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February 2014 Lust Have It Review!

Hi lovelies,

It's that time of the month again, when the beauty boxes roll out!

I'm a bit behind on posting about the January LHI box, mainly because it arrived a bit late due to problems LHI had with their warehouse, so I thought I'd just do a mini-review right at the end of this post. I didn't mind the January box, but I'm pleased to say that the February box was much more satisfying!

The February box arrived in a simple cardboard box (LHI are changing their packaging again), so read on to see what I received (apologies for the photos but I lost daylight and had to take them in the rather jaundiced light of my bedroom).

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive exfoliant mask (deluxe sample)

The Cosmetic Kitchen mineral eyeshadow in Watermelon (full sized)

The Cosmetic Kitchen makeup brush (full sized)

Vaseline Ultimate 10 anti-aging body lotion (deluxe sample)

Clairol Professional Color Radiance shampoo (deluxe sample)

Clairol Professional Expand Volume mousse (deluxe sample)

Hand Spa Bijoux hand wipe (sample)

So...? Sinful perfume (deluxe sample)

There was also a few discount vouchers and pamphlets. On to photos!

February 2014 Lust Have It Box
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February discount vouchers/pamphlets.
Click for pricing/product details.
L-R: Clairol mousse, Clairol shampoo and Vaseline moisturiser.
The Cosmetic Kitchen eyeshadow in Watermelon and powder brush.

What did I think of this box? I was pretty happy with it! There was something in there for everyone, regardless of personal preferences - skincare, makeup, haircare, perfume, they certainly covered all their bases!

The Juice Beauty mask looks really interesting. Unfortunately, I'm currently on a course of Roaccutane and this might be a bit harsh for my skin, so I'm going to pass this on to mum. Needless to say, I was thrilled to see the eyeshadow in the box. I would advise people to be a bit careful with it, though, as the entire sifter lifted right out of the pot when I unscrewed the lid. The shade is also versatile enough that it could be used as a blush! The powder brush is lovely and soft, so I daresay it will find a good place in my collection.

The Vaseline mini sample is going to come in handy as I'm currently planning some travels (more on that in a separate post)! It's quite a light moisturiser, both in scent and texture, so I look forward to using this. Nothing worse than having your perfume clashing with the scent of your moisturiser! The Clairol shampoo looks interesting, though I thought it was a little odd not to get the conditioner with it. I'm definitely keen to try the mousse, as it's also got a built-in heat protector.

The only product I wasn't overly interested in was the hand wipe. While the concept sounds interesting enough, I'm not entirely certain that a single wipe would have enough of an effect to convince me to buy a pack.

So...? Sinful perfume sample.

Last but not least, the So...? Sinful perfume is part of the new 'beauty dip' promotion Lust Have It are running (a thousand lucky recipients scored one of these), and I was fortunate enough to receive one! I was pretty happy to see this as I love perfumes and I've been hearing about the So...? range for a bit. It's quite generously sized at 10 ml, and the scent is quite lovely - sweetly floral without being overly strong.

Now, for those of you who were curious about my thoughts on the January box, here's what I received.

January 2014 Lust Have It Box.

To be perfectly honest, the January box didn't impress me much initially, but it did grow on me after a while. The Invisible Zinc tinted moisturiser is one I've been curious to try, and fortunately, medium is a shade I can work with. I can, however, understand why many would be disappointed to receive it as it's probably too dark to fit most skintones. The skin perfecting gel is an interesting product, but again, one I will have to pass on to someone else. I was pretty happy to see the Evodia hand lotion, I've used them in the past and they are lovely! Although I don't use makeup remover wipes, the Simple wipes will come in handy for when I take blog photos. I always think it's odd when a sample pack is provided though, given how affordable the full sized packs are.

While I was initially a little disappointed by the size of the Aveda hair oil sample, it's actually something that you need to emulsify with water before applying, so it does justify the size of the sample somewhat. The product I was least impressed with, however, was the ModelCo lipgloss in Striptease. While I actually don't mind ModelCo products (like all brands, they have hits and misses), we'd actually received the very same product (in the same shade, no less), in a box released in 2012 (click here for the review). It was also the same shade that has been offered countless times in a magazine gift with purchase (like this Woman's Day one), so a different shade would have been good!

In short, I'm really pleased that the February box is a bit more exciting than the January one! I can't wait to see what March brings us!

If you'd like to try the box for yourself, you can get $5 off your first box by applying the code MAIDEN at checkout.

What do you think of the box(es), lovelies? Do you agree with my opinion of the January box? Which box do you prefer?

Much love,

Note: These products were kindly provided for my consideration. This has not affected my opinion in any way. For more information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.


  1. I havent received my February box as yet but as i seem to receive them 2 weeks into the following month im not expecting mine for another 2 weeks at least....even though they (LHI) did tell me that I would receive it hot on the heels of the January box...hhmm....still waiting :(
    I love the boxes but the delivery sucks.

    1. Oh, poor you! I hope you love your box when you get it! Waiting can be so frustrating!

  2. I'm still waiting for my feb LHI the delivery is too slow compare to the other boxes ,,,i did not like my January box only thing I'm using it Paula's choice gel nothing else so far and simple wipes I think I have received them more than 5 times already from different companies +LHI
    Btw I'm Varinder visiting you from

    1. Fair enough, let's hope the next box is delivered quicker! Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. I was really happy with my Feb box too, the hand wipe is rubbish but I can work with everything else. I got a So..? Kiss Me, I used to wear it in High School.. brings back memories :)

    1. I agree with you, Loz! How lovely that the scent has sentimental value for you. :)

  4. Ooh! I love the versatility of your eye shadow! I'm not sure about the wipe either, but it's an interesting concept!

    1. Thank you, TemporaryPrincess, I do too! :)

      Yes, the wipe is interesting, just not sure how useful it will be!

  5. The eyeshadow you got is super pretty! I also got the same perfume, it smells really nice. And I agree with you about the Jan box...was a bit boring.

    1. Isn't it just, Sarah?! I agree with you re the perfume, too!

      Glad the Feb box was more intriguing! :)


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