Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fashion Addict Review and Haul!

Hi lovelies!

As some of you know, Fashion Addict are a great online store which sell great makeup items, like BYS, Revlon, Face of Australia and many others! They often have items that are hard to find elsewhere (and at discounted prices, yay), making them a great retail destination, but did you know they also have really cute accessories for sale?

When I was contacted a little while ago and asked if I was interested in trying out several items, my answer was a resounding 'yes'!! I had rather an enjoyable time browsing the website, and picked out these three items below.

Teal and Gold Scarf (Crushed Look)

I've been really into scarves lately, and this pretty teal and gold scarf caught my eye immediately. I was a little surprised when it turned up as it looked a bit different from the photo on the website, but it's still a really pretty scarf and the square shape makes it unique.

(Image taken from the Fashion Addict website)

Teal and Gold Scarf
This is what the scarf looks like on its own. It's got a metallic look to it, which is something a bit different!

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Teal and Gold Scarf
The teal and gold scarf retails for $10.95 and you can buy it here.

Mixed Metal Chunky Bracelets

Next up, I decided I'd love something for my wrist. I think my main passions are bracelets and earrings, although necklaces are a close second! I couldn't help but be entranced by these pretty mixed metal chunky bracelets. I have a lot of mixed metal accessories and often wish I had more pieces to tie the look together, so these fit the description perfectly!

Mixed Metal Chunky Bracelets with velvet storage pouch.
I love that these were packaged in a pretty accessories bag with drawstring closure to keep them all safely in one place! With five shades in the set (gold, rose gold, black, silver and pewter), there is something to fit every metallic piece you own!

Mixed Metal Chunky Bracelets
I actually like separating the bracelets and wearing them in different sets, but they do look quite cute when layered in an arm party!
Mixed Metal Chunky Bracelets
Unfortunately, I can't find these on the website anymore, so I think they might be temporarily out of stock, but do keep an eye on the site in case they appear again! I believe they retail at about $8.95.

Large Envelope Clutch (Tan)

Last but not least, my favourite of the lot, the tan envelope clutch! Like the bracelets, this was packaged in a little bag to keep it safe during its travels, and also for safe storage in your wardrobe. I really love how generously sized the clutch is, I can easily fit all essentials in here without having to compromise on which items I take out!

Large envelope clutch with storage bag.

Large envelope clutch.
It also comes with a little loop which you can throw around your wrist to make it easier to carry. I personally prefer when my clutch purses come with these as it makes it easier for me not to drop them!

The clutch retails at $34.95 and is available here. If tan isn't your thing, it also comes in a gorgeous navy, red and coral (which I was so tempted to get)! There's also a three-toned version of mod design available here.

If your order is over $40, Australia-wide shipping is free! I love when the limit for free shipping is fairly reasonable, it makes it so much easier to have a guilt-free splurge!

I hope you enjoyed this post, lovelies. Did you like any of the items I picked out? Which was your favourite? I confess to having my eye on one of these gorgeous laser cut clutches.

Much love,

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Note: These products were kindly provided for my consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. that clutch is gorgeous! the scarf looks nothing like I thought it would from the photo.. one of the joys of online shopping is that you never actually know what you're going to get :)
    btw - the laser cut clutches are super pretty! get one!! :)

    1. It's gorgeous! I agree, the duochrome effect isn't really showing through in the photo from the website!

      Oh, enabler! :)

  2. Great post :) I've never actually heard of them before.

    I love the clutch. It's simple but will go with everything.

    1. They are a great place to pick up cosmetics and cute, budget accessories! :)

      I agree!


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