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Favourite Face/Foundation Primers - Top Picks.

Hello lovelies!

Happy Sunday! I hope you've all had an amazing weekend so far, I've had a relatively well behaved one except I may have shopped too much yesterday (oops, stay tuned for a haul post).

Following on from yesterday's post on facts about face/foundation primer (click here if you missed reading it), I have done some research and collected a few primers that are worthy of a mention, in my humble opinion.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primers - 30 ml.

(Image taken from Google Images).

These will always be some of my favourite primers on the market. They are a little expensive but one of the best primers I have ever tried, and well worth the money. You only need to use a little bit with each application so one tube will go a long way. There is one for almost every need you can think of, incorporating moisturiser, sunscreen, colour correcting, pigment correcting and luminosity, and the amazing thing is they all perform wonderfully! My favourites have to be either the original or the SPF 15 with Dermaxyl sunscreen protectant. Enriched with Vitamins A and E, grape seed extract and green tea, these primers have a great silicone-like feel that dries very quickly and makes your skin feel like silk after application. Most are colourless (except for the colour correcting ones) and odourless, which means there is something to fit the most discerning taste. Plus, it comes packaged in a transparent squeeze tube/pump bottle (new packaging) for easy and hygienic dispensation, which also allows you to see how much you have left before you run out.

Buy it in Australia from Kit Cosmetics (RRP $62.95) or online from StrawberryNet ($47.50 for a pack containing a full sized primer and travel sized primer).

L'Oreal Paris Studio Secret Professional Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer - 20 ml.

(Image taken from Google Images).

This primer has a similar feel to the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, in terms of the silicone-like texture. It also dries really quickly and keeps shine at bay for hours for those of us with an oily t-zone. It is packaged in a great, slim line clear tube with a pump action dispenser, which is fantastic as you could always see how much you had left before it ran out. Unfortunately, I think this range has been discontinued as I can't find it mentioned anywhere. A shame because it was a bargain at about half the price of the Smashbox primer and readily available from Priceline!

You might still be able to find some in discounted bargain bins or on eBay.

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Moisturising Face Base

(Image taken from the MeMeMe website).

This product smells amazing, as it has a really zingy, citrusy scent! I can't help but feel refreshed every time I put it on. It does smell quite strong when you first apply it but disappears once you've blended it over your face. Rich (with shea butter, Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene), yet lightweight enough for oily skin, this disappears into my skin for an invisible feel on application. It's got a cream texture for those of you who don't like silicones, and it applies much like a moisturiser, which also means you'll need to give it a few minutes to set. In fact, my skin actually feels moisturised enough after application that I can skip using a moisturiser beforehand. The only downside to this product is the packaging; it comes in a jar, and I'm personally not a huge fan of having to dip fingers (or a spatula) into a jar to scoop out some product. Otherwise, top marks for a fabulous product!

Available from the MeMeMe website (RRP $34.95). 

Face of Australia Face Base 3 in 1 Primer - 50 ml.

(Taken from the Fashion Addict website).

This product is also a cream based, oil free primer containing a moisturiser, primer and sunscreen (SPF15) in one handy black tube. There is also another primer produced by Face of Australia that doesn't have the sunscreen factor, and is packaged in a white tube. White (but applies clear), with no discernible scent, this is perfect for the most discerning consumer. Enriched with Vitamin E and yarrow extract, I find that it applies smoothly enough that I can even skip using a moisturiser beforehand, without feeling too heavy or making me break out. I love that it keeps my complexion looking matte for up to eight hours before I notice shine. Packaged in a handy, squeeze tube, it is a bargain option that well lives up to it's more expensive counterparts. Rumour has it that the Face of Australia Face Base Primer (packaged in the white tube) is also a good dupe of the more expensive Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot primer, in terms of ingredients and functionality, but I haven't used the NP Auto Pilot and so, can't say for certain.

Buy it from Priceline (RRP $11.95, but often available on sale) or online from Fashion Addict (RRP $11.95 for the 3 in 1 or $10.95 for the white tube).

L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer - 15 ml.

(Image taken from Google Images).

This product is a thick, pink cream-based moisturiser and primer in one, which contains soft powders to help absorb sebum and mattify skin to reduce shine. It also contains silicon oil to enable easier application. I do find it a little hard to work with as it's a lot thicker than the other primers mentioned above, so you do need to warm it up a bit between clean fingers prior to application. It doesn't feel too heavy on once applied and manages to keep shine at bay for up to five hours. The disadvantage is it's packaged in a little tub, which I don't feel is too hygienic. Overall, this is a great primer because it does exactly what it purports to do, but not a personal favourite of mine as it's a little hard to work with and also because of its inconvenient packaging.

Buy it from Priceline (RRP $29.95, but often available on sale).

There are also numerous other good primers out there, including Benefit Porefessional, Mirenesse Invisible Fill Makeup Airbrush Line Filling Mattifier and MAC Prep and Prime, to name but a few, but the five above are the ones that stand out from my previous experience, which I feel are completely worth the price/hype, and that I find myself willing to repurchase over and over again.

I hope you enjoyed this and it helps you make a decision on your next face/foundation primer purchase!

Have you got a holy grail primer you think I should try?

Much love,


  1. I been wanting to try the FOA primer, keep forgetting everytime when im at priceline.

  2. I'm interested in trying the FOA primer :)

  3. I have only tried the one from Loreal which I do like. I also like the new one from Dr Lewinn's. Theone from Smashbox does sound very good too though, and I'd love to try it.

  4. The base magique is holy grail for me! I have large pores, so anything that smooths them out is great for me!...i thought the same thing re the jar, but get arround that by using a brush to apply it :) xo

  5. I love that there's a brand called 'Face of Australia' - I've never heard of it before! Probably because (I assume) they don't retail outside of Australia?

    And I love-love-love the Hourglass Veil Primer - really expensive, but very luxurious feeling and does a great job of keeping things in place. I don't wear it everyday because it's a bit too silicone-heavy for my skin, but I do quite like it!

  6. I use the FOA primer with SPF to add spf to my routine if my foundation doesn't have it :D it's awesome stuff!

  7. I love the original Smashbox primer, but I mostly use the FOA primer (the one in the white tube) as it does the job and it's so cheap. It's been AGES since I tried a new primer though.

  8. I love the Smashbox primers, I have deluxe samples of all, but I dont know where to start ...

    I'm also on the lookout for another good primer whilst procastinating over whether I should use it our not. This has definitely helped.

    thanks !

  9. Stunning review hon - I trust you implicitly! Oooh I'm so mad at myself for not trying the Studio Secrets one, I looked at it so many times... I'll be saving up for Smashbox :-)

  10. Ooo I should really try my L'Oreal base magique sample then. :) Thanks for the suggestions, will check them out!

  11. I love Dermalogica's new spf 30 primer for making my foundation last all day, but it's pricey!
    The Face of Australia one is an excellent product for the price and definitely a dupe for AutoPilot, they even used to be in identical tubes! It is a really light lotion, I love it during summer as a lightweight moisturiser, and the MeMeMe one is like a heavier version of this, a lovely cream that wakes me up in the morning with its lovely citrus scent!
    Excellent picks here and another great blog post :)

  12. The FOA primer is so good for the price! Also I do love the L'Oreal Base Magique but definitely agree about the tub not being the most practical packaging. My favourite primer at the moment is definitely the Arbonne one :)


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