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November Lust Have It Review!

Hello lovelies!

Happy Sunday! Not. Bah, humbug! to Monday being a few scant hours away! What has everyone been up to this weekend? I've been rather busy (and I will be uploading a post shortly to show you all exactly what I've been busy doing)!

Anyhow, welcome to the November Lust Have It review! I received it a few days ago and thought I'd share my photos and thoughts on this month's box (or should that be bag? Let's stick with box as it befits the beauty box theme a bit better). I have to confess that I slacked off missed doing last month's LHI review, partly due to the fact that I found the box a little disappointing (and so, wasn't in a hurry to share my thoughts) and also, as we received it a bit late in the month, it got lost amongst all the birthday chaos.

(Taken from the LHI newsletter)

Here is a quick mini-review of what I received in the October LHI box. I found it a little disappointing as we were only given one wax strip, which wasn't really enough to give the product a proper trial. I also wasn't particularly impressed with the tiny Montaser eye cream sample that we received. The body lotion was fine but it does seem like we have had quite a few to get through from previous months, so it wasn't especially exciting. I did like the perfume, which was packaged in a cute little bottle, but the confetti rose soap left me a little underwhelmed, largely because I had received it in a previous beauty box and also because I don't think it's particularly useful. I don't have a tub, and I prefer not to use it as hand soap as it means you'd have to peel off a petal prior to washing your hands (and that's not always feasible).

This month's box is off to a great start as we received it mid-month, which gives me a little more time to review it!

November's LHI items were packaged in a purple bag similar to one that I previously received in June, with a note on the card stating that this is the last pop-colour makeup bag we'd be receiving, as LHI are introducing a new collectible packaging as of next month. I have to say I found it quite curious that everyone received different coloured bags this month, perhaps because they were trying to use up their remaining bags before bringing in the new packaging!

On to the items, LHI have previously split their boxes up into three different categories, Bold & Beautiful, Fun & Flirty and Luxe & Luscious, however, this month's box does not seem to have been categorised in any way. Here's what I received in my box:

Inside the November bag.

L-R: ModelCo mascara, Evodia fragrance roll-on, GKMBJ treatment mask,
Aviva tan extender and Star & Rose Tweezers.

ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Mascara - full sized

This product is brand new and hasn't hit the shelves yet, which is quite exciting. It's always nice to try something before the general public gets access to it, and is one of the reasons that drew me to sign up to beauty boxes in the first place! I'm quite keen to try this as it promises a 'false lash' effect and I'm always interested in products that promise to work wonders on my lashes. I also like that it has a mirror on the back as it's perfect for touching up on the go.

Evodia Roll-on Fragrance - full sized 
I was lucky enough to receive this in mango and pink grapefruit, which are scents that I love. I'm a big fan of Evodia (they also have amazing body lotions and hand creams) so I was keen to try this. I find the scent very mild, sweet and fresh. Personally, it's more what I would wear after leaving the gym (if I did go to the gym, that is) than on a night out, but all in all, quite happy to have received this.

GKMBJ One Minute Treatment - sample
I've actually never heard of this brand, but I'm a big fan of time-saving products and a mask that promises to work in a minute gets a big thumbs up from me! I will report back once I've had a chance to trial it out properly.

Aviva Inspires Skin Glow Light Tan Extender - sample
Well. I obviously have no use for this product so I will be passing it on to someone who does. Does anyone here want it? Happy to give it away if you are happy to pay for postage!

Star & Rose Hologram Tweezer - full sized
This looks like a great pair of tweezers and the pattern is just too cute. I think a good pair of slant tweezers always comes in handy (I have a pair at home and I also carry a mini one in my handbag, perfect for plucking out stray hairs or if you happen to get a splinter), so I just might leave this as my spare pair at work.

There was also a voucher for a 'buy one, get one free' product from Evodia, which is a great way to try more products from the brand.

Click to view pricing.

What's interesting is the LHI newsletter states that all VIPs (categorised as annual subscribers or monthly subscribers who have been with LHI continuously for over 12 months, which latter category I fall into) were supposed to receive a second, 'buy one and get one free' voucher for the new 'Liberal Arts' movie, and my voucher was missing from my box! The only reason I didn't follow up with LHI is I'm actually going on holiday in three weeks, so I doubt I'll have much time to watch the movie anyway, but it's a little odd to have it missing.

