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Guest Blogging Special by All Made Up!

Hello lovelies!

I have a special post to share with you today, a lovely guest blogging post from a Twitter friend of mine, the pretty Mez from All Made Up. Mez hails from Britain, and a couple of weeks ago, she asked if anyone was keen on doing a blog swap, which I was super quick to put my hand up for! My post for her blog has been a bit delayed as I've been insanely busy, and also as I've been recovering from a bad cold, but I will be publishing a nail tutorial post for her very soon!

Without further ado, please give her a warm welcome as you read her blog post below on her top five picks for lip glosses/balms!


Hi ladies,

My name is Mez and I hail all the way from the other side of the internet & world in a little beauty blog called All Made Up. Recently I did a series on my lip product collection consisting of natural lipsticks for WOC, plums, reds & lastly my lip liners. I'm ending the series here on this lovely blog with my favourite glosses and tinted balms (as the title suggests). I find that some glosses can look very different on fairer skintones whereas on WOC (women of colour) those same products aren't pigmented enough to show up. As I always do on my blog I have lip swatches so you can decide for yourself. I should add all prices will be in British pounds as I'm from the UK. Enough babble, off we go...

From top to bottom:
Revlon super lustrous lip gloss -Nude Lustre
No 7 lipgloss - Number 5 intrigue
ELF luscious liquid lipstick - Rasberry (that's how they spelled it)
Lanolips - Apples
Korres lip butter - Plum

Revlon gloss - Nude lustre

I included this as I like the formula and the colour range, however, although this slightly tints my lips this shade doesn't give as much colour as I would like and I'm not really into clear glosses. I should have bought a different shade in hindsight. The packaging looks great for the £6.99 price tag.

No7 - Intrigue

This is so smooth and surprisingly pigmented making it an awesome wearable everyday red gloss. I bought it on a whim as they were hugely discounted in Boots just after valentines day I believe (Disclaimer - I could be making that up). Other poppy king glosses retail for £10.50 on the Boots website.

ELF - Rasberry

This is a very different texture from the rest of the 'glosses'. As it is technically a liquid 'lipstick' it is creamy as opposed to a balmy texture and I believe this is what gives it decent lasting power. Again this is very pigmented, smells nice and I weirdly like seeing the product squeeze out of those holes (errrrr, I'm not weird I promise). A bargain at £1.50.

Lanolips - Apples

Again another fantastically moisturising red balm/gloss. I really don't like the applicator which means you have to first squeeze some out onto your finger but other than that I love the lanolips range. It's quite pricey but it definitely is worth £8.16 as it moisturises like no other. Another interesting fact for you readers out in Australia is that Nalini informs me that is where Lanolips is made :)

Korres - Plum

Finally the much hyped Korres lip butter. This is beautiful! Firstly (although possibly not too important) it smells and tastes gorgeous. Moving on, this shade is extremely pigmented. I couldn't get an accurate picture on my lips (I never can with these dark purple shades) but you can build it up almost to the colour in the container. I also bought a lighter coral shade at the time but sadly that didn't show up on my pigmented lips. This retails for £6 on Feel Unique.

So that was my Top 5 lip glosses/balms. I hope I get more use out of these now I've put them out on the blogosphere for all to see. Be sure to let me know your favourite gloss in the comments. If you liked this post, please visit my blog to see what else I have to offer. Even if you didn't, I might surprise you ;) Thank you for letting me take over your fantastic blog for my first ever guest post Nalini.

Till next time (hopefully)...Toodles! :)


What a wonderful post on lipglosses/balms, Mez, thank you so much for contributing! How's this for timing; I have just managed to pick up Lanolips Apple, and I can't wait to try it out, especially after reading your glowing review! 

I do hope you enjoyed Mez's post, lovelies, do hop on over to visit her blog, she has some amazing posts on there! 

If you would like to guest blog on my blog or have me guest on yours, please send me an email and we'll work something out!

Much love,


  1. I love guest posts! This one was great, I will be checking out her blog now :)

  2. Oh hi Mez! You have great plump lips!! :) I'm surprised the Korres lip butter is so pigmented :)

    1. Hiyaaa, thank you! As for the korres I was surprised how pigmented it is as well x


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