers, but you can try entering my Rimmel Apocalips giveaway instead)!

Please note, it is MANDATORY to follow me by GFC or Bloglovin' (be sure to tell me which you are following me with, if not both), and to post a blog comment below (please include your GFC/Bloglovin' name with your blog comment). Please remember to do everything as stated, as I would hate to disqualify anyone! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Did you get a July LHI Box? What did you think of yours?

Much love,


  1. No July box for me but goodness I wish I had one. Look at all those products!! Holy Moly thats a great box.
    Sooo jealous :)I can understand why your so impressed with this months box.

    1. Oh and Im following you on both GFC and Bloglovin hun.
      GFC name is Lady Sapphire
      Bloglovin name is Lady Sapphire Blog

  2. This month's Lust Have It looked excellent:) The hair volume powder is one of my absolute favourites and does a really great job. It's a nice alternative to dry shampoo when your hair is too clean.

    The reason I would like to try this box is because LHI have themed boxes and I love their vision of being vibrant on the inside and the outside. The glow comes from within but a little bit of bronzer helps too;) xxxx

  3. GFC Fawn M

    Its not easy being a beauty product addict :)
    There are so many delightful goodies out there and not enough time to discover them all. Lust Have It is wonderful for helping to keep you up to date with new and exciting products that you wouldnt otherwise discover.

    1. It certainly isn' many beauty products, so little time and money. ;)

  4. I really like my box this month too.. and it's exactly the same as yours :) My hair chalk is a different colour but I'm really looking forward to trying it! I love getting boxes full of stuff I've never tried or heard of, and that's one of the reasons I love Lust Have it! Some months aren't as exciting as others, but there's usually always something new and exciting for me to try :)


    1. I agree, Loz! :) Popping over to stalk your thoughts. ;)

  5. I gave up my subscription to them a while ago and it looks like things have changed since then. Love to try them out again and maybe I'll re-subscribe! (GFC - Cathy O)

  6. I also gave up my sub, I found that receiving LHI and Bellabox every month resulted in me having multiples of everything and it really annoyed me that I would occasionally receive the same samples from the same company, I didn't feel like they had thought the process through enough. If I had the disposable income I would sub to both of them again and also Violet box and Her Fashion Box because it is such a lovely feeling to receive these parcels in the mail but bills must come before fun I guess lol

  7. I've never had a subscription box before and have had my eye on LHI for awhile. Love to win!

  8. Hi Nalini,
    really great review of LHI, I am not subscribed to any of the boxes but I am now getting tempted to subscribe to atleast one of them , it would be good to win a LHI mystery box as i would get to atleaset get a taste of what its like to receive a beauty subscription box then I can decide to subscribe to LHI.

  9. Would love to win a mystery box- I definitely need a beauty update!

  10. I'm not the greatest at keeping up on the newest beauty trends and mystery boxes sound like an exciting way to do that. I know they can be hit or miss with what's in them, but a lot of fun none the less!

  11. Wow you got so much stuff in this month's box! I am heading home to Melbourne for the next few months, I'm hoping I can grab a subscription for lust have it for just two months to replenish my beauty supplies! :)

  12. I've wanted to try one of the subscription boxes for a while but because I'm really low on cash, I never got around to signing up for one- so winning one would be awesome!

  13. Who wouldn't love a box of beauty treats delivered to your door, it would be like Christmas every month!
    The LHI boxes sound like a great way to try new products that you would not normally buy.

    My Bloglovin name is Claire Floyd (Clairef) xx


  15. Following you on bloglovin' and GFC and a few more places too, almost stalkerish haha :D Following as Ms Jelena on both :) xx

    PS. If I win and get addicted to monthly boxes, I will blame you! :D

    1. I'll accept that responsibility! ;)

      Ooh...if you get addicted, then you can subscribe, and then we can have discussions about which box was best! Win-win! :D

    2. Hahahaha, NOT good :D because then one box will not be enough, because someone is going to get something awesome in another one and in no time I will become obsessed!!! :D

  16. I would like to try Lust Have It because I've seen/heard so much about aussie subscription boxes and I would love to try one.

  17. Love the concept of the beauty boxes, this month's Lust have it box sounds great!

  18. I already have a subscription and LOVE it, I am entering because I would love to win one for a friend :)

  19. I really like the Nude by Nature tinted moisturiser - unless they sent you the darker colour it won't suit you. The box looks good. Concept of beauty boxes sounds good but reality isn't always as helpful, is it? Take care lovely one.
    With love,

  20. Thank you SO much for the Giveaway..! :)))
    I would LOVE to try it, because I have always wanted to try it! I have never tried a subscription service, let alone a "Hair" related subscriptiion service! I live in Oklahoma, & we don't hear about things like this! :))
    I've been wanting to experiment with my hair, and this would be the PERFECT opportunity, plus I've never used a Primer nor Volumizing Powder and I've been dying to try both! ^_^

  21. I don't buy a lot of beauty products, and this would be such a treat and luxury!!

  22. Oops - not an Australian resident; please disregard my entry

  23. Love to try it to see what I get as sometimes its amazing and sometimes its not - its a bit of a lottery ;)

  24. Wow, this months LHI box looks great. I would have been very happy to receive that box.
    I would really like to try a LHI box cause I am bit scared about signing up for a subscription but it sounds like a fantastic way to try new products each month. I am sure after one box Ill be hooked.
    Follow you on bloglovin (jess77) and GFC (jessj)

  25. Am already following on GFC and bloglovin

  26. Congrats to all the winners!
    And thank you so much Nalini!! Im so excited to be receiving a LHI box!

  27. Got my box and did a little review. Merp! So exciting! You can have a look at what I got if you're interesed Nalini. Thank so much!!


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