Friday, October 7, 2016

NOTD: The dry brush manicure (with feature accent nail).

Hi lovelies!

Happy Friyay!

I wanted to share some quick and simple nail art I did recently using the dry brush technique. In case you're wondering what the dry brush technique is, you simply scrape off almost all the polish off your brush until it's almost dry, then stroke it across the nail! It actually feels quite therapeutic, and you can get different patterns by alternating brush stroke directions and also changing colours.

Before I get any further, I do apologise for the smudge of red polish on my ring finger cuticle bed...I was rushing to take photos and didn't notice it at the time!

The dry brush manicure.

I used three Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes in Dig Fig, Birthday Suit and Game of Chromes. I used Birthday Suit as my base polish on all my nails except my ring finger, where I used Dig Fig instead. I then simply used the dry brush technique to use the remaining two shades on each nail, alternating directions with each stroke. I wasn't overly impressed with the design when I first did it, but it was quite late so I left it to the next day, and by then, it had grown on me so I decided to keep it!

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The dry brush manicure.
The dry brush manicure.

The dry brush manicure.

The dry brush manicure.

There you have it, lovelies, a quick and simple look that's so easy to achieve, all you need are a couple of contrasting polishes!

What did you think of the dry brush manicure?

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