Verdict? I did like this box, think it's great value and will definitely be getting some use out of most of the items. It is a little annoying to be receiving samples that don't suit you at all (like blonde/highlighting products when you are a brunette or tanning products when you clearly have no need for it), but I can understand how tough it must be to work out the logistics, so I'm always happy to pass items on to someone who can use them. I also think this month's box is a vast improvement over last month's, but I do wish there was a little more consistency between the items in each box. I know that two of my favourite bloggers, Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty and Kat from Kitsch Snitch both received different coloured bags and different items from what I received!

The variation in the boxes is something that got a lot of Glossybox subscribers up in arms, so I do hope that LHI will make more of an effort to keep the boxes consistent in future months. I have seen that some subscribers appear to be receiving items that were in previous boxes, and I can understand the frustration!

What did you think of this month's box, lovelies? If you're a subscriber, what did you receive, and are you content with it?

Much love,

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  1. I have been looking at those Evodia fragrances, that is a nice addition to the box. The mask also sounds intriguing, I'd love to hear how you get on with it!

    1. I will keep you updated, hun! It's locked in for the next time I wash my hair!

  2. Wow there has been so much variation across the bags this month :) I'm still not tempted to subscribe to lust have it yet!

  3. Even though I only subscribed in Feb, I've kind of been subscribed for over 12 months; as I was with Beauty Box who then changed to Glossybox and then passed onto Lust Have It.

    I got the blue bag. Check out my blog post.

    1. I saw your blog post, it was great! It does seem like they are a little all over the place this month!

  4. I haven't subscribed to any beauty boxes but have tried a few if you get my drift. I would love it if the beauty boxes gave you some kind of option to choose from eg: skincare/beauty type of thing AND inc. your colouring/skin type etc. Yes, it would be a lot more work for them but better to receive products you CAN and will use rather than not am I right?

    1. Yes, I do know what you mean, and I do wish we could sign up to an exclusive one. I find they are always a bit hit and miss, which is to be expected with a sample box, I suppose. And it is nice to get samples that you would not necessarily have thought to purchase yourself, yet find yourself loving.

      I wish we had more boxes like they do in the States! I know there is one that only has polishes in it!

  5. I am so over those rose petal soaps. They just don't do anything for me (probably because they fall apart as soon as I touch them:)) This month's box looked much better and I hope you enjoy the products.

    Where are you going on hols? Xx

    1. Me too! I think I might like to try dissolving one in the bath for the novelty of it but it's not very practical as hand soap. I agree it was an improvement over last month's box!

      I am going back to KL to visit family...but I'm hoping to do a short trip or two in between. :)

      Are you going anywhere for Christmas?

  6. I do understand the logisitics must be difficult, trying to please everyone and making sure everyone gets items that are suitable to their beauty profile, but in saying that - Bellabox does it? They ask when you sign up for your skin type, skin colour and hair type and colour, to better help them bring you stuff you can use! Why can't LHI do this? It's not really that hard! :(
    It really sucks that you would get something for tanning!

    I do think they've done a lot better this month though, definitely, I just think if they want to keep their customers they really need to start thinking about us bloggers and how we WILL find out what was in the other boxes and we WILL be angry if only part of us get something super awesome!

    Also thanks for linking me lovely :)

    1. Haha, I know, tanning products are really funny and I have actually received three different products rather randomly from different sources (not just LHI).

      I think I actually did get some other items from Bellabox that weren't quite suited to me, but I agree that they were much better in the last few months I was subscribed to them. I just wish they did more makeup items in their boxes!

      And yes, I agree that they should focus more on the fact that with social media, a lot of information is out there and it makes it a lot harder to please customers if the boxes are not consistent.

      My pleasure!


  7. I would've loved to have recieved the Evodia product!! I got the Lomasi body cream which goes in really nice on the skin but I don't like fragranced body lotions so I won't use it!

    LHI made a comment on their page saying the tan extender can actually be used as a light tanner so if you have light skin it would probably give you a light glow!

  8. I got a bunch of different products in mine, including a body lotion and some face of australia wipes. I'm pretty happy with what I got but I did want to try that fragrance!


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