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January 2014 Violet Box Review.

Hi lovelies,

My apologies on the lateness of this post, but hey, better late than never! I wanted to space out the box reviews a bit so as I wouldn't inundate all of you with an array of subscription box reviews, but then time ran away from me! Without further ado, here's what I received in my January 2014 Violet Box.

So Susan Water-based Pure Luminizer (full sized)

So Susan Nail Lacquer in Pink Guava (full sized)

LUSH Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser (deluxe sample)

MOR Essentials Collection Hand Cream in Black Current Iris and Basil & Grape (sachets)

Villainess Soaps in Scintillating (deluxe sample)

Acorelle Eau de Parfum (sample)

There was also a voucher for free shipping with LUSH on orders over $40.

January 2014 Violet Box.
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January 2014 Violet Box.
So what did I think of the January Violet Box? I loved this box, as I've loved all the other boxes I've received from VB in the past. Why? Because there's a good mix of skincare, polish, perfume and makeup. To be perfectly honest, I think Violet Box have been doing a great job of hitting a home run out of the ball park every single month. And yes, I did just use a baseball quote in a beauty blog post.

The Villainess soap smells amazing, and in fact, the entire box smells delicious thanks to it. I love using a good handmade soap and I can't wait to give this a go in my shower. The bar is actually really pretty, and the mint scent is divine. I also love perfumes so I was excited to see this French brand in the box. It's not one I've heard of before but smells quite citrusy. While I usually love citrus scents, this might be a bit too strong for me (possibly reminiscent of an air freshener), but I'm still pleased I got to try something new.

Villainess Soap in Scintillating.
So Susan is another brand I'd never heard of before, but the luminizer looks very pretty. First impressions indicate that a little goes a long way with this, and I look forward to experimenting more with it. I think the shade is versatile enough to fit most skintones.

So Susan Luminizer.
I love the nail polish shade. Quite frankly, I have a trillion other hot pink polishes (well, okay, not a trillion but a LOT), but it's a shade I adore, so I can't wait to try this! It's also great that it's a cruelty-free brand, as well as free of nasties! I know some people were a little unhappy to get two products from the same brand, but as I love both makeup and nail polish, I had absolutely no complaints about that!

So Susan cruelty-free products.
I am also excited to try the Gorgeous moisturiser from LUSH. I've been experimenting with my moisturisers of late, and it's always good to get a decent sized sample to try before investing in a full sized one. The scent of Gorgeous is a wee bit strong for my personal taste, so I will see if it will grow on me with time.

The one product I wasn't overly thrilled to see were the MOR samples. Much as I love handcreams...I hate sachets, sigh. Still, it was good enough to give me an idea of if I liked the texture/scent, which is something!

What did you think of this box, lovelies? Would you have been happy to receive it?

Much love,

Note: This product was kindly provided for my consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. This seems like a great box - especially because you got the LUSH gorgeous moisturiser sample xx

    Jasmine Cara

    1. I agree, it's nice to try new products. The sample is really cute too, in a little pot. :)

  2. The So Susan Luminizer looks so pretty.

  3. So exciting to see Villainess in these boxes, I hope it means they are trying to get an Australian stockist. Scintillating is my most favourite soap ever, they do a sugar scrub of it which is amazing. Shipping is pretty harsh though, as you would imagine for heavy items from the US but they do free shipping for orders over $125, maybe I should set up a group buy!

    1. It certainly is, I have a soft spot for soap bars!

      They do have an Australian Stockist, VB carry them! :) http://shop.violetbox.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=villainess

    2. I want the scrub though *whines*. ;-)

    3. LOL! I feel your pain! Looks like that will have to be your option, then! xx


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