Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Skincare Tag.

Hi lovelies!

I was tagged by the lovely Kat from Kitsch Snitch and Evelyn from Cotton Candy Diva in this rather interesting skincare tag. [Note: If I've forgotten anyone else who tagged me, I'm so sorry, I always have the best intentions to do these things and then I forget! Let me know if you have and I will add your name in!]. Oh, and I'm also going to be really naughty and not include photos, because if we have to wait till the weekend for some good light...I will probably forget to do this altogether.

1) Describe your skincare routine in five words…
Simple, quick, straightforward, targeted, consistent.

2) What’s your skin type?
This is a tough one since I started on Roaccutane, but let's call it combination-normal.

3) What’s your favourite skin care product?
Shu Uemura fresh pore clarifying cleansing oil, it takes all my makeup off and leaves my skin feeling supple and soft.

4) Top Blemish Zapper?
I'm currently using the Aphelia Cosmetology Oasis Rapid Action Pen. It's been pretty helpful so far!

5) Face wipes, yay or nay?
Nay. The only times I use face wipes are if I'm travelling (and feeling desperate) or when I'm taking swatch photos for the blog. Otherwise, I always, always, always cleanse my makeup off properly.

6) Toner, yay or nay? 
I used to be a religious proponent of toner, then stopped for a while. I've just started using it daily again though!

7) High End Skincare or High End Makeup?
I'm going to say High End Skincare. I don't really know why. I think it's just that the quality of makeup has improved so significantly lately, that even low end products have outstanding quality. Also, I don't change my skincare anywhere near as much as I change my makeup, so I'd rather have 5-10 different low end products for the cost of 1 really high end product (there are exceptions, of course, but I'm speaking generally here).

8) What’s the most unusual skincare product you’ve tried?
I'm pretty boring when it comes to skincare! But I might try my hair at a snail serum moisturiser soon...(Wish me luck).

9) You’re in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item – what is it?
Ooh, another toughie! I'd have said Bioderma (the Crealine makeup remover is tres magnifique) or La Roche-Posay, but since they are now available here in Australia, I will go with Vichy. :)

10) Tell us your top skincare tip
ALWAYS cleanse before going to bed at night, even if you haven't used makeup that day. You still need to cleanse your skin of the dust, grime and natural oils that have built up on your skin!

Sending a big thank you to Kat and Evelyn for tagging me! I'm not going to tag anyone because I'm quite late with this, but if you'd like to do the tag, I'd love to read your answers!

What would your top skincare tip be?

Much love,


  1. Nice answers! I totally agree that you should still cleanse your face even if you didn't wear makeup... your skin still gets dirty and produces oil that really just sits there on the skin.. ick!

  2. I know that we should clean our makeup off our faces but at least once a fortnight, I'll fall asleep with it on. It's so bad especially as I wear a full face of it everyday D:

    I've also started using toner again :) Would love to know what you're using!

    1. Haha, maybe you can keep a stash of face wipes next to your bed?

      I use a toner from French brand Sothys!

  3. I just don't get the fuss about the Shu cleansing oil. It didn't work for me at all. I love the Dr LeWinn's or MooGoo one. They both have no mineral oil and are under $30 :)

    PS I know what you mean about forgetting tags and such. I'm terrible at remembering to do them.

    1. Hmm, perhaps you tried the wrong one for your skin type? I just love mine, it takes everything off and makes my skin feel amazing. :) It's so easy to wash off compared to some of the recent cleansing oils I've tried...sigh.

  4. I will never stop being grateful to my Mum for instilling in her 3 daughters that you never, ever didn't cleanse before bed. I've followed that and my skin has benefited greatly. Mum had beautiful skin, which she looked after simply so it was easy to know why we should follow her advice.

    Great blog, as usual. With love,

    1. Thank you so much my darling! Your mum had the best advice!

  5. Great post! Haha, goodluck with the snail serum moisturiser, I would not be game enough to! I recently purchased the Bioderma Crealine and it is amazing! Totally worth the hype, I just wish i'd purchased it sooner :)

  6. I love reading this tag but I'm too lazy to do it myself! Lol. Snail serum sounds kinda gross but I've heard that it gives amazing results. Good luck!

    1. Oh, fair enough! I'm the same, but for me, it's not laziness but more a lack of time and simply getting forgetful when I do have the time. :)

  7. This is really interesting! I like the questions in this tag.

    I use makeup remover/skin cleansing wipes fairly often, but I always follow that up with a proper cleanser. I find that having a pack in my cosmetics cupboard stash is also handy for those nights when you are exhausted (or have had a big one! :)) and want to get makeup off fast.

    Have a great week ahead! :)

    1. They were great questions, Sarah! I agree that you do have to double cleanse even when you use wipes. :)

  8. Always cleanse before going to bed! Great tip! Just wish I had more discipline with that.. I'm much better with it recently but I used to be so lazy I'd go to bed with make up on. Bad bad habit!


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