Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NOTD - Essence Rebels Mauve Like A Rockstar & Punk Royal

Hi lovelies!

Quick filler post today to show you a recent NOTD I was wearing last week (I'm a little behind on my nail posts, sorry)!

I happened to be walking by Priceline the other day when I noticed they had some of the new limited edition (two words that get me EVERY TIME, sigh) Rebels collection in stock, which have a vinyl-like finish when dry. Naturally, I couldn't resist buying a couple of polishes to try, so I picked up Mauve Like A Rockstar, a mauve/buff coloured polish, and the special effects topcoat, Punk Royal, which has suspended black hexagonal glitter.

Essence Rebels Collection - Mauve Like A Rockstar and Special
Effects Top Coat in Punk Royal.

Mauve Like A Rockstar is gorgeous, it applies beautifully and looks gorgeous on, I think it's the kind of polish that would look fantastic on most skintones. It's work appropriate and also adds a touch of classiness to any outfit. Punk Royal, however, was a bit of a dud. I wasn't expecting a thick, streaky, gluggy polish! I applied it over Mauve Like A Rockstar on my ring finger and it left a streaky, sheer finish with brush strokes clearly visible, and sort of 'shrank' at the tip of the nail. Quite frankly, I have no idea why Essence didn't just market it with the black hexagonal glitter suspended in a clear topcoat, as that would've been a real winner! I haven't given up on it completely, I might try swatching it over a dark base colour next, but the dilemma then is the black glitter might not be as noticeable...

I was wondering what other bloggers thought so I did a quick Google search only to find others equally disappointed with the topcoat. It really is quite thick and leaves a streaky finish, which is a shame as the hexagonal glitter is really pretty.

I will have to love you and leave you now, as it's getting late and I've made a resolve to try and get more beauty sleep this week. However, before I do, I'll just share a few photos with you...

Close up photo of the glitter.

Are you as disappointed by this topcoat as I am, lovelies? Would you love it or leave it?

Much love,


  1. I would have been expecting a more opaque and less streaky finish from the top coat. The glitter is nice though :) I try not to look at limited edition products as I get sucked in!

  2. Whoa, when you said a dud you really meant it! They could have done so much better! :(
    The other colour, however, is spectacular!

  3. What a bizarre top coat!!! What's with that?

  4. I was puzzled when I saw it in Priceline so didn't buy it - now I'm glad I didn't...


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