Thursday, May 24, 2012

Four ways with one lipstick!

Hi lovelies,
I was having a chat with a friend, and she mentioned that she’d received a lipstick in a colour that she wouldn't necessarily have chosen for herself as a gift, and wasn't sure what to do with it as she didn't think the colour suited her.  
As a result, I thought it’d be a great idea to do a post on the different ways you can apply lip colour, and how you can get some use out of that lipstick you never thought you’d wear! I’ve used Mirenesse lipstick in Pierre as my example, which is a glossy, dark red when applied directly on my lips from the bullet. I do find it a bit too dark for daily wear, so these are the different methods I use to get some wear out of it (and the many other lipsticks I own that are too pale/bright/dark for my liking).

Method 1 – Directly from the bullet.
It’s always easiest to apply the lipstick directly from the bullet straight onto your lips. If you’re like me, you've been applying lipstick for so long, you can actually do it without looking in a mirror (best used for nude colours and not shades requiring precise application like red lipstick).

Method 2 – Use a lip liner
Applying the lipstick over a lip liner achieves two purposes. It adds longevity to your lipstick (which means you’ll get more wear out of it before having to touch up) and changes the colour of the lipstick. My tip is to use opposing shades; if you have a lipstick that’s too pale, apply it with a darker liner underneath, or alternatively, if you have a lipstick that’s too dark, use a pale liner underneath. In this instance, I've used a nude lipliner (Youngblood Pout) under the lipstick to lighten the colour of the lipstick. As you can see, it looks a bit more muted than when applying it directly from the bullet, and also provides a more matte finish.


Method 3 – Use a lipgloss
Applying a lipgloss over the lipstick also changes the colour. In this case, I used a pale pink lipgloss from Mirenesse, called Hello Kitten. It’s the same principle as Method 2, but it’s a great option for ladies who prefer a bit more moisture on their lips or increased shine.

Method 4 – Apply it as a stain
Use the lipstick as a stain, and press the colour gently onto your lips using your fingertips. This will sheer out the colour and give you a pretty flush, as opposed to a concentrated colour. You can also use a lip brush or a cotton bud in lieu of your finger, just dab it on the lipstick and then apply it to your lips!

I hope you found these tips useful, lovelies! Will you be trying these out on a lipstick you seldom use?

Much love,


  1. This is a great idea! I love that we can use a shade in so many ways. Then there is the blush use too which can be handy when trying to be minimalist for packing a small bag. Your friend is lucky to recieve such great advice X

    1. Thank you so much, hun! Agreed, there is also the lipstick as a creme blush method! :)


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