Monday, May 28, 2012

Beautyheaven Australian BlogStar Awards 2012 Nomination!

Hi lovelies!

How are you all doing? I seem to have tipped over the middle ground I was straddling and fallen straight over into the 'catching a cold' territory, as I'm dealing with sniffles, watery eyes and a sore throat! However, I'm feeling pretty positive in general due to some amazing news I received yesterday!

One of my favourite websites, Beautyheaven, is sponsoring their annual Australian BlogStar Awards (ABA), where beauty bloggers could put in some original blog entries in an attempt to win a coveted top ten nomination. Beautyheaven members then pick their favoured bloggers from the shortlist, with the winners from each category (there are four in total) scoring a monthly guest blog spot on BH for a whole year and an amazing beauty pack valued at more than $1,200!

I was over the moon to find out that my blog featured twice in the top ten list for my category 'Best Beauty Blog Post - New Blog'! You can read my winning entries here and here. Now, I just want to say I'm so honoured that my blog made it into the top ten shortlist in my category. I started The Made Up Maiden because I'd been feeling like my creativity was being stifled, and slowly draining away in the past years, so I wanted an avenue to inspire and share my creativity, and also, with the hope that things I do might help or inspire my readers in some small way! Although blogging is great fun, I do put a lot of effort into my topics, photographs and writing skills, and thus, it's an amazing feeling to receive some validation that I'm doing a halfway decent job! I'd really like to thank BH for giving that validation to me, as well as all of you, my dear readers, for without you, I would not have made it this far.

Competition is pretty stiff as I'm up against some truly amazing entries/blogs, and as some of my favourite bloggers are also listed, it's very exciting times indeed! Beautyheaven have provided me with some links to get you, my dear readers, to vote for me (if you choose to, that is), so if you are so inclined and can spare a moment, I would dearly love if you'd support my blog by taking a moment to vote for me! All you need to do is click on caption on the image below to be taken to the voting form!
Click on this caption to be taken to the voting page!

Voting is strictly for Beautyheaven members, but it only takes a couple of minutes to sign up, which you can do right here. There are also 100 packs to go to lucky voters, so you could score a pack just for voting! Voting closes at midnight on Sunday, 10th of June, so get in quick! Thank you in advance!

Don't forget to enter my blog giveaway!

Much love,


  1. Congrats! I will be sure to vote :)

  2. Thanks so much, hun, it means a lot to me! :)

  3. Congrats hun!! Off to vote for you :)

  4. Well done Coconal! I did notice that you had two posts up on the competition, when I went to do my 'readings' on Sunday lol!
    Good luck :)

    1. Thank you so much, Elunia! :)
      Reading was fun, wasn't it? I took about 2 hours to go through everything properly but have found some favourite new blogs. :)

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