Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Lust Have It Review!

Hey lovelies,

I received my May LHI bag three days ago, but I've only managed to find time to review it now, so here goes!

As some of you may have noticed from the last post on the April box, there were some issues last month with the shipping process, and a lot of members received their April boxes late. I was one of them, which is why this box seemed to arrive inordinately early, but what a treat not to have to wait too long between boxes!

This  is the first box since Glossybox joined LHI, so this month will have a bit of variety between the LHI and ex-GB subscribers. LHI original subscribers received their boxes first, with the ex-GB shipments meant to go out a week or so after. As usual, all LHI subscribers pretty much receive the same items, but with some slight variety in colours. However, as the majority of the ex-GB boxes had already been decided on before GB joined with LHI, the boxes were just amended slightly by LHI, so if you're an ex-GB subscriber, you're likely to receive some different goodies to what I got (in which case, please pop back and tell me what you got)!

So on to what I received, it all arrived in a pretty hot pink bag this month. There was a little card explaining that we'd receive 8 samples and a gorgeous little Mother's Day card this month as a little thank you for bearing with LHI through the April issues and to celebrate Mother's Day. Here's what I received:

ModelCo lipgloss (full sized) - I got this in 'striptease', a pretty pale pink. Some subscribers might get a lipstick in lieu of the gloss.

Evo calming shampoo and conditioner (deluxe samples)

Bioderma Crealine H20 make up remover (deluxe sample)

Calvin Klein sheer beauty perfume (sample)

Lust - 'Lust' soap (sample) - Jasmine scented. There's also a 'Dirty' soap, which is made from spearmint, sandalwood, pine and oakmoss.

Caron Laboratories Bump eRaiser medi paste (full sized)

Nicole by OPI mini polish

And a little Mother's Day card with a poem inside.

On to the photographs:

Hot pink bag for May.

The goodies.

L-R: Evo shampoo/conditioner and Bioderma make up remover.

L-R: Lust soap, bump eraser and perfume sample.

Nicole by OPI mini glitter polish and ModelCo gloss.

It's a purple sparkly polish.

ModelCo lipgloss, with mirror on the packaging.

Click to see product pricing/sizing.

The Mother's Day card.

The little poem inside the card.

So what did I think of this month's samples?

I liked the lipgloss, I always like it when there are make up items in each box and I've never tried ModelCo glosses before, so it's fun to try something new. I also like that there's a mirror on the packaging, that will make it handy for touch up's!

I might actually be able to use this shampoo/conditioner as it doesn't have sulfates in it! I might give it a try in a couple of months once the keratin starts washing out of my hair. I do like Evo products so it will be good to try it. I didn't know what the Bioderma was when I first saw it as the packaging doesn't have much information, but fortunately the card explained that it was a make up remover. You apply some on a cotton pad and wipe your make up away, I've heard a lot about it so am quite eager to try this.

I liked the soap and the perfume sample, I've got quite a good collection of mini perfume samples now, they come in so handy for little weekend trips away or for carrying in your hand bag for a quick spritz. I actually have another tube of the Caron paste lying around somewhere, but I've yet to use it. Must find a use for it, methinks.

As for the Nicole polish, I could be mistaken as there is no label on the packaging, but I believe it's part of the Justin Bieber set released last year. We did receive two other polishes in that collection last year, but I was fortunate enough to get a different one this time. I know some other subscribers received double up's, which is a pity, but this purple glitter actually looks quite pretty, I can't wait to give it a go.

I do think the card was a very nice touch to go with Mother's Day. :)

Verdict? I really liked this box! It's good to see that having GB join LHI hasn't brought the standard down (as yet, anyway).

What did you think of the box, if you got one? Which items did you get?

Much love,


  1. I got everything the same as you except my polish was just flat purple, no glitters unfortunately, and my lip-gloss was a lighter shade! I haven't read any review on this month's LHI where someone actually got the lipstick! Strange!
    I really liked this box myself, everything in it was perfect for a weekend away somewhere :)

    1. Oh, that does sound like the purple polish I got in the October (I think) box. Such a shame!

      I agree, it was quite a handy box!

  2. I agree, loved this month's box! I have raved about Bioderma on my blog if you want to have a peek, By the way, what shampoo and conditioner do you use for your keratin treated hair? The only shampoo that was keratin compatible at my salon was $65! No thanks!

    1. It really is a nice box! I use Global Keratin shampoo/conditioner. That was way too expensive, the shampoos for keratin treatments usually retail between $35-$45...although some places do sell them a bit cheaper.

      You can use any conditioner though, it's usually just the shampoo that is the problem!

  3. I also got a gloss.. but a darker dusky pink... Sugar Plum.
    Quite a nice colour.

    My OPI was 'I'm a Beleiber' if the code is correct: the pictures seem more lilac than mine is, it's a more plummy purple in comparison. Sounds like the flat purple you got before.
    The purple shimmer looks way more fun... it looks like 'One Less Lonely Glitter' from the Beiber range.

  4. as an ex Glossybox subscriber, I am mighty happy with what I've received this month. This is by far the best 'box' I've received as every sample is something I would use.

    I received:
    - Showface Professional Eyeshadow (very nice gold colour)
    - Lush Lust Soap (they read my mind! my lush collection is growing :))
    - Nicole by OPI (nice shimmer purple colour not glitter, although there is nail polish all over the lid...perhaps it was to differentiate between the colours? i dunno what's up with that, it didn't seem to have leaked though)
    - the New L'eau de Chloe sample size (smells divine ^^)
    - Biore Mini Samples: pore unclogging scrub, pore strips (handy for travelling) and toner

    so it was quite different, I would have liked to try the bump e-raiser but there isn't anything I would have swapped it for :)

    1. I think I'm envious of your eyeshadow, I love eyeshadows!

  5. Great review!
    I got my first Lust Have it Box in May, I didnt get the same box because mine was an introductory box. Here is my review on it


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