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2014 Birthday Haul Part 1 - Sephora Malaysia and Laura Mercier.

Hi lovelies!

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, which just happened to coincide with a Sephora Malaysia 20% off sale. As a result, I decided to pop in and stock up on some staples, as well as spend a little (okay, most) of my birthday money. It worked pretty well as I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the Christmas sets available at Sephora Malaysia, and as I could actually swatch the products, it made it a lot easier to decide if I should purchase or not. Let's take a look at what I purchased, shall we?

First up, here's everything that I purchased in one flatlay photo!

Birthday Haul Part 1 - Sephora Malaysia and Laura Mercier.

Top row: Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection and Ciate London Haute House Collection (Rich Ink Formula).
Middle row: Tarte Kiss & Belle Lip Surgence Collection, Sephora Toffee Moisturising Body Lotion and Shu Uemura POREfinist Fresh Cleansing Oil.
Bottom row: Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation, Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, Benefit Cosmetics birthday gift and Sephora Collection Daily Makeup Brush Cleanser.

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The Ciate set is one I'd been eyeing for a while. I don't own any Ciate polishes so I was immediately enamoured of these five duochrome shades when I first spotted them at Sephora Malaysia a few weeks ago. I love minis as they allow me to build my collection while maximising on storage space. Needless to say, I made a beeline for this set as soon as I entered the store, at 20% off, how could I not?! The front of the box opens to reveal five mini polishes housed behind transparent plastic.

Ciate London Haute House Collection (Rich Ink Formula)

Isn't this collection pretty?!

Ciate London Haute House Collection (Rich Ink Formula)

Next up, we have the gorgeous limited edition Kiss & Belle LipSurgence Collection from Tarte. I'd been eyeing this from Sephora US, especially because we all know I have a weakness for jumbo pencils. The only reason I hesitated was because I didn't know if the shades would be suitable for my skintone, as some look pretty pale. I did swatch them in the store and most are pretty pigmented, so I decided to snap this up! I was pretty excited for this as I'd always wanted to try the Tarte LipSurgence pencils. The only problem with this set is that the shades are all limited edition, so there's no possibility of stocking up if you fall in love with a particular shade (which I did, unfortunately). Also, look at the pretty purple box, I'm going to have a really tough time putting this in the recycle bin. 

Tarte Kiss & Belle LipSurgence Collection.

Now, I rather stupidly only brought back a half finished foundation with me, so I knew I'd be needing a new one quick smart. After getting shade matched by the lovely makeup artist at Sephora Malaysia, I settled on this Tarte full coverage foundation, and it's love at first sight...or swatch...whatever. This provides medium to full coverage depending on how you sheer it out/build it up, and a gorgeous, dewy finish that stays put for hours.

I also needed a new concealer, and pretty much decided on this after walking around the store for an hour. A full review on both foundation and concealer will be on the blog in the next few days, but here's a hint, I'm madly in love with both!

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer and Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation.

I also decided to take advantage of the sale and stock up on some basics that I use often. The Shu Uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Cleansing Oil was a HG favourite of mine (reviewed here), but they decided to replace it with the reformulated POREfinist Fresh Cleansing Oil. I tried a different bottle of Shu Uemura cleansing oil in the interim, but I don't like it as much as the original, so I decided to check out the reformulated POREfinist.

I also needed a new body moisturiser and the Sephora Collection Toffee moisturiser smells amazing! Caramel/toffee is one of my favourite scents, so I couldn't pass this up. It's not a huge bottle so I should get through it without getting sick of the scent. I also picked up another bottle of my usual brush cleanser.

Shu Uemura POREfinist Fresh Cleansing Oil, Sephora Brush Cleanser and Toffee Moisturising Lotion.

Last but not least, there was a little birthday gift from Sephora Malaysia, comprising of a mini They're Real mascara and a Watts Up highlighter. I actually received this from Sephora US last year but I really love Watts Up (brought the last one with me on this trip, actually), so I was pretty happy to receive this again. I'll pass the mini mascara on to mum!

Sephora Malaysia birthday gift.

I also stopped by Laura Mercier to pick up the Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection. The caviar sticks are another product I'd wanted to try for ages, and I'd been kicking myself for skipping the mini collection Laura Mercier offered in Malaysia last year. This set is currently also offered in Australia, and has Khaki, Moonlight, Cocoa, Amethyst, Copper and Rosegold. Four of these shades were offered in last year's collection, but I actually think I prefer this year's collection, so it all worked out well in the end. You basically get 6 mini shades for the price of 2 full sized shades, though the weight per package works out almost the same.

 Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Colour Collection.

There you have it, lovelies! Here is part 1 of my birthday haul which I picked up locally. Part 2 will comprise items I picked up from Sephora US, and I'll be sure to share photos and a blog post when I receive it.

What do you think of the items I picked up, lovelies? Are there any items you want to see reviews on? If so, let me know in the comments!

Much love,

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  1. I am lusting over everything you purchased! Especially the laura mercier caviar sticks, it would be great if you can review the set :) I'd love to see swatches!

  2. Oh my God... This whole post has made me weak at the knees! I can't wait to see what's in the second post!

  3. Ahhh, awesome haul . Great picks ! Love how the polishes look and the caviar sticks.
    Waiting for the Part 2 haul now :)

    1. Thanks so much, Saumya! I will definitely upload photos when Part 2 arrives. :)

  4. OMG!!! You def got great products here!!! I am so drooling over these!!!!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Everything you got looks fantastic! Can't wait to read the reviews :)

    Pink Frenzy

  6. Oh wow what a birthday haul this is, I can't wait to read your review as I have a few of those on my wishlist x

  7. SUCH A DREAMY HAUL! Love it!

  8. Another haul that has given me some ideas for gifts, thank you.

  9. So jealous of this little haul. I want to Tarte Lip Surgence Set, I think it would be so cute and perfect to try out there products.

    Check out my blog?
    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & ­­Bloglovin'

    1. The Tarte set is amazing, Krystal. It's just a shame that it's all limited edition shades.

  10. Wow! Now that's a haul!!! I look forward to your foundation review, it sounds great. Glad I saw your haul post on bh, i didn't realise you have a blog..and a great blog at that. What a great birthday pressy..and it's only half. Such gorgeous stuff U collected x

    1. Thanks, Helen! Yes, I do, I've been at it for 3 years now. :)

      Thanks for your lovely compliment on the blog too. :)

  11. Loving this haul! You did an amazing job shopping hehe ;) Definitely the best way to spend your birthday money! xx


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