Monday, May 14, 2012

Christmas Comes Early - My Glosscars Pack Arrives!

Hi lovelies,

About a month ago, I mentioned here that I'd been lucky enough to win a Glosscars pack, and my pack just arrived on Friday! It was delivered to work, and it was pretty heavy, so a wonderful colleague of mine gave me a hand and popped it in the trunk of my car for me. The box was a wee bit banged up, but luckily, the inside was fine, thanks to some great bubble wrap packing by the BeautyHeaven ladies!

I couldn't wait to get into it, but I really wanted to find some time to go through it all properly and appreciate it, because after all, how often is it that you receive a bumper 59 products in the mail?! It really did feel like an early Christmas!

I opened the box to find all the items inside bubble wrapped separately, with a whole mound of bubble wrap on top for extra protection! I had a great time unwrapping each little package separately, and then lining the products up to take photographs! I've already had a little play with some of the items, but I've put the majority away to be used once my current products run out. I've also given a few out to deserving new owners!

It really is a gorgeous prize pack, and I can't thank BeautyHeaven enough for the lovely prize! This has totally made my year, I've never received such a large prize ever! I haven't had much of a chance to play with a lot of the products, but I'll be rolling them out slowly and letting you know how I go as I do!

PS - One of my fellow winners, Glamourpussgirl, has also posted a great blog post with all the items grouped into their respective categories, so do check out her post here if you have a spare minute!

Much love,


  1. omg you are so lucky!
    im sitting here turning greener and greener!
    you mustve felt like a princess opening everything :D

  2. That is absolutely phenomenal! Must be hundreds of dollars worth of prodz in there! From a quick eyeball, some of my faves are in there; Cha Chat Tint, Falsies Mascara, Max White One! I'm aslo intrigued to how the Silk Epil goes, so let us know. If anyone deserves this prize it's you. :) Enjoy your goodies and keep us updated! :) x

    1. Yes, I believe it's over $1000? Either way, priceless! :)

      Thank you so much! I will let you know for sure! Stay tuned for reviews!


  3. This is an amazing price and you so deserve it. What an exciting pack to receive! Can you please do a review on the cha cha tint? X

  4. Wow.
    Anything you don't want i'll gladly take off your hands!!!

  5. Im drooling...omg lucky girl. Enjoy trying all those products out!!

  6. Congratulations for being lucky enough to be one of the winners, we are all envious!
    It appears that you won't need to buy anything any time soon :)

    1. Thank you, I was very lucky! There are some amazing things in this pack that I've been dying to try, so excited!

      I'm sure that I will still find excuses to buy stuff though. :)

  7. OMG its glosscars! I'm so jealous right now but gratz :))


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