Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Themed Makeup Looks!

Happy Halloween, lovelies!

As I mentioned earlier, I had wanted to do some makeup looks for Halloween but did run out of time as I spent a large portion of last week sick. Boo. Still, I spent some time doing up some quick looks two days ago and thought I'd share them with you here, so please bear with me as it could be a rather picture heavy post.

They aren't particularly original but they are quick, simple and good for doing at the last minute. Oh, and you can get the props from a $2 shop, another big selling point for me. Plus, you can actually wear two of these looks out on a night out (minus one or two details, of course). I'll just apologise for the photo quality as I was using my iPhone instead of my camera, it was a little easier to see what I was doing (I had no idea it would be this difficult to take decent photos of myself)!

Halloween Look 1: The innocent sex kitten. 

Now, obviously the innocent sex kitten look isn't particularly original but it works because it's cute, simple and super easy! I blended some gold shadow over my eyelids, winged a flick, patted on some pink blush, contoured with some brown shadow and added lipgloss (Bourjois Rose Exclusif, to be precise). I also filled in my brows with black shadow for a bit of drama/definition. Trace a little black shadow under your lower lashline (take it only to about the outer third), add mascara and you're good to go!

Now, add a little black kitten nose and draw on some whisker lines with eyeliner. Pop on a cute headband with glittery kitten ears and you're done!

Halloween Look 2: The Cats Meow!

What's that, you say? You want to sex it up and look like you're auditioning for a role as a cocktail waitress (or stripper)? No problem! All you have to do is smoke up the eyes a bit more, I added black shadow to the outer corners and blended it into the gold. I also took the lower lash line further in. Added some black dots where the whiskers would grow out of, and added a sexy ombré red lip (by tracing black liner around the lips and gently patting in the red). I also added a clear lipgloss and patted on some highlighter but it's not really showing up in the photos. Oh, and the last step? Squeeze yourself into a bustier top and add a diamante bow. ;)

Here's a close up of the lips.

Halloween Look 3: Psycho Tortured Mental Patient.

Well, if innocent and sexy aren't your thing, you might like to try escaped, tortured mental patient instead! I didn't have white paint so I mixed up baby powder into a paste and applied that all over my face. I also darkened my eyes by applying black shadow all over the eyelid and lower lashes, drew some patterns around both eyes and then drew a 'stitched shut' pattern over my lips, extending it over my cheeks, much like the Joker in Batman. Try messing your hair up for that out of control, crazy look.

And because I love black and white images, here's one last photo!


I hope that didn't spook you too much! I had a lot of fun with all three looks and kind of wish I'd dressed up to go to a proper Halloween party!

How will you be celebrating today? I will be catching up with friends after work, and we'll be having dinner at TGIF at Jam Factory. I know TGIF get into the spirit every year, with the waitstaff going all out and also decorating the restaurant, it's a lot of fun! Plus they have free face painting and treat bags for kids, and they have themed cocktails and desserts, what a win! As I'll be going along after work, I won't be able to dress up too much, but I might do my face up a bit and wear a cute headband/hat! I'll try to take some photos if my friends let me. :P

Have a wonderful Halloween!

Much love,

P.S - I'm participating in Aqeela's weekly makeup theme again so do jump over to her blog and check out what the other gorgeous girls came up with for the weekly theme of 'Halloween'.


  1. That Psycho Tortured Mental Patient is scary!!! Haha... Nicely done with the other looks... :)
    btw... that nail art you have on in the photos.. blog post coming up on that?? ;)

  2. I love your kitty looks esp the second version. Very vampy! Enjoy TGI Friday's! We were there for dinner last weekend and they were already getting into Halloween in a BIG way! xo

    1. I know! Love how they dress the place up! So much effort was put into it. :)

  3. Love! The kitty looks are awesome! :D

  4. You look so so so awesome :D those ombre lips are just fantastic!

    1. Thank you!

      I rather love the ombre lips too! Might need to find a way to put them into my daily makeup looks. :D


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